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I agree about Burrow ahead of Franks. Franks can throw it out of the stadium but he's the most Jekyll and Hyde QB in the conference
Hopefully our line play improves this year and JG doesn't have to throw it as he's being tackled. I know it sounds like homer talk but JG is a lot better QB than he's been able to show. We'll see....
I'm just surprised that this is even on happens every year at one household or another...I guess it's just another chance for Ga to kick UT
No brainer Grant...1st round NBA contract! Good luck to you and THANKS for the memories
Kentucky is an NBA pass thru portal, not a college basketball team in any sense of the word.
Nobody could move him outta there if he didn't want to be moved 8-)
Hope it never happens. I want to see them both back in the NCG. Great series.
Maybe they can come up with a participation trophy of some kind. They sound like a bunch of 8 year olds.
Talk about a can of worms......there are so many things to consider it boggles the mind. 1st thing that pops up to me is, if the players get the money from their jersey sales, the school doesn't get the money for licensing, how can the school pay for the scholarships? I know, I know...that's a drop in the bucket but you see what I mean about the "many things" to consider.
Thanks for coming to the Tennessee page and enlightening us with your opinion. It's interesting though that you call someone dumb, when you spell Georgia as Gawga and Dogs as Dawgs.
That's curious...any of you cajuns have any insight on this?
Nope...he doesn't fit what we're looking for. I see you don't know much about the players, you just react to the article and spill some adolescent drivel.
YEAH! RIGHT!!!! Georgia has NEVER lost a game that the Refs didn't interfere...NEVER!!!!!! BWHAhahAhahahHhahahhhahahah
I can't get excited about any games that are 10 years away. Bama may be 4th in the west and Florida or Tenn might be back on top in the east. Teams dominate for awhile but the pendulum swings back and forth...seems like 10 years is the average. Granted, there are teams that hang in the top 4 for long stretches but 10 years is forever. bad as we need him you can't blame a kid, especially a D lineman, if he chooses 1st round U
I'm seriously considering another website for my SEC news....waaaaaaaay too many ads on here and the video constantly playing on the side is very distracting.
Yeah, right now from year to year it's gonna be a toss-up. I've never been "inside" of either program but it sure seems like Clemson would be a more relaxed environment for a 17 year old than CNS's Tide program but you can't argue with the results!
DS this article is about best coaching jobs so you totally missed the point
Seriously flawed. If he were my GM, he'd be unemployed after making that statement.
“football Focus uses a system that grades a player based on each play in a game, with the scale being -2 through +2 for each play. A -2 is described as a “catastrophic game-ending interception or pick-six from a quarterback” while a +2 is described as a “perfect deep bomb into a tight window in a critical game situation.” Everything in between those marks are good and bad plays that are expected to occur in most games. These play grades are then converted into a 1-100 scale.” Copied from another article.
When you look at his stats and realize he did what he did laying on his back, he’s much better QB than people think
Typical governing agency. You have the most popular product in the world so keep screwing around with it till you fowl it all up!
Beat me to it Bama324. Unless the prognosticators are concerned with the line play, Vaughn should be at least 3.