6'4" 340#

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These guys were all 3 stars: Tennessee LB Jerod Mayo Michigan RB Mike Hart Tennessee RB Arian Foster LSU RB Jacob Hester Missouri QB Chase Daniel Texas QB Colt McCoy Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford Texas A&M LB Von Miller Kentucky ATH Randall Cobb South Carolina QB Connor Shaw Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield I think you get my point.....
I love the way he can hold his block until he flattens the guy! Can you imagine if you could get 5 like that?
Not wishing anything bad for LSU, you are my second favorite school but, do you think he's pulling a Calipari? There are still rumors from the NCAA and he might be getting out of the way.
Not picking on this kid cause it happens a hundred times a year but when you deccommit from one school....the fact that you say you are 100% committed to you next school, carries no credibility so why make a big splash?
"They are ranked as elite, but their not." Their?
I've seen him're right! Very athletic. You watch him and you think he's not big enough because of his ability to leave guys standing in the tracks. Then you see him next to some of the O linemen and you see he's definitely big enough.
Spent some time at Crooked Oaks with Coach. He was such a pleasure. A perfect example of a true southern gentleman. One night as we gathered around the supper table, I played Rocky Top on my phone. He smiled one of those genuine smiles and began telling stories about some of the games between us and AU. NEVER heard a harsh word out of his mouth about anyone or any opponent.
Joe is a much better passer than Peyton was. Peyton threw a BUNCH of terrible passes. PM's strength was reading the defenses and getting into the right play. Don't get me wrong, he was in the elite class as a passing QB but Burrow is better. We'll see 9-)
If those guys transfer because of that meme they're weak in character and don't need to be in the SEC anyway
I don't like to praise Kiffin but he'll get a good class before it's over with. Kids like him.
He sure was a pleasure to watch, especially last year. I wish him well.
You're one creepy guy...your whole post is juvenile
Good luck in the pros BS...We enjoyed watching you in college, I'll enjoy it more now that we don't have to try and stop you anymore 8-)
Looks like CEO is going for quality instead of quantity. You guys have some really good players committed so far. I’m sure he’ll bring in a top 5 class!