6'4" 340#
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What a crock....we don't care if he's a media darling and NO ONE could give a S^&T what Murray says. We just want a coach that can win...all the rest is window dressing.
That's good news...the 1st play on his highlite reel made me gasp a little...hope he can push around SEC linemen like that 8-) Looks like he can run too. They used him as a pulling guard a few times
Aw c' proved last year you can still win the prize with one loss. Do it for Coach Pruitt 8-)
I think GA is gonna miss Chubb and Michele more than they think but should still beat SC and win the east. Shame about the schedule talk, I don't even think CKS had any say in this years schedule did he?
I agree with the Kingdaddy, Coach O will have a good year and surprise a few people. I have heard some tough things about hi and the way he works with the kids but it's probably more BS than fact. I'd play for the guy, he's what a football coach should look like and sound like 8-)
Yep. Good on you guys. Always good to have an in state kid stay home. Starks is a beast, he could play anywhere. Did he get an offer from Bama?
Geezus, we are really hurting for something to write about....what a giant guessing game SN is playing....come onnnnnnnn football season!
I've always thought that was a bad rule...heck, the coaches didn't have to sit out a year to "transfer"
When they were both in their prime, I agree. They would definitely be the winners but TD had lost a step by the time they got together. Herschel would have made it with any of the other guys 8-)
That’s why I don’t pay much attention to guys that far out. Too much time to be wooed by other schools.
Young to me...class of ‘76 here I agree with some of what you said though. It was time for him to go. He’s still a Vol to me.
Because longtime Vols love Johnny..he built the foundation for what CPF had such success with. We love guys like Conredge Holloway and Bill Bates. You sound like a young person. Learn from the past and appreciate the sacrifices made.
You can't compare Cal to any other Bball coach. He recruits the one and dones. He doesn't care if they get an education or not, just that they help him win. He mocks the whole student athlete mantra. It's a sham and I was sad to see him go to a great school like UK because it's a mark on the SEC...he belongs somewhere up north with Petino and guys like that.
I'll bet those sweet Bama fans were saying what a nice day it is and how's your family....
Everybody that cares what party boy has to say, raise your hand.
Ok guys, help a non gambler out here. What does that mean? Auburn is a 250-1 favorite?
free publicity never hurt anyone...if he had a more aerodynamic haircut, he might have beat it anyway 8-)
Bentley's a dang good QB...I think he was limited by coaching last year. Look for him to get a lot better this year
If they "don't want to be beholding to anybody" taking a loan isn't the way to do it. Cal has always been about the's ruined UK basketball for me. No continuity from year to year, selfish players (not their fault BTW) no school spirit. I don't know what the answer is but I sure hope NCAA can get it fixed or get out of the way
When I saw it put OSU in ahead of Bama, the system loses all credibility
Go home and make your husband a sandwich......
You’re the guy that runs up after somebody gets beat down then kicks him in the head while he’s on the ground. You’re pretty pathetic. I can’t believe the real UGA fans on here think much of your lame spew.
Oh man, that’s tough. He struck fear into us every year he played. Sounds like he has a good attitude and will keep moving forward. Good luck to you young man and God Bless