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So his kid went to Arkansas to play for championships? What am I missing here?
Good stuff and proud of this kid. Wish more players and fans went about their business like Bentley.
Thanks dumb ass. Know the difference between an opinion and trash talking. You're as butt hurt as Jerry Sandusky. Kinda feel sorry for ut fans ... The butt end of college football.
Glad you're ok with 2 losses thru 5 games ... Par for the course. Also resorting to name calling when you disagree with someone's point of view. You are an embarrassment to usc fans.
Uh ya earned the right. These players need to stfu and figure out how to get better and help their teams. Respect is earned by actions and not words. These players (and you It seems) haven't learned that lesson yet.
It actually started with usc poking fun at ut trash can early this week. But again, who cares, both teams suck and haven't earned the right to trash talk about anything.
Agree. Neither of these crappy teams should be trash talking. Sec east bottom dwellers...
Neither one of these crappy teams should be talking trash. Sec east bottom dwellers ... not a good place to be.
Understand why gators wouldn't see the humor, but that was hilarious!
Another ex gator arrested. Shocker!
Pathetic little frat boys. They would never have the guts to say that to jones or Chubb in person. Reminds me of some internet tough guys we see on here from time to time.
Thought you mis spelled a word so googled Grindr. Wow but not surprised you know what that is. I had never heard of it. I'm sure tho it's a popular site at Vandy. Sick stuff.
Oh damn that is awesome! You're Bubba aren't you? This is way too easy!
Ya Vandy you prob did hear about Sandusky when you were 12 yrs old and visited billy. Too easy !
It's been fun whippin your ass on here, albeit not very difficult. I'm sure. Bubba will make you feel better tonight.
Now I know you're embarrassed when your only retort ( that means response) is pointing out spelling errors. Just go away and serve your time peacefully. With Bubba.
So you finally admit you are jerry Sandisky. You are literally so stupid it's funny.
Btw, are you and bubba officially dating now? Good for you Jerry!
Please only respond to billy by his real name... Jerry Sandusky. You're not fooling us any more Jerry. How was your evening Jerry with Bubba from cell block 5?
Billly err Jerry doesn't care about children. He molests them. All he talks about are male body parts inserted into other men. Can't hide from his words. Truth hurts doesn't it Jerry? Haha
So coach says it's ok to cheat. Matter of fact I encourage our guys to cheat. Nice role model kids. Pitiful.
Thanks Jerry errrrr billy. You seriously do need help. Best of luck with bubba in cell block 5.
Ok billy your life is obviously more than a little off track. You prob can't afford to get help with the payment on your single wide and all, so maybe try meditation or something. Read your posts. This is just college football and it is over running your life. You are a sick person with an obvious obsession for men's body parts. I think you might be Jerry Sandusky posting from prison. If so you can get help for free and fully paid for by us taxpayers. So good night Jerry. Glad I could help and no need to thank me.
Bill bel if a troll means calling out douche bags like you for talking too much ignorant trash then yes. Your life obviously is a bit off track based on your comments but help is available. Now go take your meds, change your diaper, and get some sleep. Tomorrow can be a new beginning for you.
Damn Bill Bel relax. This is not life and death stuff. I mean you root for s. car. You all will never win anything meaningful again. Just be happy you have a nice stadium, tailgating scene, etc. But relax middle of the pack is what your program is on average year after year. Pro choice comment....really sad.
UT fans need to simmer down. One win in a dozen years doesn't allow for trash talking UF. Plus the team hasn't shown anything yet this year besides a bad defense and average offense. So please stop this nonsense.