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I have to agree with the writer on this one. Benny Snell was the best back in the league this year, look at the stats.
I agree with you. I'd like to see one QB too but I think that when Barker went down, the coaching staff was concerned about Johnson's passing and resorted to a run first and often mentality. I'd like to see how the offense would do with the strong run game supported by a much better passer. I think Barker gives them that look.
I think Barker if healthy, will be the starter by the second game.
Kats will win the east this year. Most defensive starters are back and offense will be better with tough running attack and healthy Drew Barker under center.
I think if Barker is healthy, he'll be the starter. With him getting injured last year and Johnson not very accurate early, the Cats learned that they could run the ball. With Barker's passing ability and the running attack, I look for the offense to be very good next year.
Look for the Vols season to get a lot longer when the Kats roll into Knoxville. This will be a hard fought game on both sides. KY 24 TN 17
JT, I agree completely. You can't go from where UK was when Stoops took over to 8 wins over night, it takes time. Thanks for the kind words.
I'm sorry did I miss something???? Did someone hold a gun to their heads and force them to play??
Sgt. Carter is out coached by Stoops proving that UK made the right decision, and the Kats win by 10.
The Kats blow these predictions out of the water this week, when they smoke ole smokey by 14. GBB!!
This is the game that the Kats put it all together. KY 24- Aub 13
The Kats will take the Vols down.
Hate to break it to you but the Kats are only a touchdown against FL away from leading the East. I'm thinking it was UK who passed on Butch, not Butch passing on UK three years ago.
Yes, you do get KY but you probably won't like the outcome!! Go Kats
Towles and the Kats will get it right. Kats by 10.
Kats shock the world!! Go Big Blue!!
Mark it down just like Mizzou two years ago. The Cats will shock and win the east.
Things are starting to look up in Lexington.
One of the great ones and a true character. Snake, you'll be missed.
Why isn't Patty Ice AKA Patrick Towles getting any love????
What's he going to say when the Cats pull off the upset in Death Valley???
If the Cats can stop the run they will win in Death Valley.
How is Mark Richt even in the top 10?? No one has done less with more.
Notre Dame, Texas, and LSU all wanted Alabama too, how did that work out for them??