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Here are a better choice of two words................ GOOD LUCK!! LOL
This will probably be the biggest test for the defense, thus far this year until the Auburn game, however I see the offense running the ball more to give the defense a break. Depth0 on defense might hurt Bama in the end but it won't be this weekend.
Dear Jalen, see how they treat you when they no longer need you?? Forget about 4 game rule or any other rule, maybe it's time to leave Bama and go somewhere where you are wanted.
I think this years defense will get alot of points scored on them. i'm sure they will still compete for a title, however is BAMA so you know they will ROLL!!
What a luxury, to have a good 1 and 2 Qb, when most colleges are struggling to find one to lead there team.
I hope he wasn't that stupid to ruin his life, however we wasn't there so let the justice system do it's part!!
All you need is one good season under SABAN and that defense and you will get an NFL Contract.
IN today's age of dual-threat QB'S he wouldnt see the field at ALABAMA!!!
All I know if they play anywhere remotely close to how they played last night, won't be no Championship at Capstone this year. that team that i saw last night with the missed assignments, blocks, hitting the wrong hole, miscues, after miscues, will get their lunch handed to them against teams in the CFP!!
I Hope they didnt play " Rammer Jammer" after the game, cause " they didnt BEAT THE HELL" out of nobody!!
That was probably the worst game they have played since the Ole Miss lost a few yrs back. O-Line got exposed by a FCS school, Jalen looked like a Freshman again ( LSU GAME), and Jacobs has hit that Freshman wall. ALL in ALL Defense came to play, and I hope those " nagging" injuries that are starting to show wont come back to bite them down the road ( NO DEPTH). That team that i watched last night wouldnt stand a chance against O-STATE, and will be the cause of Urban Meyer winning another CHIP!!!!!
If he is smart he will go to ChampionshipU, I MEAN Univ of ALA!!!!
Clemson Defense doesn't have they staying power like they did last year. DWatson has been less than thrilling this year,and they have gotten lucky a few times this year.
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!! One thing Nick Saban coached teams have been good at, and that's weathering the storm. Every team gets excited when Alabama comes to town, and sometimes they play great for a few quarters, but eventually the " TIDE ROLLS"
DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!! The defense has made big plays all year,while the offense has came along nicely. Istill think the biggest test ( IMO) will be Auburn