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Number 1 was the best in years. You couldn't have written that forth quarter better in any piece of fiction. ESPECIALLY after last years game was the exact opposite.
I don't have a dog in this fight but, He had a great season at Bama his one year but Tua and all those 4 and 5 star receivers had a LOT to do with it. We'll see how he does.
Best news I've seen here in a long time! Welcome home champ!
Looks good. Ya'll need to call Spurrier and thank him. When he got there, USC only had one million dollar donor. He changed all of that. No matter what people think of him, he's done tons for college football.
I'm afraid that Nolan kid is gonna be the next big DE in the country.
It's always a good time to be an LSU fan. Only one game every few years that I'm not 8-)
It always is. Now and then there are some good first games but it’s pretty normal to schedule a warm up game 1st week.
I hope so, he’s an important part of your staff. DONT DO IT COACH!
This is the only post you’ve ever made that I TOTALLY agree with!
I was hoping someone else had already typed this answer so I wouldn't have to. Thanks Ruff.
There will still be some who say it was malicious and others will say it wasn't. I saw a few this year where it was definitely malicious. Also saw several that were obviously the guy couldn't possibly have helped it. Then there are those in between. May need some tweaking down the line but it would be better than the way they're doing it now. you that sound? It's all those puppy dogs whining and belittling someone else they thought was GREAT while he was part of the dogpound. Now that he's gone, he wasn't all that good 8-)
No excuses, no blame, no pointing fingers...Hurts is a class act, head to toe.
ESPN experts....BWhhaHHAhahHHAHahhahahhahHHa
You guys ain't right.....when he signed ya'll said he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Last year everyone wanted him to play instead of From. Now that he's leaving for an opportunity to play, it's all negative. Why can't you just wish him well instead of demeaning the guy?
Wow! I thought OSU said he was a GREAT coach? One anybody would be proud to have...wonder why he didn't get promoted when Urban Liar quit again?