6'4" 340#

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I'm just happy we are NOT like georgia who gets all the 5 stars they want and still can't get it done.
I've seen Anderson play in high school, he's freakishly quick AND powerful. Glad he didnt go to georgia so I can still cheer for him.
Totally agree...hopefully deleting this rule will keep players from being surprised by their new HC. If you can't meet with a guy, how do you know you can get along.
He's an idiot Balkwyll...the man behind the curtain. Pay him no mind.
She's totally disgusting. I would tell you how I really see her but it would get edited to something like this &^%$%^*
I like pulling those elite players away from the basketball schools. There was a time Duke would get anybody they wanted. The SEC has made giant steps towards basketball.
BwhahahhHhhahHhAHaH you nailed it. Now he'll try to deny that but either way, he's still an *(&^&*
I sure hated to see CBP get hammered by the NCAA and leave UT. He is a great coach!
and really stupid to say it was stupid...typical georgia
The injury bug always sucks...he had something to build on from year 1...hope this doesn't mess it all up.
Whether it would be good for UT or good for UCF, I had to laugh at the 9th grade psychology Mohajir is using...
I don’t consider it harmless. I already have to monitor what my kids watch on tv and the music they listen to. Now they can’t watch a football game with me? There isn’t an intelligent argument for that type of language. It’s a simple lack of a persons descriptive vocabulary and more importantly, a lack of character.
I imagine you'll be in a better mood as soon as the minimum wage goes up to $15.
I don't think "most" fans hate Franklin. Just a few who don't yet realize it's just a game.
I was thinking that same thing. You beat me to the sensible usual 8-)
34 years old....he missed so much...prayers sent
Webster's definition of idiot....see above poster ^
This from a fan of the program that's paying a HC $10mil a year and STILL can't get into the playoff?
They will all have a chance to take over when UM gets a headache and quits.....
This year, they look like a bunch of college ballplayers trying to get together instead of the NBA farm team Cal "recruits" every year.
No slight meant to Coach Baker but I wasn't very excited about him as our DC. If we're gonna spend some money, let's get a DC, not one that wants to be one. I still don't understand, why not Steele.
I totally agree with Sark, people make choices and these kids are people too so they have that right. The same thinking on sticking it out applies to business. If you look at a business application and see the guy has worked 7 different jobs in 4 years you won't want him on your team. It's AMERICAN to fight through adversity and things you don't particularly like and make the best of it. Confidence in yourself is a large part of it.