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I don't care how they do it as long as we keep Alabama every year!
"SEC College football assistant coach charged with first-degree murder in drive-by shooting" That's the headline with TWO SEC logos on it. What a way to get clicks...
Could be the worst hi-light film ever but I like what I could see. Starting the play and THEN trying to somewhat point him out makes it tough.
Nail on the head TIDEPIT, that's why the georgia guys don't get it.
I painfully agree Luva, he's good, no doubt but I think he's over hyped. The only problem he MIGHT have is if he signs with Bama and doesn't liven up to his lofty expectations, he could be a star without the "super" adjective. The WORST thing he could do would be go to georgia, where 5 star QB's go to waste time before transferring.
I do agree with most of what he's saying. NIL will be the death of college football as we've known it for over 100 years. The advantage he lost is because kids that wanted to play for him will now be swayed to other places for the $$$. The playing field was even for D1. Schools could offer great facilities, and their Coach. Money always clouds peoples judgement and these kids aren't immune to that. They may get some bucks going to wherever, but it will be short lived and they'll could very well reduce their value going forward with out learning from the best coaches.
Saban is the GOAT, Fisher is a loudmouthed jerk, But to be fair and impartial, these are 2 guys making 10 mil a year squabbling over, well, NOTHING. Like 2 7 year old fighting over a baseball.
I hope they don't ruin this kids life for a speeding ticket and a doobie. I'm not advocating FOR marijuana but geez.....
I hope you guys are right. He's too intelligent to go to gawga anyway.
Looks pretty good to me except for ATM seems overrated as usual. Switch them w/Arky
Absolutely! jawja is the last place to go for a QB and Bama is the best place. It's pretty simple really.
I hope you're right. It's one of the very few sports I watch anymore..
We have a better chance than I thought with UF's Ace out of the line up. Hope he's better after a few days rest and there is no damage done.
If you'll look at Atlas' comments, they are all totally negative. Even though he claims to be a KY fan, he must mean the jelly, not the university.
Geezis guys, looks like we need a refresher course on "winning with dignity and class 101"
"You get home-cooked meals from your grandma, it’s great.” Priceless!
The writer is comparing this guy to a freshman which he certainly is not.
Lloyd is a beast, he'll be one of the best in the east this year. Rattler is the key, he's not a very personable guy from what I've seen but he can throw that ball!