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Year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year ... after year after year of S. Carolina being picked ahead of UK in the preseason ... only to finish behind - I hope it never changes
The rest of the SEC doesn't understand how big this is... And I like it that way
Geeezzz....Did everyone feel some of those hits through the television???? Amazing game and amazing to see a bowl game matter so much to players and coaches. I can't explain how proud I am of my team.
Amazing...the d-backs and both lines are loaded for the future. Quite an early signing period...BBN couldn't be happier!
Lynn Bowden .... AP? Just a dumb idea I guess...
Unless he gets a waiver of some kind (don't know of anything he would be eligible for but nearly every QB that transfers these days seems to get one) he will have to sit out next year.
Yes it was intentional...the punk 1. hit the vandy player late and out of bounds 2. Pinned the vandy player down and then ripped his helmet off, and then 3. Stomped on the vandy players face . He's a 1st class punk ... Should be suspended for the bowl game and any NFL team that drafts the punk will get what they deserve
And contracts with coaches are actually worth everything they're enforced to be made to be worth. I don't see why universities are so soft on coaches. These guys have it made... they make hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars a year to coach football and they leave jobs at a whim when there's a better offer. What's wrong with enforcing a buyout? Anytime a university has two start a coaching search it's a major expense. Why should Kentucky not be compensated for this guy breaking his contract with them? Universities in Forest buyouts all the time. There's much more to this van blaming everything on Kentucky and Mark stoops
But again everyone keeps getting this wrong. Kentucky isn't the one that made the move. It was Kansas City and it benefits Kansas City and UKs detriment... Therefore one of the two or both of them should pay not Kentucky. What incentive is there for Kentucky to give up $150k and lose their DC? I don't understand why people can't the see the reasoning and rational behind UKs position.
I'm quite certain no one held a gun to his head and forced him to stay. Instead, either he didn't want to go to the chiefs bad enough to pay the $150k buyout to be released from his employment contract, or the chiefs didn't want him bad enough to pay the $150k buyout. What benefit would it be for UK to negotiate the buyout? It is clear... if he leaves before the end of his current contract he owes the university $150k. If he leaves they are going to incur considerable expense searching for and hiring a new DC. Anyone who thinks Kentucky did anything unethical or inappropriate doesn't understand basic principles of contracts. $150k to UK and he can go sell cantaloupes on the side of a road in Alabama...who cares.
Hey Nick....Happy B-day - hope it's been a great one....Now TAKE IT EASY on the rest of us these next few weeks...we've got aspirations too!
One step at a time my Bama friend... UGA is very doable. If that happens then it's on to UT... then MTSU and then UofL... anything can happen along the way including winning all of them because with an exceptional defense we should be in every game. Then maybe we can have that conversation about the SEC.... Just hope you make it there yourself...
No doubt GA had more dead trees and plants than KY so not sure what you mean...the only thing GA does better is rush hour traffic. So I think I'll stay here. Have a great afternoon LgdDD2
Funny cause you let 1 decent season in the last 25 distort yours.... You make this way too easy 90210
Paris...go back to PARIS LANDING Tennessee...we all know that's where you live...and change your LIGO back to that PUKE ORANGE that looks like really bad habenero Mexican sauce. You waste wayyyy too much time worried about Kentucky sports and not nearly enough time catching carp from the Tennessee River to feed your starving family.... Have a great day fishing
Bring average and then let's take a closer look... actually bring all you've got. And then bring some DEFENSE cause we can score 14 and win (7 may come from D/ST)....can you?
But overall....not quite as much as there is
I guess they consider offensive and defensive statistics from the past 20 years to arrive at these rankings
Agreed....three 2 loss teams ahead of UK and S Carolina only 2 spots behind??? SMH