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David Pollack gives another lazy take on Kentucky. Burns, Doering, and Cubelic seem to be the only ones on the SEC network who know football.
If LSU hung 42 on the Gators, Kirby will want to hang at least 50. UGA 52 UF 13
"There ain't no revolution but evolution and every time I'm in Georgia, I eat a peach for peace." - Duane "SkyDog" Allman 11/20/46 - 10/29/71
I agree. If Stoops doesn't and the Dawgs continue to treat its opponents like chew toys, I'd give it to Kirby. He has built an absolute machine, comparable to Saban's best Alabama teams.
Dawgs have been nasty all year. They'll be doubly nasty Saturday after what happened last year in Jax. UGA 52 UF 13
Well, you gotta admit this piece was good for a few chuckles. UGA 52 UF 13 "Welcome, my son. Welcome to the machine."
I hope y'all have a tribute planned for JLD on Saturday. He deserves it.
RIP Joe Lee Dunn. I remember your blitzing defenses very well. They were a nightmare for my Cats. At times it looked like Dunn was rushing 8 or 9 guys.
I think the pertinent question is how much longer will Dabo want to coach in Clemson? The ACC is a joke. Might Dabo want to remain a Tiger about 600 miles west?
Glad to see Darian Kinnard on the list. Dude is an absolute beast on the field and a great man off the field. We got him out of Knoxville, which makes it even better.
I like Leach and will continue to do so as long as we have success against him. Seriously though, I don't believe the Air Raid is capable of contending in the SEC. Even with an elite QB like Tim Couch, it couldn't quite cut it.
I would love a matchup with Michigan but I'd rather it be a little closer than Arizona.
A lot of interesting matchups in this game. How will UK CBs hold up? UK has great safeties which could be huge. State run defense has been very good but secondary may be vulnerable. There are weaknesses that both sides can exploit. Will be interesting to see which team is best able to do it.
Kentucky has struggled in Starkville. Last win was in 2008. State will put lots of pressure on Ky CBs who have been less than stellar. Kentucky will have to run efficiently to win.
Same from Kentucky. Mullen has been the gift we've waited 32 years for.
What the hell was Stoops supposed to do? Kentucky started that drive with 11 minutes left in the game. Do you drive all the way down to the UGA 2 yard line and take a knee? Stoops would have lost his team if he did that!
I wish Ole Miss and Kentucky played each other this year. Two contrasting philosophies. It would be one of the best SEC games of the year.
UGA is a machine. No one left on their schedule will get within 3 TDs of them.
McElroy and Roman Harper are two of the biggest homers on SEC network. I can't watch either of them.