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She yells, "I got it"! She was right, she got it!
If you don't have beer in the cooler "all day long", you're not taking enough beer!
Yeah! That was a pretty cheap shot! No class!
Oh, we get it! A man playing a professional sport that is payed millions of dollars, has been trash talking all week, thinking he's invincible, then gets his ego handed to him on a platter! Now, he has learned one of life's most valuable lessons, hopefully! How to have a little humility and to understand what the word professional means! If he can't take the frustration and criticism, then he needs stay off the field! This is not peewee or high school football anymore. He has talent as a player, but now he needs to adjust the attitude to be able to cope with defeat and or victory. Only then, will he be considered a professional!
Should have stopped while you were ahead! Your first answer was correct.
It didn't state that Ole Miss lost to Tennessee. Learn to look at where the periods are placed. Ole Miss lost to Memphis (period). Then, Arkansas and Tennessee combined to lose three non-conference games.
I think reason 11 would be the most likely, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Or possibly a reason 12, all Alabama players get pissed of and throw the game. Like that would ever happen! LOL!
Tn - Vandy is probably ranked lower than Ky - Louisville, because the Tn -Vandy record is so lopsided. I consider Tn - Ga more of a rivalry than Tn - Vandy, though Tn - Ga has played a lot less games and the their records are similar to Ky - Louisville.
My bold prediction is Tennessee actually plays 4 full quarters and still loses by 35 and I become a dawg fan for life! Just remember it's a bold prediction, not necessarily what I believe will happen, cause there's no way I'll ever be a dawgs fan!
Have you even gave any consideration to another Oklahoma City bombing, or WTC type of attack? Consider the new 9-11 threats wanting to bomb big venues, calls from groups, for cops to be killed... is that what gets you going? Think about the date 9-5? You're probably some idealist that thinks this would never happen here, in your fantasy world of football, sucking down suds and being drunk with no repercussions. Of course, that is with the assumption that you even bother to keep up with news! Ask the families of the 9 victims in Charleston about someone looking harmless. After Dylann Roof had spent more than an hour talking and working with his victims, before pulling a gun and shooting those people! Was Dylann Roof some "BIG" incredible hulk looking guy that everyone should have feared? I'll stop, your probably some young daydreamer that thinks that America won't ever be attacked, it can't happen here, just because! I'm not saying people should live in fear, I'm saying you need to be more realistic about what goes on in the real world, unless you're some genius that can predict and or see the future.
Soooo...what are they trying to say here? Western Kentucky beats Vandy, and they are saying that Georgia can only beat them by 21! Either your giving credit to Vandy or not much faith in Georgia.
I gotta get me one of those bug rappers! Sounds pretty cool! I hope they haven't sold out yet! LOL! JK!
Where's the questionable BG fumble that Tennessee recovered in the end zone? They said the players forward progress had been stopped, though he wasn't in the grasp at the time.
With everything going on in this world these days, they take security pretty seriously! Doesn't matter if anyone (players, coaches, refs) is on the field. If you trespass, you will be apprehended and arrested! Pretty simple to understand, you're not to be on the field during a game, delay or not! That's why they pay security to be there, and if security doesn't do their job, they (the security person) won't be there for the next game!