6'4" 340#

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Yawwwwwwwwwn.....another prediction by another sports writer....
Yep...lock em up. If you make the decision to smoke or drink and get behind the wheel and KILL TWO People, a cage is best for you. I wonder how you'd feel if he killed your mom and dad?
I don't think Franks will have as much impact as CSPittman will. Once he gets some linemen in there, and he will, things will get better fast. That kid from Georgia will be a good start.
I know he's a worthy coach and all but do you think CNS targeted him to let Kiffin know who's the King of the SEC? Just a little bit maybe? 8-) 8-)
HAhHHAHHAhhhHH....good one Bcreek, that's exactly why I never watch UK basketball. I DO like the football team though.
When I left the drivers license bureau yesterday, the lady said, "See you in ten years" I said, I sure hope so!
I agree on the health issue. Kentucky's season would've been bad without Bowden. Every time he ran the ball I was gritting my teeth hoping he wouldn't get hurt. LSU had SO many great players, losing one (any one but Burreaux) you guys would've still been #1. My favorite part of your team was the O-line...dang what a bunch. They always kept defenses back and separated from Joe B. Even the few times the D would get through, those guys never let up.Kept blocking enough that Joe B. could get away. GREAT line.
Ain't looking forward to playing against him again but dang I love to watch him power running all over the place!
Yep and I think Mac can get the ball to them once he gets the rhythm of being the man.
I'd love to see him play another year but don't blame him even a little bit for going. He's a special player and I'll miss not seeing him zip that ball around.
Every time we had a chance to bring T back home and didn't it hurt my feelings a little bit. I'm so glad he is back and VERY happy he's gonna stay!
It's time for DT to turn in one of his best games....2-3 sacks would cement him as one of the best pass rushers. He's certainly capable.
I think he's better than a 3 star. I've seen him play...good get for CSP and the hogs.
Good luck to you Marcus! Thanks for being a VOL!
Geaux Tigers! This kid is unbelievable...I've seen him play a couple of times. You did extra good taking him away from georgia.
Great get KY....waiting to see who you sign at QB.
Whomever thought that spinning moving color changing arrow was a good idea is an idiot. Glad to have Mr. Perry aboard though 8-)
Good arm, good wheels and good feel for where he is...He might be dangerous 8-)