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Fat Phil had his day and now it's coming home. Eleven wins in a row Vols. Deal with it.
When the NCAA gets through with Ole Miss, nobody will care about Oxford.
Did you read the article? If Gus loses the Iron Bowl, he might consider going to Arkansas. That loss would be 4 in a row for Saban and he may want out of auburn.
As if ole miss has as a past. When was the last time ole miss plaeyed in the SECCG?
wareagle91, please spare us the rhetoric. Last year you couldn't spot an auburn fan form their cars. No flags, decals etc. Now since they've won a few games, the aubies have come out of the woodwork. When auburn reaches the status of Bama, come talk to me.
kentontudor, typical vol fan. One fan did something wrong and you indict an entire fan base. I've spent many a Saturday at a TN game and the vol fans are no better or worse than other schools.
jpdawgfan1, who won the game? Once again brain surgeon, stats are for losers.
jpdawgfan1, you should know that stats are for losers. Unless you forgot, the object is to win the game and that's what AJ does. he has two NC rings which is more than the entire GA football program.