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I was at the game. The gel from the seats must have been the same as the players. We all know Georgia was gonna win this game. The issue was performing at the level we are capable of. The hearts were not fully into it. We kinda took Kent for granted. This could be a good teaching point. We have not really been tested . Oregon is a 6-6 team in the SEC at best. We got up to play them however and smoked them. The biggest thing I’m concerned about is there are 2 teams that could be problems to us. If we play how we did against Kent we could lose. I went back and watched the Kentucky game and the Tenner games. If Tenners offense gets rolling it truly is tough to defend. Would we win a shootout against them? Thier quarterback reminds me of Vince Young. He can single handily carry them. Kentucky makes plays when they need to and are methodical. Once they get thier running game going could we win a grinder game against them? If we field the team we did against Kent, it makes me nervous.
Got home and watched the second half. I agree with most. Floridas coach is garbage and I hope you keep him forever. Florida players dough hard and made enough plays to keep it close. The success they had was all on the players. They had great plays. Tenners offense looks almost unstoppable. They were against Florida. Thier defense still needs work though
Sitting in section 134. I have questions. If we play like this against an SEC team we may lose. The feeling in the stands I’m getting is we need to do better than this. At this rate Kentucky and Tenner may be football games
I sware our fans complain about everything. I’m more than happy to be here to watch us fine tune our team, get the young guys more meaningful reps. This is what will makes us even stronger. Our schedule is really weak this yea and we have an even better team than last year.
While I feel this is actually a good Tennessee team that may potentially be undefeated coming into Georgia, it’s still a big stretch. The only concern I would have would be that if they do not lose one before us, they will have been tested more than we have at that point. It would take Tenners best game, and at least 2 turnovers from Georgia for Tenner to have a real chance. Just an chance.
Haven’t been to Kyle or Faurot Field yet but Tiger Stadium, Neyland, Razorback, Williams Brice, and the Swamp are hard places to play, in that order.
I watched that game. Florida wasn’t dominating UK. UK made just as many mistakes. Hell, even UK’s punter was trying to compensate Florida by playing kick the van out of the end zone. Even the dominant teams that play cupcakes, the cupcakes play well in the first quarters of this games. Florida stayed in that game due to mistakes Kentucky was making. The difference was Kentucky is the better team and fixed thier mistakes. I hope you keep that coach you got. Cuz Florida will be the “cupcake”
I completely agree. The hardest game in front of Tenner is the trip to LSU. Even when they are not the best it’s still a very hard place to play. I do feel This isn’t the same Tenner we’ve seen for over a decade. I think Tenner is as good as any other top 10 team not named Georgia. When, Tenner beats Bama it would be a sun for them not to be ranked in the top 3. LSU may end up ranked by then meaning Tenners resume before Georgia will be wins over 4 ranked teams. Nobody else in that top 2-10 would do that so I strongly believe if Tenner beats LSU than that will be a game day they would want.
VFL-88 You’ll get a game day experience again, but it won’t be for Bama. It will be at Sanford for the showdown for the SEC east. They will be there to witness the dogs hand you your first loss.
It’s the battle of who despises me the most. You both have to look up to see daddy Georgia but honestly Tenner is gonna win this easily. I don’t think Florida has the right coach still and I know I know Florida owns Tenner, but Florida isn’t in a good place right now.
Been to Neyland a few times now and it is a good venue. I’m bad luck there for my Dogs as the last time I was there Tenner beat us. It finally looks like Tenner is a team that can help support the Bulldogs in the east. I’m sorry, but I honestly hate all west teams and was sick and tired of waiting for another team to stand up. Bout time. Tenner beats the lizards quite easily in this one with game day on hand. Tenner 45 lizards 23
We certainly look like the best and it’s not close. Honestly too our schedule was cake. Set up perfectly for a return to the playoffs. At this point we are a lock. Our toughest opponents might only be interesting for a bit before we pull away. Tennessee would have to play thier absolute best game in a decade at our place to have a shot. Kentucky will be our hardest road trip, but they are not at the level tenner is so that’s not going to be tough really. Even if somehow we lose to a tenner or a wildcat we would be sitting with just one loss. We would still be in regardless of not making the SECCG. We will repeat as champions.
