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How pathetic and sad must your life be, that you show up on an SEC sports website, year after year, pretending to be a UK fan when you're clearly a ul fan, just to be a sad little troll. Surely there's an ACC chat, or some Losers Anonymous club you could find and be your true self.
Miz by 17, eh? How'd that work out? Maybe you should leave the predictions to the professionals. 5 YEARS IN A ROW. SUCK IT MIZZOU
I'm guessing when you say "Kent" you mean Kentucky. And I also assume you didn't actually watch UK play at all on Saturday... "the teams y'all played? aint workin for ya" Don't know what the hell that means, but UK played a solid mid-major program (Toledo is picked to be at the top of the MAC) and beat them by 2 TDs (would've been 3 TDs, but they got a last-minute score in garbage time). Works for me and my team just fine.
Stop posing as a UK fan, you little troll. Kentucky has been the better team vs FL the last two years, and after each team’s first game performance this year, I look for that trend to continue. I welcome the doubters from around the league (just like last year), but after 10-win season last year, and an improved offense this year (not one dropped pass on the team), I’m calling BS on you being a Kentucky fan
"Gators are trying for their third win vs. a ranked team and in control of their own Playoff destiny." Wrong. Sorry to rain on everybody's love-fest parade for Florida, but they are NOT in control of their own destiny. They got beat this year. By Kentucky. Who also has 1 loss. Which means: Florida NEEDS another UK loss, or else, they lose the tie breaker. No SEC Championship game. No Playoff. If 1 team needs another team to lose, then it is NOT in control of it's own destiny.
I know this is the PC response, but after beating 2 ranked SEC teams, and being undefeated, I am very upset about this. Miss St. at 16. Florida at 21. UK (who didn't just beat, but whipped both) at 35?! This is supposed to be a metric about a teams chances for the rest of the year?! GTFO. KY should be favored in every remaining game except against A&M and GA... Can Miss St. at 16 say that? They still have to play Auburn and A&M, and at LSU, Alabama, and Ole Miss.
WRONG. UK travels better than most schools for bowls. Let's face it, bowl games are more precious to us, because we haven't gotten to go as often as the UGAs of the world. That basketball focus crap is only true if we don't make it to a bowl. If UGA wasn't going bowling, I don't think you or many other GA fans would give a crap about bowl season either. Seeing as UK is one (1) win away from bowl eligibility and is predicted to have several more wins, I feel confident we'll be involved in bowl season this year, (just like last year), and thus, very focused on it. But thanks for trying to tell us what we care about as a fan base.
Another journalist take on ranking SEC teams, and another putting South Carolina over Kentucky. WTF?! I didn't get it at pre-season Media Day, and I sure as hell don't get it now. UK has fewer losses and BEAT Carolina head-to-head AT Carolina. Oh, and it was the 4th year in a row UK beat USC. What do we have to do show we've thoroughly passed them?
"Convincingly beat..." Whoopity Do! I'll freely admit Kentucky doesn't blow out opponents. That's not Stoops' way (unfortunately). He'd rather us get a lead and kill the clock. But that doesn't mean we're not a really good team. We didn't "have to pull" last-second shenanigans. Whether Mizzou only got one final shot at the end or 3, they were not getting in the endzone. See Also: UK vs. USC where we stopped you guys from getting in 100x from the 1 yard line.
"The fact that the UK game we just played bad..." Couldn't possibly be that you played bad because UK was the better team that controlled the game from start to finish, save the first few minutes of the game. Much easier to blame your team than to credit ours. Oh, your kickers missed several field goals. Well, how about our defense stopped your drives where you had to keep attempting 50+ yarders? Maybe that's why you missed? And lets not forget stopping your 4th and 1 plays over and over again. You say UK is a middle class sec team at best? We've beaten you guys 4 YEARS IN A ROW. Where's that put SCar as a sec team?
Kentucky has a better record AND beat South Carolina head-to-head in Carolina (dominated the game), and ESPN ranks SCar 17 spots ahead of UK?! Really?!?! F Off ESPN...
It's total garbage that Kentucky isn't already in the Top 25. 5-1 from the SEC? There is only one other Power 5 team in the country with only one loss that isn't in the Top 25, and that's Georgia Tech, and they only have 3 wins (and even they are ranked 26). What's worse, the author of this article says UK would still need "AT LEAST a couple more victories." UK has to be 7-1 just to be ranked?!?! Or maybe they have to be 8-1... It's ridiculous.
Thank you. There is at least one good USC fan out there. Good luck going forward and prayers for Deebo. That kid is special.
It kills me that after this game...after 4 years of beating SC...their fans still refuse to acknowledge that UK has a solid football program. All they can talk about is their mistakes and how UK will be lucky to win 6 games. KY won 7 regular season games LAST YEAR, 4 of which were in the SEC. And that's with losses to UGA and TN, both of which were by less than 7 points. Nearly the whole team is back. I'm not at all surprised UK won tonight. Maybe others will take notice too...? Probably not.