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But why didn't Fields want to redshirt as a freshman? The new rules made it so much easier to do that!
Part of it has to do with the fact that Miami and Ohio State drive ratings. Illinois and Virginia Tech don't. That played huge roles into giving Martell and Fields waivers while not giving them to Ford and Brock Hoffman.
The Dawgs' offense looked much better against Florida than it did much of the first half of the season, and it kind of took off from there through the SEC Championship Game (although fell off a cliff again vs Texas).
But Steele is now heading to USC instead of Oregon. He'll probably get a waiver because USC is one of the NCAA's golden boys.
The NCAA does what is good for the ratings, not the right thing to do.
And the defense couldn't stop Tee Higgins from flying all over the field, ETN and Tavien Feaster from feasting (pun intended), or a true freshman from putting up almost 400 yards passing...
The NCAA has the opportunity to do the right thing for once, and they blow it. #ncaaisajoke #FreeLukeFord
Of course you did, he's a super talented quarterback - or at least was. Clemson waited until after he was in the middle of a string of bad behavior to kick him off.
Clemson fans said a lot of stupid stuff like "4th quarters at Clemson will get you the same as full games at Central Nobody", "he'd still get to play a lot more than a normal backup", "go change positions", "Elliott will still give you some specialized packages", "you're still splitting series, you just run out there second", "you can close games", "the Clemson brand will get you into the NFL", and "you will never play QB in the NFL, just ride Trevor's coattails and be done with football after January", "you can forget the NFL, but if you stay we'll take care of you", as if that would've been enough for him to stay at Clemson. He wouldn't have seen the field. Lawrence would have been there as much as possible, and then Chase Brice being a RS freshman would've been the second string in a blowout. Literally every single person in the stadium was rooting for Lawrence (not everyone was rooting for Kelly). It was necessary for Kelly to leave.
Weagle99, you are talking about something that makes sense, and you know that implementing something sensible is unacceptable to the NCAA.
Seriously, you're gonna bring up Georgia Tech? A little brother program in their own state, Clemson's little brother, one Orange Bowl in 10 years, and the stupid triple option that Paul Johnson isn't even that good at running? UGA owns GA Tech. Clemson is a better example.
Nah, I think Cal flushing their Cheez-its down the toilet against TCU was more impressive.
Unless you're Stanford, don't complain if you're in the Pac-12, although even then Stanford's national championship is really just a Rose Bowl berth. Utah, the South sucks. You're not a bad team, but you backed your way into the Pac-12 championship because USC is a dumpster fire.
So does Oregon. A loss to Auburn and it doesn't matter if they go 12-0 and win the Pac-12, they're out.
I think Justin Herbert could be a darkhorse for Heisman. For that to happen though, Oregon has to be 12-1 or 13-0 and make the CFP, which is a lot to ask because their 4 hardest games and 5 of their 6 hardest are played away from Autzen Stadium. Also, it's going to be hard for Lawrence because he also has ETN and Justyn Ross who will be getting some votes. I don't believe anyone from Bama would be getting votes over Tua.
Notre Dame's linebackers are also a huge concern. Who's gonna stop Swift?
That's not puppy logic and I'm not even a Georgia fan. UGA players thought they deserved the 4th playoff spot, and made it known during the loss to Clemson. So, they'll be very motivated to beat Notre Dame this time around.
Georgia isn't going to lose to Notre Dame or Florida. Notre Dame took what the Dawgs felt was rightfully theirs, so they're going to be extremely motivated to face the Irish. Dan Mullen doesn't stop talking, so the Dawgs will be even more motivated against Florida. Auburn and Texas A&M are problems, the former especially because we all know how Kirby Smart does against the SEC West away from Samford Stadium, and the latter especially because of their offense. Even if Georgia keeps it close with Texas A&M in a loss, and then loses to Bama, the CFP committee may give them more benefit of the doubt. LSU was meh last year and the Dawgs lost by 20, which hurt them vis-a-vis Oklahoma.
Oregon is probably better than Washington just because I think Justin Herbert is far more of a certainty than Jacob Eason. I actually have Herbert on Heisman Watch especially because the Pac-12 is full of cotton candy defenses, but the Ducks cannot afford to lose one game, a tall order considering they have to play their 5 hardest games away from Autzen... If Notre Dame is able to keep things very close with Georgia and destroy everyone else they play - which they won't - may get consideration from the committee at 11-1, but after 42-14 and 30-3 no reasonable person is going to put ND in the playoff for a while. Bama and Clemson will be locks, and Georgia should also automatically receive a berth unless they drop Notre Dame and one of Texas A&M, Auburn, and Alabama. That leaves Ohio State, Oregon, and Oklahoma to fight it out for the last spot. Sorry Texas, ain't your year.
Florida State is a chamber pot of a program right now, and the coach is a snake. Can't blame him for leaving. And if Justin Fields and Tate Martell could receive waivers for wanting the starting job handed to them, he should get one for wanting to be a good father. But the NCAA proved they don't want to do the right thing with Luke Ford and Brock Hoffman, so I don't think this guy will get one either.
Oregon could go 13-0, but they're out if they lose one game - which they probably will. They have a really good o-line and run game, but I'm a bit concerned about their receivers, although Juwon Johnson seems exciting. The problem is that your hardest games are all played away from Autzen Stadium - Auburn, Stanford, Washington, USC, and Arizona State are either road or neutral site games. Oregon's season trajectory depends on Auburn and Stanford, as the Ducks are 3-5 against David Shaw. Oregon can't afford to lose either of these games if they want to make the playoff, and they can't afford to lose to Stanford if they want a New Year's Six game. Let's say Notre Dame somehow steals the Georgia game - which they won't but I'm playing devil's advocate - and Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC Championship game. You've got an undefeated Oregon here as as an undefeated Ohio State and Oklahoma. Who do you keep out? Obviously Clemson, Georgia, and Alabama should be in no questions asked, even if both UGA and Bama are 12-1. Do you boot out Oregon, Notre Dame, Ohio State, or Oklahoma if it comes to that? Note this is really unlikely and I'm. @MattyJ, if Notre Dame somehow beats Georgia, I could see them keeping Ohio State out. Also an undefeated Oklahoma. But really, Clemson, Bama, and Georgia should be locks for the CFP, with one wild card.
I never said that Kiffin was bad at offense. I know that his USC teams were very good on offense. But that doesn't change the fact he failed miserably at USC. Excluding the Trojans' 10-2 sanctions year, Kiffin was 18-13 at USC. When he was fired, USC was 3-2 and on the brink of disaster. Just saying that I don't think Bama would take a chance on him.
I didn't say Saban was an idiot for hiring Kiffin. I said Bama would not take a chance on Kiffin given how poorly he failed at USC.
Tim, can I have whatever you are smoking? Do you actually think going 7-6 at USC is going to get him a HC job at Bama? USC has an enormous amount of talent, or at least did in the Kiffin era. And yeah, they were 10-2 the previous year, but that was supposed to be the absolute floor. Kiffin hired his daddy as defensive coordinator, and USC proceeded to allow 400 yards per game or more. In general, he drove USC into the ground. Ya really think Bama will hire him as a HC?
I don't get how he still has a head coaching job after driving USC into the ground.