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Not sure how Tenn is on the list with Pruitt having proved nothing as a head coach and Uga is left off considering Kirby’s success and Crean having also had success as a head coach.
And my dad can beat up your dad. You both are sad people and contribute nothing to this site. Please go away.
And once again you are focused on boy on boy love. No wonder you call yourself boy. Fits perfectly.
Would not be surprised if all of that is true. I’m not a UT fan but love college football and SEC overall but idiots like this boy make a great site not very much fun sometimes.
Not obsessed but can’t help but notice stupidity and ignorance. And your subsequent posts just validate my point of view. I know those are big words for you so get out your Webster 1979 dictionary and look them up boy.
I appreciate intelligent discussions but see your ignorant posts everywhere. Jag offs like you need to just go away and live out your miserable lives without sharing your thoughts ever. Now go sniff some more jocks before you wash them boy.
What position do you play for the gators? Actually from the sound of your comments and username, you probably wash the player’s jock straps. Also i’m not a UT fan. Just don’t appreciate ignorant comments and people that post them.
These folks just took your sorry ass to the shed “boy”. Please take the hint that your ignorant negative comments should stay in your tent and limited to gator articles - boy.
Ya that’s real positive. Now who is the troll?
Do you ever post anything positive? Come on man! These are really good coaches. Agree that Smart has better players and would prob have similar results as Muschamp if roles were reversed.
Agree. It’s astounding that uga hasn’t had more success in the past with the amount of talent in their state. I do think Muschamp would be achieving similar things as Smart because both are good football coaches.
Agree. Some of the fans on here are brutal. I don’t get it. And yes I keep reading articles on the site and hoping the nastiness will change.
Pot meet kettle. Not many highlights for either team since 2010.
Based on how hogs are recruiting despite the state of their program, I’d say this is a solid move by Maryland.
Goes to what many people have said that ut has had talent just not very talented coaches. Will see if current staff can change that narrative.
I don’t see where anyone said he wasn’t any good. I read several positive comments that are very rare on this site. I too wish the young man the best.
And nope just don’t like ignorant people like you “boy”.
He doesn’t. He is a sad, unhappy person who enjoys to see other people fail. Trying to compensate for something I guess.
And your original post was so mature. What a jack ass. And no i’m Not a UT fan. Just can’t stand ignorant people.
Wow another stupid hateful post from a uf fan. Come on man! Why so unhappy and hateful?
What an ignorant low life comment. This site is getting so bad. Too many unhappy people and posts like this.
Sorry I struck a nerve with you. Relax it’s going to be ok.
Uga has been very good the last couple of years. But until they do win a national champ and maintain relevance for more than 2 years, to prove this isn’t Richt 2.0, their faithful really should tone it down a few notches. I understand there are mostly irrational dawg fans on this site, but gheesh....
Whose team hasn’t won a natty in many many years. Didn’t even win their conference this year. Wear lots of red and black. Very frustrated people.
Agree Bama. Lots of sad, unhappy people on this site. Too bad these idiots can’t debate with class and intelligence. And you know who you are.