6'4" 340#

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6'4" and 341 and can move. He should be rated higher. Good get Tiguhs
And then, they ask for respect. Hard to attain if you break you word. At least it used to be that way
Ok UTPHD, if you come here, you'll have to change your moniker. TENNESSEE has been UT since 1891..then you guys came around later and tried to steal that from us. Fix it, or stay in Texas 8-)
Win or lose, true UT fans want Bama on our schedule every year. Unlike most of America nowadays, we love our traditions
Due to protocol, you can't have Ginger AND Mary Ann..
He's a big boy and can block as well as get open...good get
You're a sad little man 9. You're a transplant Bama fan aren't you? Real Tide fans aren't as arrogant and disrespectful as you've been here.
USC is my 2nd fav team so don't start acting like a georgia fan and make me rethink that.
I was hoping UT would have a great year one with Heupel but the more I see what Beamer is doing, USC is more likely to do that than us. USC is my 2nd team as well. Go cocks!
I think it's borderline genius to use him like CLK wants would you ever game plan against that? He could show up at any position on any play and score. Good to see the young man just enjoying playing where ever he can help the team it said, a lot of guys would have bolted. I think baseball is his 1st love so that makes it a little easier for him. I enjoy watching him every time he gets the ball.
The NIL will destroy all the things we have loved about college football.
This is a better match up than game 1 showed. MS will go even next game. Since I pull for all the SEC schools except georgia, this is a win/win series for me!
"This isn’t 1950 and weed should be legal everywhere." Maybe. But until is, ya gotta follow the rules. You sign yours scholly knowing that.
If they'll pony up and keep him. Pay him what he wants and don't try to lowball, I'll personally change my Mountaineer level to Bronze! A drop in the bucket but still..... we go again...georgia only loses to the refs.... Wah, wah, wah..... And don't start that crap about beating UT because everybody feather in your hat there goofball.