I’ve had Bulldog blood in me and been regular season ticket holder since it’s been a thing. I won’t forget how we played in this same division and we had the same situation. We play the same teams. I don’t think tenner will be elite yearly, but we were in the same spot. If tenner stays on this same path and has no coaching turnover there isn’t anything to same they can’t. I’m just saying Tenners coach has a good system and if it stays that way they will be dangerous and we will have to start circling that game on schedules. Hell I remember the 90’s too. We never beat Tenner in the 90’s. Appreciate how good we are now because the east will become a fight soon enough
For Tenner, I think they finally solved thier coaching issues. They are going to be a team that wins 10 games a year. They won’t be able to be a consistent threat to Georgia as long as CKS is at the helm, but a dangerous team. I think they win 10 games this year. He will keep getting modest raises as long as the Tenner fans don’t get rid of him because the Georgia hurdle may be to much yearly.
Right? I think Tenner struggles in this game because they are looking ahead to the Florida game. I see this game being like 35-24 Vols fans meltdown. I do think Tenner beats Florida easy though and Bama. I don’t think they lose before we get to rip thier hearts out in November.
Stetson should be right next to Bryce. Bryce is carrying Bama right now. Bama doesn’t have a strong enough cast around him right now. That could be bad or good at this point. Stetson has the best team in the nation around him. However he’s very smart and is the best game manager in the SEC. Hooker, that dude doesn’t throw pics, but he’s got the best receivers in the league to help him too. I think that Tillman dude should be on the list. He’s legit. If they beat Florida and Bama like I think they will he might make the trip but the loss to Stetson and the dogs will have him fall short.
We need to work on the run game a little more. Going to have to have some balance. I think our passing game is even better than Tennessee. Just need to pound it hard with the backs too
Tenner had some issues on offense, but that’s an early road game against a good team with a good coach. They got the offense, and we will se more of the defense. Tenner defense ain’t built to take over games. That defense is made to just keep you in games and is very aggressive to create turnovers with those blitz packages. The defense is made to put the ball back into the offense hands. That’s how heupel operates. Your strength will always be on offense with him. Once he gets his cabinets full with recruiting his type of defensive players the defense will get better. Georgia will need more help putting the east back into power, y’all are getting there. But we still gone stomp you this year
First respect to you 2 my boys are Marines. Numba 2 I’m old grown up man but I know football. You sir, you have hired a bad coach. Yous in a down spiral now. That coach hasn’t gotten that team to buy in yet. Serious problems for your team. I love y’all night games and can’t wait to get me a dozen them quasdillas from La Salvadorena. Got tickets for tenner at your place this year was my choice for road trip with a good pal a mine from your parts
Look y’all I spend my life in this buisiness. I worked for 2 years breaking down film for Mista Steve. I even got me a pair of Danny Boy Wueffels game used socks. True story. Nobody else got no heisman socks in here I betcha. Look you can scheme around a bad o line and cover it up with a good stable of right Ning back but Bama got some real problems. Just wait you’ll all see stinky sock Ronnie knows what he’s talkin bout. Bama drops 3 this year
Hey brotha dog. Look I be around when weez won our title in 80’s and I’m still ticking. I’ve been to over 200 sec games and I know what I see. Bama o line is bad and they don’t gots receivers that can separate. They got one real good quarterback but no run game either. Teams that can score gone score on Bama and they might not be able to keeps the pace. I see 3 losses for them. The power is in the east. Ole piss will out score em and tenner gone rip em up too just wait for it. I played football I coached football. And ain’t nobody gone beat these dogs this year
It’s over. The cream always rises to the top and Georgia be at the top. Bama be 4th best team in da SEC dis year. The gone lose to Tennessee Arkansas and Ole Piss. Would like to beat dat ass in da SEC championship game but week gone be play Arkansas and whoop on em.
Honestly Georgia should have be numba one as dis time. Until we beat. We don’t play Bama or Arky and there ain’t nuthin on our schedule that we don’t be winning. Kentucky, nah we won’t blow them out but they can’t run and we eat quarterbacks. Tennessee, if that defense get a little better it might be a good game. I think that offense is good and if they play real good it will come down to the wire. They got good relievers and the Hooker they got is ok. , they make a bunch of mistakes doe and we home dogs. Tennessee is our only test.