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This. His ability to recruit the top talent in the worst parts of the state will dictate how his tenure will go. Throwing players under the bus after a bad game will certainly steer them away from Starkville.
I have to agree. I'm not thrilled about this hire because it has boom or bust written all over it. We're either going to be really good or really bad and this will definitely be Cohen's last hire if it doesn't work out.
Not thrilled but not angry about it either.
Yes indeed. That would be a dream situation for us but no way it would happen. But if it came down to one or the other I'd take Grantham over Leach.
Agreed. We need to be able to run the ball and play defense in this league. It's proven that slinging the ball all over the place in the SEC doesn't work.
We don’t beat The SEC heavies anyway. At least not consistently. Doesn’t matter who the coach is. 7-8 wins is what we should expect with the occasional 9-10 win season when Auburn or LSU falls off a bit.
Ennhh....I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. Same with the Sark rumors.
Bringing the triple option offense to State will hurt recruiting. The best recruits in the state want to have an opportunity to go to the NFL and that offense limits their potential. It also will not help us win more than the 6-8 games that we win on a yearly basis anyway. We’re still it going to consistently beat the big 3 in the west. And yes, it is boring to watch LOL
Sherrill finished with a .500 win pct. Mullen with a .600 win pct. Surely we can find a guy that can do that and keep the program under control
I do agree with you that it was bad timing as it's late in the cycle but there were too many off the field issues. As for the $$$, the state of Mississippi has a cap on how much they can pay the coach of a college football team. I think the cap is a little over $3 million and the boosters have to kick in the rest whatever that is.
State needs to offer him in the $3.5-$4 million range. See if he turns that down.
I don't think it's worth looking at and I really hope Cohen does not bring in a service academy coach to run the triple option in the SEC.
None that I can think of. There are some former assistants maybe but not to the extent of a Joe Judge. We need someone that can recruit, keep us going to bowl games, beat Ole Miss consistently with the occasional win over the big 3 (Auburn, LSU, Bama), while maintaining control over the program. That's exactly what Mullen did.
Joe Judge was probably the best candidate that fit that description. Former player and grad assistant for 2 years. His wife also an alumni.
It was time for Joe to go. Doesn't matter if Cohen had a candidate lined up or not. He was a disaster and would have done more damage staying another year. You can't have a coach with no control over the program. Players arguing during games, fighting, his handling of Keytaon, etc.