Razorback fan threw and threw follow everything they do

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What was that score prediction???? Wps!!!!!
I just want all the auburn fans to know that are saying cry and all this other bs the ones that are being honest your cool with me but the others your so proud and cocky you was a 13.5 point favorite and it took every min of the games and giving the ref a $20 for you to beat a team with a new head coach less “talent” and ranked last in the sec last year (almost last in fbs)
Hogman yes the way these players fight against all odds is amazing I can’t wait to see what the future looks like for us hell I can’t wait until next weekend I haven’t got to say that much the last few years Arkansas won refs had a tough call chose the wrong one but I believe we have pulled ourselves out of the basement WPS!!!!
1071 days but that’s ok auburn keep thinking you won but we all know which team had the most fight and deserved to win that game more
Can we get back to the article we are posting on does anyone else find this funny knowing that everyone knows who arkansas’ qb1 is
Have you seen some of the games Arkansas has lost the past few years I don’t count any team as an easy win anymore
I went to the same high school as ty storey he is just a few years younger than me I will be pulling for him cause I do t believe this coaching staff will have what it takes to beat him and western ky
Never know with the way the offense has been going may need an offensive coordinator at the end of the year