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Thanks Jerry errrrr billy. You seriously do need help. Best of luck with bubba in cell block 5.
Ok billy your life is obviously more than a little off track. You prob can't afford to get help with the payment on your single wide and all, so maybe try meditation or something. Read your posts. This is just college football and it is over running your life. You are a sick person with an obvious obsession for men's body parts. I think you might be Jerry Sandusky posting from prison. If so you can get help for free and fully paid for by us taxpayers. So good night Jerry. Glad I could help and no need to thank me.
Bill bel if a troll means calling out douche bags like you for talking too much ignorant trash then yes. Your life obviously is a bit off track based on your comments but help is available. Now go take your meds, change your diaper, and get some sleep. Tomorrow can be a new beginning for you.
Damn Bill Bel relax. This is not life and death stuff. I mean you root for s. car. You all will never win anything meaningful again. Just be happy you have a nice stadium, tailgating scene, etc. But relax middle of the pack is what your program is on average year after year. Pro choice comment....really sad.
UT fans need to simmer down. One win in a dozen years doesn't allow for trash talking UF. Plus the team hasn't shown anything yet this year besides a bad defense and average offense. So please stop this nonsense.
Well they sure are playing the right team this Sat to get their running game going. Just run toss sweep every other play and they'll keep the sticks moving against UT.
It's funny and I don't care who you are. Even if you are acting like a butt hurt female dog.
Damn BT you're the only one here that's acting like a female dog. Relax.....
Agree. The program is an embarassment to college athletics and the SEC. They were relevant for about 10 years yet their fans act as if they are special and a blue blood program. They deserved to get smoked tonight with many more whippings on the way. Love it!
Nice rationale... Every team does bad things so it's ok for my team to do it too. Typical loser gator fan. I actually feel bad for you. Now go trim your mullet.
Thanks for making my point again. Duh... Now go trim your mullet.
First, history shows that coach wouldn't even think about suspending players unless he was forced to. The only people who think otherwise are uf fans. Second, this isn't a gator site. Third, go trim your mullet.
Could not agree more. Plus coach didn't suspend most of these players, the university did based on policy. If it were up to this lame coach, they'd all be playing this Saturday.
Ya right. Spin this any way you want, but this is one of the dirtiest programs in the country. And it's finally getting exposed. Please just stop saying this is all ok. You should be embarrassed.
Come on bama, gators talk more smack than any other program and it starts with their coach. It would be different if they were winning anything significant. Your boys and coach talk some trash occasionally but have every right because they back it up.
Exactly fly. He is a typical uf fan. Delusional and in denial, but still trash talking. What a disaster of a program and fan base.
Legacy - Not sure why you have concluded I'm a ut fan. They haven't been a whole lot better than uf as far as off field issues until this year due the rash of stupidity and lack of control in Gainesville. But at least their players and coaches don't constantly talk shi$ when they aren't relevant nationally. Not a big ut fan but at least they have shown more class and control over program than gators. If ut gets as bad as uf, I'll pick on them as well.
Blunt you are embarrassing yourself. Stop trying to deflect the fact that uf football is out of control and extremely dirty. Now go trim your mullet again.
Nice try blunt but wrong. You should be embarrassed. Now go trim your mullet.
Absolutely embarrassing post. Are you freakin serious? Just admit that your football team is, and has been for many years,out of control. You should demand better from the university leadership. But I'm not surprised coming from a gator fan.
You gator fans must be so proud of your dumpster fire football program!
Not a huge football fan so definitely not jealous of a program like uf. Just don't like trash talkers who don't have anything to brag about, programs that don't have character, and that constantly have players in trouble and don't change their ways. Simple as that lsu.
No I don't. It's a freakin dumpster fire in Gainesville. They just had more trouble with drug use and one was a player with bad history that other programs wouldn't touch. Plus the trash talking that started with Spurrier, Meyer, and many players. They need to stfu until they clean their program and win something meaningful under latest staff.
Well who didn't know that? Gators most overrated combined with biggest trash talkers. The most disgusting and hated program in the country. All talk and can't back it up. Will be more of the same this year. Michigan rolls.
Your gators talk more trash than any program in the nation. And they haven't won anything meaningful in years. Now their coach is doing the same. The entire program is a joke. Pep rally or not, there are things you can say to play to the crowd and still show some respect to your opponent. Duck still pulling the truck ?
Wow. Now there's a big surprise. Another ex gator in trouble.
More scared of uk means you are scared of both. And you should be. Now go trim your mullet. Teez just got burned again.....
Love it that you think UK is a scary game. Last I checked you weren't worried.. Something like 32 in a row. And say it til you believe it if or if it makes you feel better, but uf better be worried about ut after getting smoked last year. Jones and company have your number after they choked previous 2 years and you all beat.
I see where you live and based on your ridiculous logic, you really need to step away from the bong.