6'4" 340#
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Living near Athens, I hear rumors about stuff like this all the time. Not trying to promote any rumors but I am told he’s having trouble with grades.
Best LB in the SEC this year, that means, the country. 1st round for sure.
Georgia High Schools turn out great talent. I'm glad UGA can't take em all 8-)
He's good at keeping guys out of jail too if you have any issues like that in the future.
Don't fret Andy, that guy is a troll and needs to get some attention someway. He doesn't have anything intelligent to say so he spouts immature gibberish. If you'll check his posts, he never has anything good to say about anything. Sad little boy.
Brumfield is a beast...just enough nasty in him to be VERY good. Good on you LSU
Looks to me like it came out just right. Saban put him in when he needed the boost. Hurts is a starter anywhere in D1. Don't forget who got you to the NCG. 2 years in a row by the way. I do agree though that Tua is the future I don't know what he'll do with Hurts but he'd better keep him there.
I thought the line played very well all season. The bad looks were from the coaches not making the right adjustments to some of the defenses. Don't know how much input coach Hand had in that but I don't think ya'll have anything to worry about
One winter in Lincoln and he'll be transferring again
Agreed. Look at Riley Ferguson. Once he got with a good coach, he flourished. It’s a shame QD was here at the wrong time. Good luck young man.
Good decision, he's already a 1st round pick, he wouldn't gain anything as far as the next level by staying. I like to watch the great ones against anybody but us 8-) He's one of the great ones for sure
Are you kidding me? You're obviously a troll that hasn't any ties to UT or you wouldn't embarrass us by being so obviously ignorant. We need to shut up and take our lumps right now just like Ga did when we won 9 years in a row.As far as losing this Goose kid, when you don't have room for a player of that caliber, that just means you're LOADED. That's a little scary to me right now....
I agree. Themes 2 QB’s compliment each other very well. Either could start anywhere else they went but because they are unselfish, team players Bama rolled once again. Very mature young men with great futures ahead of them after football, you’ll see.
Every game UGA loses its because of the refs. Ask any Uga fan. They know football!
What impresses me most about both is how cool and calm they are thru the whole thing. Did you watch them interview TT after the game? You’d think he just finished a chess game. No jumping around screaming and yelling, no jibberish answers, just cool baby. Fromm is the same way. Besides the physical talent, that demeanor is what puts them head and shoulders above all the rest.
Maybe, but that doesn’t change the fact that the guy is a moron
I don't know about that but he did have tremendous foresight giving this kid a shot. He has a great football mind and the kids will play for him. You guys have a good one here I think.
You 2 morons are like little kids....throw out all the dirt you want, it doesn't change the fact the UGA fans are the bottom of the heap in the suck it up buttercup
He has always shown flashes of greatness. I always expected he would one day, “break out”. I’m afraid he never had a chance under his coaching staff. Well know for sure if once in the nfl, he becomes one of the better d players
Ooh....I thought the story was about UGA fans? Your remark made me laugh....I’ll bet you haven’t been anywhere else to see a game. UK and happy. LSU.....wild and very friendly. Ole miss.....come eat with us! Take some with you for later. Auburn.....loyal fans that enjoy the game. No harsh words for visitors. USC....loud but very friendly. Offered their seats to us so we could sit together. Ala..... high fives to us when we made a play, high fives from us when we made a play. Vandy.......great fans that lose or win GRACEFULLY. GEORGIA....Were in our seats when we arrived, wouldn’t leave. Had to get usher to move them. Harassed my wife so bad at the concession, she wanted to leave after the 1st quarter. When I went to Pee at the half, the restroom was ugly. I came close to nailing too different guys before I could get out of there but I’m not stupid, I know how a 10 on 1 usually turns out.. someone threw beer on me going down the steps back to my seat...the whole section thought that was hilarious. After the game (we lost) people were so hateful, my wife wanted me to ask a cop to walk us out. No bamahater, SCREW YOU!
Not surprised by those reactions at all. Have you ever been to Athens to watch a Georgia game? I have. I’ve been to 9 sec stadiums and have totally enjoyed 8 of them. I’ll never go back to Athens because of the fans. There’s being a fan, even a super fan and then there’s Georgia. Rabies comes to mind......
I can’t believe somebody from FLORIDA would say that......