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That explanation is simple. The Cats never get any respect. It's the same reason why they were only favored by 3 against LSU AT HOME. We all know how that turned out... Beat down.
Cats fan is in denial here for some reason. The realignment has already happened. We have beaten S.C. and Missouri for over half a decade now, we've started beating Tennessee, and now Florida. Georgia is now in the driver's seat instead of Florida. Our recruiting gets better every single year, and now it's about to get better because high school kids only remember KY winning games and winning bowls. The season we're having right now will make recruiting that much better. Plus, there's no doubt about how well this program develops players. That's how we got here in the first place. It's now UGA and KY, and the rest of the country is starting to realize that. After a lifetime of losing, even KY fans are having a hard time understanding what's happening. We may not win on Saturday, although, anything is possible with the grit of this team. But, rest assured, KY is closing the gap on the biggest names in college football. We've arrived, everyone. Get used to it... Cats!
We'll wear whatever colors we want. You just worry about GA and enjoy your basic af uniforms that never change. REAL cool, man.
KY has BEEN doing this for a decade. Shut up Vol fans. Nobody cares what you guys think. Who the hell wears ORANGE anyway? Just stay in your lane. You know, the one with Vandy, SC, and Missouri.
AllSEC in here thanking ppl like he's on the team... Wait... Are you?
AllSEC, I've been confident all season. Our own fans have a self-deprecating attitude and it's getting old. F*ck all that. We're tied for first in the SEC and the only team in the east that can beat us is UGA. We're here now. Everyone else should get used to it. UT isn't a concern.
The comments section is live tonight. Hahahaha
I don't think they should have, but we'll own it.
Get outta here. You're down there with SC and Vandy.
Seeing fanbases lose their minds when KY beats them is the most glorious thing ever... Don't worry FL fans, you still have the next half of the season to look forward to.
Being able to read the thoughts of FL fans realizing that they are not what they thought they were is incredible. Keep the comments coming fellas.
The year we beat UF in the swamp we played UGA for tops in the east. Is that not being in the race?
I think you guys have forgotten that KY is 2-0 in the SEC and UF is 1-1. How are we not "in the race?"
The reason you can't put KY away in the first half isn't because of your coach, it's because of KY's coach and the way he's built the program over the last 9 years. If you want to consistently win more than 10 games then you need Nick Saban. Or go play in the ACC.
You're right on that. Freaking Dan Mullen. He's a frustratingly good play caller. Hard to find any obvious tendencies.