6'4" 340#

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Pretty good basic math for a schoolboy that can't spell DOG.
Do you really think anybody cares that you have lost all respect for him after that?
Say what you want but we stand by the decision to NOT hire Schiano. We wouldn't hire Jerry Sandusky either...your little anonymous rant here means nothing to us.
That's true...he doesn't poll well with people who are inexperienced in life and who haven't worked their whole lives to make something.
Bowden scares me...I always wondered why CMS didn't use him more. Kinda like Butch didn't use Kamara when we had him. Juice Jennings should equal out Bowden cause he's just as explosive. I think add one TD for the defense. UT-24 KY-13
I love it when these so called "experts" are wrong 8-) Not only did he miss on Bama, he missed on all of the rest of them as well Bwahahhaahahah
I totally agree with HW. It will open a can of worms bigger than what we call Congress. Money ruins everything eventually. Talk about fractured locker rooms....
I certainly don't want to see a good coach like CMS to leave the SEC, especially to a basketball conference.
Florida got at least 2 terrible calls and still almost won. Georgia is the luckiest team in the league. Refs did a good job of giving you the game
I was gonna post on this but about 20 fans beat me to it...nobody cares where gameday's just a bunch of talk. People may switch over to watch gameday but come kickoff, 98% of the viewers will be switching over to Bama/LSU
C'mon now Mythic, don't say that. You can't hate a kid that chooses Tennesee when he had so many other options. We can be disappointed, sure...but hate is a strong sentiment. Hey, it's a GAME.
Something you missed was, twice before that UT made the 1st down on QB sneaks pushing the pile. Why JG decided to try and go over the top is anybody's guess.
I hate it for Tua, he’s one of the all time greats. Lucky for Bama though the schedule for the next few weeks. Bama v. LSU will be one of the biggest games this year and both teams need to be at full strength.
That didn't stop you moronic DOGS (yes, that's how you spell it) when BUTCH JONES and the Vols beat Ga a few years back. Oh yeah, I forgot...the REFS cost you that game.
I'm with Dcrock, unless we have a proven coach locked in, there's no reason to replace Pruitt. Also, Fuzzyvol is right on. We do NOT want Fulmer to take over....I'm susre he has no interest in that pressure cooker again
I think that’s the problem with most issues like this. They are NOT men. At 19, boys are still boys even though their football bodies are man like, they have some growing up to do. I’m not trying to be negative, that’s just the way it is,
He's a good get...we wanted him too.
I was surprised Reid wasn't drafted...guess that shows how much I know about round ball
I thought it was funny...sliding head 1st is asking for it. Besides, what was the 3rd base coach doing? It looked like any kind of slide was unnecessary. The 3rd baseman never took the throw.