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Just a fan 22. You're (notice the correct spelling of the word, it's a contraction of the word you are.) Not your!! Lol And alot is not spelled allot. Are you a relative of Pruitt bc he is illiterate too. Good God.
Jones is the best qb in the league bc there isn't any competition. I could throw for 500 yards a game with 5 seconds to throw and wide open receivers. Down year for Qb's in the SEC this year. UT can't control the clock with 2 runs and an incomplete pass; they're looking at 15 punts. Close game with Vandy will determine whether they go 2-8 or 3-7 this year, they are certainly not on an upward trajectory. When will UT fire Fulmer for this terrible hire and let go of the past, the glory years are long gone.
Reminds me of when USC lost to Arizona and the AD fired Kiffen ( now 300 pounds, looks like Chris Farley) and wouldn't let him on the plane home!! Glad UT has so much money that they can pay 12 million a year to former coaches who sucked but are still on payroll. Pruitt will be next to " retire in comfort ." ps. Fire fat Fulmer. Pss. 63 to 2 Bama this week.
Lane Kiffen looks like he's gained 50 pounds! You mean Pruitt didn't offer him? People from Anderson County have that 3rd grade English just like he does, would have fit right in.
Priutt is a db specialist and it's UT's worst position group. Things that make you go hmmm. The only question is what year will UT eat crow and fire him? Not sure why coaches don't want to come there; they coach a few years, get fired and remain on the payroll for years!! Early, early retirement!!
Amazing how much power players have these days. We don't like our coach, let's go on strike. We don't like our qb, let's cry publicly. STFU and run 1000 stairs at Neyland, sissies. God I hate the age we're in. It doesn't matter who the qb is, it's a poorly coached team with inferior talent. Oh, and I saw John Gruden's wife and one of Jimmy Haslem's girlfriends in the Knoxville airport.
I wouldn't say any team can beat another at any given time in college football, maybe in pro. The talent level at bama precludes it from being a close game. They will throw 10 bombs, connect on 6 or 7 and score 45 to 63 points. UT dbs will be running behind receivers all day, not knowing where the ball is in the air as usual. UT's 2 195 lb running backs with get stuffed for the most part, and receivers will fail to get separation as usual. This is not a great bama defense, but Kentucky just held UT down so yeah, it's gonna be ugly fast. UT doesn't have Dobbs to take off running anymore. UT has one more chance to win, vandy. Did people in Knoxville think fat, washed up Fulmer was the answer at AD?, or a hillbilly db coach from bama who talks like, " we done good today," stood a chance to coach SEC football? It just doesn't matter who the qb is.
The last time I got that mad was when Dooley had 14 men on the field causing UT to lose to LSU, or when the same thing happened in the bowl against Carolina, or when Vandy kept beating our a**, or when Kentucky beat us 7-0 with a receiver running the option, or when they hired Fulmer as AD, or when he hired mongoloid Pruitt, or losing to Georgia St, or when.....
Put 5 dbs or wrs 50 yards deep with 6 in the box vs bama; then maybe it will take 4 plays to score instead of 1. Of all the mistakes UT has ever made, giving Pruitt a 5 year extension after going 5-7, 7-5, and likely 3-7 this year, this is the worst. Fulmer should be fired for the hire, Pruitt should resign for his record. Blaming anyone else is laughable.
Archie Manning 2 is coming to the rescue Lane, just hang on baby. Not
He'll be running 20 yards behind Bama receivers next week with no idea where the ball is. Lol. How many 3 star vols does it take to screw in a light bulb? ( the whole team)
Kentucky outplayed UT last year too. Can't believe they extended Pruitt to 2025!! He will be 15 and 19 after this year. Say what you want about Butch Jones, but his record was much better and games more competitive. Fulmer and Pruitt must go. I hope UT put 5 dbs 50 yards deep and 6 in the box against Bama, might keep them from scoring 70 lol!!! Boooooooooooo
Well I guess that speech didn't work, lol. The only team in the SEC with more 3 star recruits than UT just killed them. I remember the big hogs from Nebraska pushing Wilson all over the field in bowl games like he wasn't even there.
Isn't this the psycho that tried to commit suicide because his girlfriend broke up with him on tiktok? No wonder Ohio St stopped recruiting him. Gtf out, and play at like Austin Peay or somewhere like that. Landing on your head on national tv like a terrible athlete.
God what an ignorant and illiterate head coach; truly embarrassing for a storied program. With all these ( mistakes) former coaches still on the payroll, Dooley, Fulmer, Jones, and now Pruitt UT won't even be able to afford a grad assistant from Bama! Bright future here, real bright, and don't think Harrison Bailey and incoming recruits don't see it.
I saw john gruden's wife at the knoxville westtown mall today walking with jimmy haslem's side chick. "We will offer you one million, i mean one billion dollars." ( austin powers)
Juco qb bennett, 5'7 150lbs can not see receivers, very inaccurate. No real chance to beat bama. Any of their Qb's from the last 20 years would have fared better. I doubt he'll start in the sec championship game; yes i still think they'll beat florida.
Georgia has a 5'7 150 lb juco qb. That's all you need to know. If they had any of the Qb's from the last 20 years they might have a prayer.
Nobody named stetson bennett 4 can beat bama. Inaccurate, too short to see receivers.choker!! #7 can't catch either. Bama Clemson again.
Nobody named stetson bennett 4 can beat bama. Midget is innaccurate, can't see receivers. Choker!! And #7 can't catch. Bama Clemson again.
Doesn't matter who the qb is, they don't pan out at UT, haven't in 20 years. Probably should have run the ball behind the hogs and shortened the game instead of putting it in JGs hands. Young receivers can't get separation, running wrong routes, etc. No belk for men bowl or music city bowl lol.
Glad UT rehired Fulmer to bring stability back to the program. 5-7, 7-5 and most likely 3-7 this year!! Fat grinch that stole christmas lookin' mf.
How many coaches will UT still have on payroll after having to fire and buyout Pruitt. Enjoy retirement Pruitt, you didn't earn it.
Pleeeeeease send Pruitt back to Bama. Fire Fulmer again for this hire. Vols will have to beat Vandy to go 3 and 7. It's sad when Kentucky is better than UT in baseball and football too; even the lady cats kill the lady vols now!! Manning and Helton are rolling over in their graves and they're not even dead yet!!
Lol!! Vols will have to beat Vandy to go 3-7 this year. Fire Fulmer again, and his " redneck football coach Pruitt ." I'd rather catch covid than watch this crap.
Pruitt won't change qb's with toss-up games vs Kentucky and Arkansas. Losses there make UT a likely 3-7 this year and Pruitt head coach at North Alabama. 5-5 may save he and Fulmer's job, sadly.
UT gets the scrub recruits that don't choose the top teams for the most part. It's like men against boys. 0 and 34 against top 10 teams in the last seven years. Leads the nation by far! Humiliated on national tv over and over. Peeeeyooo.
38-13 2018, 43-14 2019, 44-21 this year. UT is not any better. 5-7, 7-5, most likely 5-5 this year. What position group are they better at? I live in Detroit, we fired Jim Caldwell for going 9-7 twice; now we have Patricia, 6-10, 2-14, and probably 4-12 this year. I would kill for Butch Jones' top 5 recruiting classes again, and being in close games with good teams, but no, he's getting Saban's coffee. Now UT is happy with a goaline stand for a win vs Kentucky. Sickening brand of football, sold my season tickets when they hired Pruitt.