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That’s 3 games Auburn has massive calls go in their favor. Shame on the conference for not admitting their mistakes.
I know it wasn’t the most exciting game but Kentucky and MSU did play some decent defense Saturday...
Why do you think we got so good at it? Kentucky football has been around a while.
They can look average tomorrow and still have a great year. Our defense is a tough matchup for the opener, especially with a new O line and coordinator. Can’t wait for this game!
I think I’m addicted to being left out of rankings. I thrive on it
We also have Chris Rodriguez and a talented true freshman Jutahn McClain who will see the field this year. The Cats will continue to be a force running the ball
Add Vito Tisdale to that list. He has also made an impression in camp and I expect him to see the field quite a bit this year, despite how deep our secondary is.
Not gonna argue over semantics, I could have said top 2 pass defense lol. That being said, DeAndre Square will be on this list at the end of the season (fingers crossed we make it that far).
1 player from a top 15 defense that returns 9 starters. We must have really good coaches ;)
Our O line is top 3 in the country, maybe top 1. That’s why we are so confident about Terry having success this year. He might not be the same physically but he will have plenty of time in the pocket.
I also do not think the Cats will be ranked, but they will sneak Louisville in there as well.
He actually made the “nobody should be able to block him one-on-one” comment about Marquan McCall. If he’s right our D line is going to be nasty.
If Kevin Warren and Larry Scott still have jobs after all this, those conferences are going to suffer for years to come. I remember listening to a Sankey interview when the SEC tournament was cancelled, and the man was getting choked up talking about how bad he felt for the players who didn’t get the opportunity to compete. Glad we have him in our corner.
Consensus has been he’s the best prospect on the team, so at least higher than Drake at 19. Personally I see him at 16 after Seth Williams, and I’d bump KJ.
Darian Kinnard should be on this list. He’ll be a first or second rounder as a junior.
I agree completely, and I would argue the secondary will no doubt be better when it comes to talent and depth. With what we return and the players we’ve developed from last 2 recruiting cycles, I expect Kentucky to have a top 20 defense nationally, even with a harder schedule.
We know we have a top notch defense, if our offense is only average we can still have a great year. But Terry Touchdown is a winner and I think he’s going to light it up after going out like he did last year.
Cole is the man, I could listen to him talk about the O-lines all game.
That Auburn-Kentucky line is free money. We're also +4.5 at Louisville which is even free-er money!
Is the tipping point for Malzahn losing to Kentucky at home?
The craziest part about this story is that the Cats were preseason top 10 in the game.
EMU: W @ Florida: L Kent St: W S. Car: W @Auburn: W - this is my big upset pick. Cats will be more competitive in this game than people think, especially if there are fewer fans. E. IL: W Vandy: W @ Mizzou: W @UT: L - gonna pick the Vols in this game until we prove we can beat them. MSU: W UGA: L @ UL: W 9-3