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This UK and UT team are a direct reflection of each other. We both have been in some close games that neither could capitalize on to win the game. The only lost UK should have is 1 and TN should be 2 and 5 right now but I don't know how they pulled off the huge upset over Ga. But the media told you vols get ready for a three game losing streak after BAMA.
How does wky and LSU get ranked higher then MSU and UK when UK and MSU will come down to the wire?
Here's the five to watch out for! 1 QB ky Patrick Towles 2 Rb Boom Williams 3 wr Garret Johnson the juice is loose 4 lb Josh forrest 5 safety aj stamps 6 nose guard Matt Elam.
I want my cats to win but not by not facing MSU best players I hope he has a speedy recovery ready for NFL.
as a business peer you don't have the right to discriminate against any customers. If so I would refuse service to dems, liberals, and illegal criminals.
Only in FLORIDA will they refuse you service because of a Team SEC Logo! Shake my head!