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This got me so hype before the game. I loved it and love what Butch is doing! GO VOLS
GREAT news compared to what went on with the basketball team today. Hope that list doesn't change!!!
The last time we opened on a Sunday night we ended up winning the east. It was Ainge's first start. This could be Ferguson's first start. Could it happen again? LolGO BIG ORANGE
I hope either we land Gibson or Gentry. And I think the better shot is Gentry.
Fine. We have been garbage, but we are hoping to change that soon.
Of course, Bama and Candy always have the easier schedule. At least Bama does play West Virginia. Every SEC team ought to play a power conference team. (Just maybe not Oregon and Oklahoma lol)GO BIG ORANGE!
I believe one player is being grey shirted and the rest are on scholarships. The reasoning of all this a long story but Butch knows what he is doing and the ?NCAA wouldnt let him continue to do that in recruiting without stopping him. Plus we didn't sign 37 it was more like 32 with one going to prep school and two more committing somewhere else.
So excited for this recruiting class to come in. I love the fact that 14 guys are already enrolled.
Very happy with this class. I'm very stoked for the future with Butch! GBO