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You have a hard time arguing with me because I totally slam you every time you respond. You have the worst posts and make so easy to shut you down. You really should stop trying to hang with me. It’s not fair to you.
Again I’m not a TENN fan just make it a point to call out idiots like you!.
Pooh Pooh head and fart face? What a great comeback. Wow you are making gator fans so proud. D-bag.
Applebee’s? What was Shoneys closed? You must be really killing it in life to be able to dine at such a fine establishment. You are seriously too stupid to know when you are making fun of yourself. Classic d-bag.
D-bag is commenting on a UT article again. Did someone from Tenn murder your family? Come on man - you are pathetic.
Mullen comes across as quirky and kinda nerdy, but I think he really gets it and is a very good coach. Can he get UF back to championship level year in and year out? Time will tell....
UT is so far in your head boy it really is comical. Must be difficult going through life in such distress and misery.
VHS technology still wasn’t available the last time uga won anything special. Come on man!
At this point gboy is the biggest d-bag on this site. I think someone from Tennessee must have murdered his family. Can’t get the Vols out of his head.
Boy the only thing you need to understand is that you are a jack a** d-bag. I feel bad saying that to a little boy but the sooner you realize it the better off you will be. Your parents obviously are not raising you the right way so I feel the need to step in and help. You will understand someday and thank me. Now go put on your little jammies and go straight to bed.
No could not care less about UF and UT. But there is this thing called the internet where people can find a lot of info very quickly. I just enjoy calling out sorry a** people like you. Not sorry to stone you with facts d-bag. Now go back to recess little boy.
I didn’t say you trolled the player. My point is it was a positive article and you felt the need to be a d-bag and talk ignorant trash that had nothing to do with the article. And BTW iI’m not a UT fan but did look up a few facts. Overall series UF 29 UT 20 Longest win streak. UF 11. UT 10 Conf championships. UF 8 UT 16 I could go on and on about why UT football is better historically (not last 10yrs for sure). And history does tend to repeat itself so I understand why you are worried. Now go back to bed little boy and leave these discussions to us adults.
Wow another gator d-bag. This is a positive article about a good kid and you gotta be like that. UT is coming on and you are scared they’ll start beating the gators again. Seriously you sound pitiful.
Slacker - my point is you are a d-bag. Not too hard to comprehend.
Doesn’t sound like those in upper sections loved it. Whatever, it looked silly on TV. I was at a bar watching the game and many people saying the same. Again if recruits at the game enjoyed it that’s all that matters. Unless you were sitting in upper deck haha.
Ok but it came across as very bush league on TV. I guess programs gotta keep trying stuff to stay ahead. Recruits probably liked it and that’s what matters.
That was so lame and looked so bad on TV. Just stop it all together. Bama doesn’t need gimmicks like this.
He has really matured as a coach and less worried about doing crazy shis. I would play for him all day long.
Criteria must include arrests and suspensions for uf to be this high.
Alabama, Auburn, etc. offered but UT wasn’t even recruiting him? Highly unlikely but nice try. Also Vols were hard after Muhsin Muhammad who just committed to A&M. Again, understand it’s early with some big recruits still uncommitted, but this has to be worrisome.
Another Tennessee recruit leaving the state. Vols recruiting seems to be in a serious funk. I know it’s early but any news or insights Vol fans?