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Yeah I chuckled at that. Jimbo is running an asylum over there. NILs don’t mean championships or pro potential. That comes from hard work and film study.
How we go through an SEC slate without facing Bama or LSU is beyond me. Divisions gotta go, and probably should put in NFL style schedule rotations. Best teams get the most challenging schedule. Really don’t need championship if we do that, whomever has best record is champion. Given expanded playoff, really doesn’t matter as much as the SEC will have two or more bids to the playoff for the foreseeable future.
It hurts us to not play competitive games early. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kirby has been beating bushes to buy out one of the early sacrificial lambs since we lost OU game, which to this day makes no sense to me.
As long as A&M keeps Jimbo, not gonna happen in the SEC. All about culture. Kelly will instill it at LSU and with their recruiting will be a juggernaut. Bama will fix its discipline issues and be perhaps less explosive on offense but their defense may actually be better overall. Gotta include an RIP to the other Bulldogs in the SEC. I could listen to Leach talk about anything.
Maybe. How OSU lost to Michigan is beyond me after seeing them play us. I have more faith in Day than Harbaugh to sustain their programs. Harbaugh is an NFL coach trying to bend into a college mode. Day is a CFB coach and will stay as long as OSU will have him, analogous to Kirby at UGA.
I think it’s all about whether they develop. The talent is always there, and Saban will ensure the culture gets back to more disciplined football. Less penalties and they beat Tennessee. They showed up i their bowl, and outstanding the alphas played out their last game with their teammates and friends then getting full of themselves. I’m as hard core a Dawg as there is, but I appreciate what Brice and Will did to end their college careers.
Saw finally someone put a petition to fix rules so non 1st team all Americans may be selected. Other guys than Stetson deserve consideration as well.
Amusing - can't expect our rivals to pull for us even against non SEC opponents, at least publicly. Once George torches Minkah a few dozen more times in practice, maybe he'll change his tune. Otherwise, who cares? BTW, I fully supported Bama in bowl game, think Anderson and Young showed a lot of character playing with their guys one last time.
Team I don't want to play is Tennessee. Hard to beat one team twice in the same season. Hooker gets hot and hits some throws he missed against us, it could get tight. Their WRs didn't get much separation, but I think a second go round would be much more of a contest. Injuries could be critical - if Carter went down again and still not having Nolan Smith, or another key injury and who knows, this is college football after all.
You must be watching another team - our qb projectile vomits between plays. Kirby might be more nutty than Saban on the sideline. Notice we're not running nearly as much anymore either. But is he Kiffin, or Leach, or one of the other young guns? No. Our defense is purely looking to be like Bama's of old though, completely agree on that one. If you're gonna follow a model, why not follow the GOAT?
About what I expect, though. Positive impact on an old lady by a guy who by most accounts is a nice guy. Yes he swings and misses on some things, but many of us do that aren't perfect.
Yeah I fully got his transfer, family ties with his dad being great player for the Vols + his bro attending there. Circumstances were a little weird, but hope he does well. Grapevine indicated Cade is a hard worker and doesn't make waves. No point in being resentful about guys moving from one place to another, that's just the way it is now.
The problem here is top leadership. Every coach has their own system that’s a combo of what they learned under mentors and their own principles. Saban’s model works and fit Kirby’s approach so he emullated it at UGA. Harsin was successful at a non SEC school, translating it to success here apparently is a challenge. Culture means everything. Top down structures don’t work anymore. You have to sell your team and recruits every day on what you’re trying to do. The SEC is better when Auburn, Florida, LSU are in the mix. Hope they figure it out and give Tiger fans something to look forward to.
One thing Coach does well, he gets his guys in a mindset of learning the game instead of just running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. Channing will further develop because he knows the difference makers in the NFL watch a lot of film of greats and how they play, then contrast what they do well and where they should focus to improve. When you prepare well enough to make things second nature, that's when instincts can take over and you can max out your athleticism because you've already done the mental aspect of preparation. Good luck to the young man, proud of all my Dawgs!
And you're leaving out trades, that's when it becomes even more of a circus.
I agree - and we're due to drop off, so I bet the East is much more of a toss up than folks expect. These things go in cycles.
Well done nonetheless. Like to see my brethren represent.
Same goes with Mr. Williams and Meche, those kids can play. I'd have nightmares if I had to cover them, or Jeudy, or Smith...ok I'll stop.
OK - we'll wait. I'll take my chances on whomever starts and also hope JT wins Heisman wherever he goes.
Good one - Oregon would be funny if he went there and competed with Bo Nix. No contest, he'd beat him out.
Funny a Trojan below thinks he got a raw deal - if you're made of bone china you're nice but you're breakable. And fact is, if you can't move in this conference then you're gonna get smacked around.
That would be a good fit, except can he stay healthy? I like his arm, and he's tough, but are the injuries those that will recur or resurface from the wear and tear?
Well, we're blessed to have good teams. JT is a good kid who will do very well wherever he goes if he can stay healthy.
Who knows, but some of these kids aren't getting good advice. If a player expects a lot of PT at a major school with a lot of depth, then they're fooling themselves. Go to a smaller school and work to be the bell cow back. Is there a coach who has done more to prepare players for the NFL than Saban? I can't think of one.
I think all the kids are that way to a degree. Some young men are more mature than others or listen to wisdom from those who have it. Ultimately culture will define a program in the long run. Saban has had it at Bama, UF, AU, UGA have had it at times and other times have not. Some kids aren't a good fit in the schools they select. I'm in the middle on the portal. Kids should have a right to move on if they want to another school. And coaches should want kids who want to be there instead of someone taking up a scholarship.
Fully agree - I thought they were trained to NOT blow the whistle unless they were CERTAIN the play was over. That's why we have replay, to review it and get it right instead of blowing whistle which precludes any sort of ex post review. Good example.
Did the B12 borrow some SEC refs for this game? I hope they're looking at bringing in AI to help resolve this. And one other thing - why are most of the refs older guys like me? Need some younger folks in here, because some of these guys need to be playing pickleball and bingo instead of reffing NCAA football.
Me too. A&M is due to break out. Given this looney tune year, Vanda and Arkansas could be in the kidding. But 3 teams in the east and perhaps 4 in the west are capable of getting to ATL. Can't wait.