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A lot of good pints here and some, not so good. Bottom line is, if you want to watch "pro" football, you can watch it on Sundays, it starts right after the kneeling during the National Anthem. That's what you'll end up with on Saturdays too in a year or two. How about $50 a week stipend instead, a few bucks in their pockets and no $$$$ division between schools.
Because it was like a, nah, nah nah boo boo moment. Did you see when he “greeted” some of the players? JG was trying to pull away from him the whole time. Ask Jalen Hurd if he wants a hug from Lyle.
I hope they ban the guy for at least the rest of the year, that’s no way to act.
If you watched, you would see that his helmet hit the ole miss player on the shoulder 1st.
Back atcha Bunker....didn't mean to bust out on a fellow Vet
The food in Louisiana is tops IMO. I'd rather go there on the premise of watching a football game than anywhere else just to eat! Tennessee to me is all about home cooking, meat and vegetable kind of place. Agree with others about S Carolina. Very unique menu of foods there all prepared a little bit different than the same dishes other places.
HAhaHHAhHHa good piece. I think I'll just win the lottery tonight, it would be easier...
That's what I was thinking, the poor kid gets a start but likely still wont get into the game!
Not the creepiest thing Ive seen today...Nasty Pelosi was on the news this morning
I don't think any player ever wants to cause a serious injury to another. The FANS do, but the players? Nah....
Pressure????? I was in the jungle in southeast Asia when I was 19 dodging rockets and AK47 fire...pressure.......hah
Yeah, I see that too. IMO, the biggest thing is, when you get 3rd and 12, you can't give it to Michele and him run 65 yards for a touchdown. Or 3rd and 5, Chubb can't pick it up for you 99% of the time. Those 2 guys were special and I just think Ga is missing them badly. Holyfield is awesome but losing the 2 guys you did has to throw some oil dri on the machine
The LSU logo and colors are iconic. Just like every time they try to change the power T at Tenn. I dont understand the want to change something that everybody in the world recognizes. Hope they leave it alone.
You won't need Tua this week. I'd be SURE he was 100% before I played him again
Lowgrade heckler.....It woulda been funny had Lyle thrown him the brick he wanted 8-)
I've always liked JG and knew his problems were mostly poor coaching. I'm very happy for the guy but lets not get ahead of ourselves, UT receivers had some fantastic catches in the AU game. MUCH better DBs will be at Neyland Saturday.
That's the downside of a relatively soft schedule. They weren't ready for a punch you in the mouth game like LSU gave them. I think this will be a wake up call for Ga. They won't lose again until maybe the SEC Champ game. Too much talent. Bright side to the game IMO? Holyfield.
I always wanted Coach O to do well. Especially when he got the job at LSU. The dude is a man's man...can't help but like the guy 8-)
I can't think that ANYBODY would want to intentionally hurt Tua. This kid is a once in a lifetime talent and I'm sure that all the players respect him enough to NOT take a cheap shot. The fans should feel that way too. If he gets hurt playing, that's one thing. Play hard and fast but play clean.
When he gets here it will be about how the refs gave LSU the game.
Geaux Tigers! Really quiet over on the Georgia site 8-)