6'4" 340#

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Another example of people who think the rules don’t apply to them.
Maybe he doesn't have gaudy numbers but he's been on a passing team the last few years. If effort means anything, he's a lock cause nobody runs tougher than NJH does. Herschel could run over people as can Harris but Herschel didn't have moves Harris does. If I had a vote and could vote right would go to NJH. If he ever got the carries that other big time backs get and have gotten, there would be no doubt.
SC seems like they've been one great player away from being 3rd or 4th in the east for the last few years. Look how many close games they have been in only to have the breaks go against them here and there. I know Musch hasn't proven it but I still think he's a better coach then he gets credit for
It's a shame so many of these talented kids have rectal cranial conversion. I'd take a half game suspension to lay him out on the field. He's a cocky punk.... Fire away all you AU fans!
Doesn't matter where you post such drivel, every one knows your just a moron.
I think Mac is a much better QB than people give him credit for. Much was asked of him last year and ANYBODY would've been a fall-off from Tua. (except maybe Jalen H.) You're gonna be surprised how well he plays this year. BY may push him but unless Mac has a disastrous game...he'll be the man.
OMG yes....I change the channel every time that dark, weird stuff comes on. I can't believe anybody thinks that's better than Larry. Larry was funny but this Fansville thing is stupid.
I love it! Those mutts were calling newman the next coming of JC. Now that he's snubbed ga, they're all saying Daniels is the one they really wanted all along...BWHAHaHAHahahaHHHhahahah
I thought Paschal was overshadowed by Allen last year. Had it not been for Allen's exceptional play, Paschal would be THE name on the KY defense.
Hey LSUSMC......put your lifejacket on. Prayers coming your way!
At the 1 min mark he makes an incredible spin move then follows it up with a cocky run in that will get him hurt in the SEC. He does some chicken st stuff like that on me, I'll take the 15 yards and run the extra wind sprints at practice.
Since ND didn't want to share it's insanely large TV contract money with the ACC, they shouldn't be allowed to benefit from the conference now!
Schedule is tough for sure. I do expect a lot from Bobo, but 1st year is always the hardest.
Looks pretty good. In the East, Ga and Fl could easily be reversed as well as UT and KY. West, hard to believe LSU could fall off to 3rd. I think alot depends on how Mond plays.
I'm with you AFan...I think Archie is good at keeping the hounds at bay but young Arch is gonna get hammered by at least every SEC school and probably 60 others!
This is a perfect example of why the transfer rule is a good thing. The guy wants to play! Good luck young man!
That's only ONE of the reasons I like Coach O....he said that all year last year. We'll play whoever's next. Anyone, anyplace. LOVE the confidence. The players feel it too.
Why are you shouting? You realize nobody reads all that drivel you write. Don’t bother with a 5 paragraph reply, I won’t read it. You’re very tiring.
These guys were all 3 stars: Tennessee LB Jerod Mayo Michigan RB Mike Hart Tennessee RB Arian Foster LSU RB Jacob Hester Missouri QB Chase Daniel Texas QB Colt McCoy Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford Texas A&M LB Von Miller Kentucky ATH Randall Cobb South Carolina QB Connor Shaw Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield I think you get my point.....
I love the way he can hold his block until he flattens the guy! Can you imagine if you could get 5 like that?
Not wishing anything bad for LSU, you are my second favorite school but, do you think he's pulling a Calipari? There are still rumors from the NCAA and he might be getting out of the way.
Not picking on this kid cause it happens a hundred times a year but when you deccommit from one school....the fact that you say you are 100% committed to you next school, carries no credibility so why make a big splash?