6'4" 340#

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I think that’s the problem with most issues like this. They are NOT men. At 19, boys are still boys even though their football bodies are man like, they have some growing up to do. I’m not trying to be negative, that’s just the way it is,
He's a good get...we wanted him too.
I was surprised Reid wasn't drafted...guess that shows how much I know about round ball
I thought it was funny...sliding head 1st is asking for it. Besides, what was the 3rd base coach doing? It looked like any kind of slide was unnecessary. The 3rd baseman never took the throw.
Maybe not yet but if he continues to play like he did last year, definitely #1. He should be ahead of Fromm now.
Time to cut the apron strings....stay with the QB that threw you to the 1700+ yards season 8-)
I feel sorry for anyone who has to drink to enjoy a ballgame but Bamatime is right. Those that do will, those that don't, won't.
They got me too. I fully expected to read something revealing.
It would end up like baseball with too many games...they would be meaningless.
You could put handles on him and not slow him down.
Heck the NFL minimum salary now is around $450k (I think)
I heard that, we get KY Jelly twice and Auburn twice....geez. But we get the cajun's only once, at home.
Coach CAPILARI will never go for this...selfish kid won't play the Kentucky one and done game? He could learn SO MUCH CC in his one season!
I don't know how Tua can teach uncanny natural ability 8-) Fromm can teach how to properly hand the ball off. 8-) It's a JOKE you stupid dog fans.....