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It's the media just hoping/hyping for unbeatens UGA vs. UT. All the media already has the Vols beating UK. Doesn't look like the Gators will ruin the media circle j-rk, so hopefully Kentucky will.
Kentucky secondary is much improved over last year but so is Tennessee offense. Whoever wins the middle 8 probably wins the game. I'm thinking UT 45 UK 35
The only way Aggies win is if Jimbo sabotages Bama's bus on the way to Bryant-Denny. Alabama 41 A&M 0
South Carolina fans are as delusional as Louisville fans. Birds of a feather...
That's the funniest statement I've read so far this season. If AR was Georgia's QB, I'd really like our chances on 11/19.
Jordan Wright, DeAndre Square, Jáquez Jones, and JJ Weaver are the reasons AR didn't play well. They had him covered like a blanket. Face it Kentucky is better than Florida. Should have beaten y'all by 3 TDs and we didn't even have Rodríguez. Enjoy fighting SC, Vandy and Mizzou for 4th place in the SEC East.
Not taking anything away from his talent but he's a freshman in his first SEC game.
I'll take it but if Evans can't go, give me the Cats 35-20.
I see it similarly. Playing against Alabama is like fighting an anaconda. You can put up a great battle but eventually they wear you out and strangle you.
If Kentucky can hold Ole Miss to less than 150 yards rushing, they win. They'll employ a similar strategy for AR. Crowd the line of scrimmage, maintain the edges and force Ole Miss to beat them through the air with an unproven QB. I'm a little worried that JJ Weaver and Tyrell Aijan aren't available. Kentucky DLine and MLBs are very deep but edges and safeties aren't. CRod will be the game changer and this is how I believe Kentucky wins but it will be close.
Getting CRod back may be the missing piece to the offensive puzzle. He will make the play action game more potent. He has shown his value as a receiver too.
I think Matt is pining for a job at the SEC Network. There he can be at home with a bunch of other uninformed Kentucky haters.
Matt, do you watch any football at all? If so, do you know what you're looking at? Kentucky's D kept AR bottled up all night. He couldn't run because JJ Weaver, Jáquez Jones and Jordan Wright were in his grill (and his head) all night. Less a subpar performance by AR, more a brilliant performance by Kentucky's defense and coordinator Brad White, who took Billy Napier to the woodshed.
It's hard to know what to make of this matchup. I'm sure Kiffin has held some things back until this game. Scangarello will throw in some new packages now that CRod is back. I like Kentucky's run defense a lot but they'll be tested by tempo. If it comes down to a two minute drive, Levis has been good so far.
I believe it will happen. Lots of talent, just very young.
I hope for Arkansas there is no letdown for letting that game get away. Regardless Alabama has every team significantly overmatched, except Georgia. Don't have a rooting interest since it's an SEC West matchup, just hoping for a good game.
The O-Line actually looked better against NIU, considering they were blitzing everybody, including the waterboys. It was like watching some of Joe Lee Dunn's defenses at Miss. St. There were at least 2 times Levis hung on to the ball too long. CRod will fix some issues because defenses have been ignoring the play action and going after Levis. They can't do that anymore. He also blocks very well and is turning into a nice check down receiver too. I'm a bit more worried about not having JJ Weaver on the edge. He and Jordan Wright were the MVPs of the Florida game.
I personally know a bunch of people going to Oxford. Guessing there could be as many as 7-10K going from the rumors I'm hearing. Wish I was one of them.
I trust the coaches on this one. Left tackle is a position where you don't want to play a freshman too soon. If he gets beat often, he could lose his confidence. I think that's what happened to Wohlabaugh, although he played well at RT. Horsey is the best option right now, though I hope Goodwin in gaining confidence in practice. We may need him soon.
I was pulling against y'all Saturday but I'll be pulling for you against UGA.
Heupel is taking this program to places it hasn't been since Fulmer was coach. Not surprised he's done it, just that he was able to do it so quickly.
Ineptitude doesn't even begin to describe it. Kentucky didn't look that bad during the Joker Phillips era. That game would make Bear Bryant hate football.
That play will haunt Arkansas fans for a long time. They were the better team and that play made everything fall apart. I have a feeling Will Rogers will bring the Aggies back to earth.
As long as he doesn't re-hash "Champions of Life." I like Heupel and he has a chance to take Tennessee to places it hasn't been since Fulmer.
Week one: Anthony Richardson for Heisman Week two: Texas A&M sucks Week three: No one will score on Georgia Week four: Texas A&M rocks. Will challenge Alabama in the SEC West Do you guys enjoy making fools of yourselves?
Aggies may have more 4 and 5 stars but Hogs have the better team and coach. Arkansas 21 A&M 13
AR and Etienne will have to have 100 yds rushing a piece for Florida to have a shot. If they do, it will go down to the fourth quarter. But I stick by my earlier predictions of 45-24 Vols.
Transfer portal. With the offense Kentucky has and the receiver corps in place, QBs will be lining up to come to Lexington.