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I personally would be ok with his departure and he can take his "Jerry Springer" mentality show with him. Finebum on a national stage exists now only to stir the pot and to jump up and down screaming "Look at me, look at me"!
Okie plays Baylor this weekend. They also have their annual rivalry game against Okie St to end the season. Baylor is undeafeted and ranked in the CFP top 15 (#13) and OKSt is ranked 22nd. If they win and win out including a conference championship, then why wouldn't they seriously get a nod in the top 4? Their loss is not a great one, but they are sitting there, under this scenario, as conference champ with one loss. At least 3 wins over then ranked opponents. I just can't figure out why everyone is writing them off.
Bama should be considered as one of the best teams in college football this year. Top 4? That may be a stretch (AU alum here, but not a UA Hater) due to sheer number of quality teams with the same or better record than Bama. Without a tremendous amount of chaos in the last remaining weeks, there are legitimately 5 other teams that are willing to try to make the same argument as Bama. Factor in the 5 undefeated teams still standing, this season screams for the 8 team CFP expansion.