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Not dominated, but still beaten. Also I like how you failed to mention that we lost the ball earlier in the game. Had that not happened you would have needed the last drive to tie the game. Guess we will never know all the possibilities of what could have happen and we just have to settle with what did...
I saw a very telling stat this week. In Mond’s three year career he has thrown a total of 17 passes that went over 20 yards in the air. If he gets longer plays it’s due to the receivers breaking free like Anias did Saturday. Again good but not anywhere near great!
Yeah, we are in the second year with a new coach so while we may have been excited about the results last year we still understand he had a lot of work to do to change the physicality and overall roster to better fit his style. If we are at this point next year or the following and still can't compete consistently then the desperation level may go up, but currently we would be much lower on this list.
Also, look up what some of these professors and university administrators are making. Glassdoor shows the average salary range for a professor at USC is between $75k and $523K. Maybe start there if you want to really dig into the issue.
Nope Venables didn't want them to score at all so he kept the starters in the whole game. I originally thought it was reserves too, but I went back to check. Good try though!
Yeah, get outta here with that garbage! No way are they guaranteed L's...
Not sure many people outside of Baton Rouge has heard of Southern University lol...
Awesome so it is still being used by the university. Got it - thanks!
Since I can't respond to your comment below I will do it here. If you look back at my post I never said LSU was doing well. You pointed out that plenty of universities do quite well without the athletic contributions, however, LSU would not be on that list. Also if the profit from the football team isn't going to the university where is it going? Lastly, no one claimed the university was "primarily" dependant on athletics, just that they do play a part.
LSU brought in $56,000,000 in profit from the football team in 2018. I am sure there are "plenty" of universities doing well without athletic contributions but LSU would not be one of them.
"Texas gets attention for their lack of draft picks but don’t sleep on the Aggies when it comes to producing NFL players." - Might want to check that article again.
Yeah, was he trying to reach a certain word count for this article? I'll be honest I did the same thing in high school, but I hide my extra garbage in the middle of my essay.
Yeah just ask Arkansas about all the money and recruits they bring in from just being in the SEC.... Takes a little more than the label to be successful throughout the whole season there champ.
I couldn't agree more here! Fisher took credit for that call and that easily has been his biggest mistake here.
So every conference champ should get into the football playoffs? So an 8-4 school in the Pac 10 deserves it more than an 11-1 runner up. That doesn’t pass the smell test either!
So every conference champ should get into the football playoffs? So an 8-4 school in the Pac 10 deserves it more than an 11-1 runner up. That doesn't pass the smell test either!
I have only been an Aggie since I got out of the Army in 2014 so I can't speak on what happened in the Big 12, but I am now season ticket holder. I have seen very few instances of fans from other teams coming in and being treated without the utmost respect. I have however seen story after story like this one. Letters like this make me even prouder to be an Aggie!
I will say LSU is possibly the experts on useless QB's, BUT let's not jump to the conclusion that one game makes either of our QB's a bust! Pretty sure looking at the whole season Allen is still in the top 3 in the SEC - Just saying
Henry had a field day in the first quarter, but after that he didn't win the game for them. What decided that game was when we threw more passing yards to Alabama than we did A&M... Henry is a beast don't get me wrong but 75% of his yards came in the first quarter alone. It's just nice to finally have a DC that can make adjustments - Last years D would have given up 400 yard to Henry alone
Man I love to hear how different sides see things completely different. Almost ever play I looked at Garrett got doubled or chipped, but if Arkansas fans want to say he was "dominated" okay. Most everyone else sees it differently though lol...
Okay to rank the top freshman WR you have to put Kirk in there from A&M. Pretty sure he is leading the SEC in yards - the kid is a beast! Other than that I completely agree...