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I hear dan mullen made an in home recruiting visit today and offered Williams a scholarship.
Prob will be playing for gators next year. Just their type.
You ma’am are the definition of a jock sniffen ridin piece of crap.
Dang that’s low class even for a fla fan. Come on you gotta be better than that.
I’m shocked at this news! A gator in trouble? Hard to believe.
Exactly. That’s been my take for years. They are an embarrassment to themselves, their fans, and the SEC.
I think something more toward disaster scenario is more likely. Really tough schedule, new staff, new schemes, avg QBs.
Been to 2 games at WB and one was Clemson. Sat in nosebleed and view sucked. Very average stadium and experience. Tailgating was outstanding tho.
No you are correct. It is mostly a gator thing with UGA close behind. Embarrassed that gators continue this trend for so many years. Was hopeful Mullins would be different but I guess not. Something stinks in gator administration.
The coach of a middle school soccer team on here critiquing Sarkisian. Priceless. Go to bed little man.
Colts coach of the girls soccer team must be drunk again. Not surprised he's a rapist Tyson fan. Better hope the girls parents don't find out!
No just like another loser coach of the colts middle school girls soccer team. They must be so proud of you little man.
Get some help. You'll have to answer to that one. Really pitiful life you must have... Coach haha.
And wow gators got rid of him after the first accident? He freakin shot at his pregnant girlfriend! Gator admin really stepped up and made the tough call on that one!
So they didn't recruit and sign him? Ya I guess most programs do get a trouble maker every now and then but come on, even you have to admit uf pretty much sets the bar.
What a game! Congrats UGA! Those boys and coaches have a lot of fight! Wow!
Well my wife passed away 2 years ago so you should really stfu. You must make your soccer girls and their parents so proud to have an upstanding coach like you. Seriously, get some help.
Glad you checked back in. I'm sure your middle school soccer team and parents are so proud of you with the language and nonsense you post here. Enjoyed slapping you down but please get some help. Until you do, you should not be coaching those little girls.
Nice call snowflake. Stick to coaching girls middle school soccer.
Ya internet tough guy and that's all you'll ever be. College basketball my ass. If you did you would be a little tougher and wouldn't be butt hurt all the time. Plus I'm sure the colts are a girls middle school soccer team. Get a life and please get some help. Mental illness is no joke.
Wow another internet tough guy. Glad you are keeping track of my posts but I'm not interested in dudes. Try Bill Bell errrr Sandusky. You probably never played a sport past middle school snowflake. Merry Christmas and I hope you get your mental health issues taken care of.
Where did you comprehend I'm a UT fan moron? They suck too. Just like your team has for the past 37 years. Moron.
Glad you are happy with Outback and Gator bowl victories. Last national title was ...... 1980? Wait that's 37 yrs ago.