6'4" 340#
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That's a lot of wins for teams that beat each other up every week. Doesn't seem mathematically possible at 1st glance
Memphis coach will use that in his next pre practice meeting!
I must be old....Maten for Ga? Great player but Dominique Wilkins, a little bit better.
Get paid AND free college? Will ruin the game. If a RB is making $5k a month and as an O lineman, I'm making $100, you think I'm gonna block for him? We do it now for the pride and each other, money ruins everything. Those friendly bass tournaments we used to fish in? They have to take lie detector tests now if you finish top 10.
No surprise. He runs low 5's with an o-lineman hanging on to him.
Who the heck is Daniel Jeremiah? Was he ever at the combine?
You should have the word "class" in your handle because you have none. You are one of the ones who wanted to bench Fromm and give the job to Fields. Now that he's gone, you can't show him any respect. How about "Loser of 94" ?
The funny part is, he'll have the highest IQ in the room.
I hope you're right but we'll see. I tore my knee my freshman year, I'm 60 now and it still bothers me every day.
How* many games did you watch last year?
MVP? Tua gets hurt and may play less time than he did last year but he's still my pick for MVP. Equally impressive will be Vaughn for Vandy. His advantage over most other Rbs will be that he is the only stallion in the stable. I look for him to go for 1600 yards this year.
Do you guys use schollys for kickers now? I know for years CNS said he doesn't "waste" them on kickers. The only thing he ever said that I disagree with.
HahhHahah. Those one and dones don’t care. They’ll soon be nba thugs and all the talk is part of their lives.
No wonder they all act like they’re constipated all the rime.
At the time, they needed him for some depth. After signing day, sadly, he won't get to play much this year either. I do agree with your view of him. Good kid, hard worker.
As a player, one of the best all time. But every time he opens his mouth, I like him a little less. Modesty can be a man's greatest asset, he has none.
He had to know, or SHOULD have known they were under investigation but either way, it sucks for him.
I disagree, somewhat....JT has what it takes to be number 3. He had the top percentage on 3rd down completions in the SEC. He won't get there though, unless he's allowed more than 1 second per play to make things happen. I thought his bad plays were totally because he didn't have time to go through his progressions.
Don't sweat it Clerk, we'll soften them up for you the week before 8-)
Smelly Glove; Why do you say things like that? You know UGA won't debate what you said, they will only throw UT's recent lackluster football program at you. They are like the Democratic party, change the subject. Divert the conversation. Has Ga ever lost a football game that it wasn't the fault of the referees? No, of course not. They won't address the real reason, they divert to something totally irrelevant.
It’s all subjective I guess because obviously, the guys never been to the Grove in Oxford