6'4" 340#

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Florida's loaded on pitching and nobody left. Gonna be tough on the rest of us.
I'm not a pimple on CNS's butt but I know how he must feel. I run my own business and have done so for 25 years. I could've comfortably retired years ago but after a week off at Christmas every year, I'm ready to come back to work and I don't have to deal with the stresses he does. He's done it so long he likely feels lost after a few days away. I hope he coaches 30 more years.
Absolutely...there wasn't even a violent event...I was kinda surprised he was stunned after the play.
Ah yes.....if only Kirby hadn't run off Justin Fields...and if a frog had know the rest.
I like Coach Mason, best of luck Coach!
I hope he gets to play but Bama will be ok either way....
Bwahhahahhahahha....good one aubforlife!!!!! Coach calls it like it is no matter how badly those DOG (proper spelling for DOG) fans deny it.
Why is it when you click on the reply button under a post, your retort doesnt post there but goes down 2 or 3 comments? I was referring to the inbred ranting of Corch
Butch Jones' biggest blunder of his coaching career was not getting AK 30 touches a game....
That could be the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen on here...
"Extreme measure to him at the Neyland Stadium gates? Yes. But desperate times call for desperate measures." Note to SDS editors, spellcheck does not repair fractured sentences.....
I'm normally not a fan of transfers and opt outs but this has been a fouled up year for everyone so, the transfers go into that basket to me.
Weinke was a very good QB himself but we've had a lot of talent run thru our program the last few years that haven't shown any improvement under his tutelage. JG never got better, Shrout has the skill set but left no better than he came.
No sweat, Kirby will screw it’s where QBs go into oblivion....
I've seen him play...the kid is a bulldozer. To think he'll get bigger and stronger is a scary thought.