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Coach O has what every great leader needs--the ability to recognize ones mistakes, to own them, and to make the necessary changes to be a success. Furthermore, he is humble enough to realize he needs help, like every great leader, so he brought in modern elements, a new QB, and experimented. Now wildly successful, what does he do? Credit all the great support that got him there, honor the kids playing for LSU, and constantly expresses gratitude for the opportunity to grow. Coach O couldn't be any more of a winner, and you might want to take a few pages from his playbook.
So someone disagrees and asks you a simple question--respectfully, at that--and your reaction is to hurl personal insults? Of course the kid wants to be the face of a franchise, and if he can pull it off, great, that's the reward for maxing out his talent. It's disappointing to lose him, but, as you said, LSU will be fine. signed -- Liberal Snowflake