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TDOW you're not as great as your sister...
Ignorant corch...go back to Seattle
there were over 100,000 fans there, you going to lump us all in with the ones that did that? I'm embarrassed by the whole thing but most of us didn't have anything to do with it.
No, it's not ok. As a VFL, class of '76, I was embarrassed by that behavior. I always wear my orange on game day and the day after even though I live in Georgia now. I didn't wear it Sunday. When I was in school, the fans would throw empty solo cups down on a bad call. I don't know how it developed into throwing dangerous objects with ill intent.
I know the horses are extremely important too but losing Boutte made me hurt for you guys. Dang good ball player.
You can't tell jokes like that to georgia grads...not with out pictures.
Ugly rumor deep22, I assume you were there and saw that?
We need an "ESPN" type channel for bashing these God like sportscasters the Monday after these games are played. Bring up how they screwed up on all of their predictions and call for them to be fired after a bad week of same. I rarely listen to their drivel but reading articles like this "after the fact" are unavoidable for a few days...
Yep....he's surprisingly humble for a man with his achievements. Hope he stays around a long time.
Ironically, losing to the cats only happens when those teams are already at the bottom of their careers. So you can't take much credit for that. I like KY and CMS. don't change that by acting ike an obnoxious georgia fan.
x2 ^^^^ If you ask them, they only lose to Florida because of the refs 8-) HahaHAHhHhahH
timbo, 1st time reading about D1 football I see. Your comments are welcome here but they are totally without base knowledge. Keep trying and you'll catch up in 2-3 years.
Class of 98 huh? That means you're still a kid and don't know much about anything, including showing some class. You're the kind of fan that makes everybody else in the conference hate georgia
Open a Go Fund Me page, I'll donate! The rule is stupid.
I agree. Doty will be a top SEC QB before it's over with. It's tough to throw when the pocket breaks down in 2 seconds. Have faith in him. He's better than he's been showing.
15 yards or not, I'd be embarrassed to do that. Nobody knocks me down with a one handed shove. Do the team mates tease you during the next film study?
Funny, a georgia fan calling someone else disgraceful.
I can't believe your fans kicking O while the team is down. Be careful what you ask for! Look what we've been thru after firing our NC coach. I'd like to see those guys above, tweets after you guys won it all!
Glad, I’m embarrassed by the “Vol “ fans above. We win one game and play well but haven’t earned any bragging rights yet. Shame on those guys.