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Mike leave it alone. You don’t know Trey Smith, and can’t know why he decided to stay. Maybe it turns out as a bad decision or a good one. But it was HIS decision and you don’t have a clue. One has to wonder if Mike has a life or a brain.
Uga’s Defense is nasty and best in the nation imo. A QB that can convert a few more third downs to first downs might be all they need. If he learns the offense, can read defenses, and uses his legs to move the chains, the dawgs could be very very good next year. Also o line needs to replace some folks but they have the depth to do it. Will be interesting and why I love college football.
Well gee whiz I just gave you my opinion. So now what? And Just to make it more clear to you, My opinion is that you should stfu and stop judging this young man’s decision.
He would have to explain because it’s his decision. He promised his deceased mom he would finish school. I get it that he could return to school after he played in the NFL but again, who are we (I mean you) to question his decision. His family helped him make the decision as well so who knows.
Yes agree. He seems to be a very thoughtful young man and did what he thinks is best for him. None of us know his thought process and priorities.
Love it! Very proud of this young man!
True. I remember it was Bobo’s fault back in the day and many uga fans wanted him gone. The it was Cheney who was terrible calling plays and Conkey was soooo much better. At least that’s what they were telling UT fans. Now Coley sucks and they want Bobo back. I’m sure I’ll take grief for this take, but deep down they know it’s true. Not all but many. BTW I think Bobo would be a huge improvement. So if it happens I hope they don’t make the same mistake twice.
Agree with your Miami and FSU comment. Just saying that scheduling the other 2 isn’t helping strength of schedule in any year past or present.
I wouldn’t say that Bama’s out of conf schedule was “much weaker”. I mean seriously now Towson and UT Martin? Having said that, I agree that gators should be viewed as third best team in SEC this year when you put the overall resume next to Bama’s. Congrats to gators on a very good season.
Ya makes sense. Plus Kirby wasn’t able to hold onto Fields which now looks like a huge mistake. I get that Fromm was playing great back then. But dang Fields is so good - must not have shown it in that offense.
Last year it was Chaney’s fault, now Coley. I know UT fans remember haha. Just wondering could the issue be Kirby?
Spoken like someone who knows a little something about being slow. I own you d-bag.
Little boy about to snap. I told you it’s so easy to get to him. Too easy!
I see you are finally going off the deep end. I wish I felt bad for slamming you so badly but I don’t. Poor little guy.
I know but he is so easy to break down. I should stop tho I don’t want to totally destroy him since he is a little boy.
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Hey d-bag I know you despise Tenn people but disparaging (that means making fun of) a solid young man is reprehensible(that means very bad). I’ll bet if you met him face to face you would not say these things. Actually you wouldn’t say any of this crap you talk to any of us. I know many people like you and hope that you change for the better someday. I’m sure you will have an ignorant response but you know you can’t hang with me on here. So leave it alone and go to bed little boy.
Wow can’t believe you are posting on an article other than trolling UT. Proud of you d-bag. And I’m sure you hope Tua makes a full recovery like the rest of us college football fans. I know you didn’t say it but you do, right?
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Again I’m not a TENN fan just make it a point to call out idiots like you!.