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I just threw-up i my mouth agreeing with a Dawgs fan but yep he is correct. :) GoVols
I don't see where Tennessee wasn't actively recruiting him. Weird how that doesn't come up in an article about this recruit. Tennessee actually didn't lose anything here, how was this a "big loss"? It wasn't even a flip, dang do your jobs reporters.
Well good read but you kind of downplay Tennessee a little too much. We are a coast to coast program, always have been, our two QB's, one from Jersey the other from Texas. Tennessee has to recruit nationally because we don't have the high schools UGA or Florida have. As long as Pruitt can recruit nationally then we should be just fine. I believe he will develop a lot better than Jones did.
yes his article is laughable. Media love to call a coach out to be fired or on hot seat but when fans get to get involved and make a change it threatens their ability to butt in. :)
Sorry but no we didn't, he was the one that fired Fulmer, you are mistaken. Dumbest hire ever and you can go back and see where Vol fans said that. kind of a silly response there vehemon makes little sense.
This is the fix how do you call this a new low? Over actor! We at Tennessee are laughing so hard at all you in the media. Only the local media know what's going on and you all sound so stupid it's comical. This all was Curries fault period, now it's being fix, and us fans were part of getting fixed, get the write story and stop following the national media with this stupid yawnable post. GO VOLS!
Love these sports reporters that call out fans. They can say this coach should be fired and that coach is on the hot seat with no AD or administration saying that's the case, but hush the fans? Sorry it's a new age, and we did nothing to Kiffin until he left after only one year, then we were upset? wow what a big deal, get over yourself nobody cares what you think.
Bama fan talking about temper tantrums lol wait till Saban is gone then we'll see, should be awesome to watch that hire.
shouldn't even have given you a click for this!! Kiffin? are you freakin joking? And for anyone that isn't really stupid, that poll that Dan put up on Twitter is nothing but a bunch of other fan trolling. Tennessee will never take Kiffin back, ever, forget it, not going to happen, so stupid.
Just curious as to how many teams this guy has coached or was he an AD at some elite school? If not why should I care what he thinks? And his first pick is Chip Kelly? just shows he doesn't have a clue, he was sanctioned because of recruiting violations you bone head.
I would laugh so hard if Tennessee beats UGA again. Right when everyone is so high on Georgia! I mean we know you are the better team than Tennessee this year, just as Tennessee is a better team than Florida and look what happened. It would just turn the SEC East upside down if Tennessee can pull this game off it would be epic!
I listened to Paul cuddle up with Barrett Sallee never asking him any hard questions about why he has been so hard on Butch Jones this season. He just let Sallee go on and on and never questioned a thing. Barrett Sallee said in that interview that he would keep asking Dan Mullen up to five times to come to Tennessee to replace Butch Jones. Dan Mullen has had one 10 win season and only two 9 win seasons at Miss St. Butch Jones has had two 9 win seasons in only four years. Now i understand it's the East vs the West but c'mon the West other than Alabama isn't all that. Paul never questions Barrett Sallee on anything and neither did Laura. I have called them both out on this on FB and twitter but no response from either of them. I see Dan Mullen as nothing but an even swap with Butch Jones, he's done nothing that tells me he's the answer to anything. So I've come to the point of taking what Paul says and nothing but a man that takes calls about SEC football five hours a day during the week. So who cares if what Paul said really, he's not the voice of the the SEC.
Meh, I believe Jarrett needs to just set out this year. QD needs to get all the first team snaps so he can get some timing down and such and not look over his shoulders every game. Jarrett just isn't ready and you can tell every time he's gone in.
idiot fans,bet he was one that wanted Fulmer fired too. He's going to feel stupid if Tennessee beats Georgia at home and Tennessee is then 4-1 on the season lol. TN would still being in good shape for the East because Florida is just bad and I don't see them winning out. So good luck to all you calling for Butch to be fired, doesn't matter to me either way. I'm a Tennessee Fan not a coach fan anyway. GoVols!
You know I cringe every time I see John Crist is the writer on a Tennessee article, I mean gut wrenching cringe. I have to admit this was a good article and it was honest thanks John
The title of this and the statement "Georgia Tech rushing attack that gashed them from the opening kickoff up until the game’s final play. Only then did their defense make a stop." We stopped them the first two drives of the game right before they stopped running the option for the rest of the game until the last play of the game and we stopped them. Does our D need more work? yes, Did we score just as much as Georgia Tech did but in 18 minutes as they did in 42 minutes? yes Did we create ball disruption ? yes did they? no. Other than the title of this article being wrong and tons of other stuff John Crist writes I'm having a great day, but I'm sure he will say my day isn't half a great as his day? lol GoVols
what's funny is you think you "won" the east last year, LOL
you are wrong Sir, learn football or go back to watching Soccer lol
Champion of Life? just a little better than Champion shark humper. lol
I've only know this drill as the "circle of life" all my life. Depends on where you are from what it's called, Oklahoma, Bull in the middle, whatever. How about you learn some football stuff before you post something like this? lol
LegacyGator88, Tell me any top school that has a coach that might be, is on, or could be on the hot seat where Chip Kelly isn't mentions as on the list of top 5 replacements? Can't find one, he's always on that list. Is Chip Kelly a good coach? meh pretty good just like the coaches he would be replacing. I think the GA's firing of Richt and hire of Smart was nothing more than an even swap, but that's just me
to clarify i meant 8-11 wins a year, 12 wins means national titles and that's a roll of the dice for any program, other than Alabama lol
With our depth last year, it pretty much was. Florida won the East by default so who even knows what kind of team they have and some are calling for them to win the East this year. I mean I know they have to buy a QB every year but c'mon the east is a run between, TN, FL and GA, no KY, no Vandy, no SC, that's just talking season talk for them to have a chance.
As long as Tennessee is competitive, Not letting the Gators beat us 11 years in a row, play closer with Alabama would be nice. I'd say if we stay at 8-11 a very long time. Problem today is, who you gonna get? This college coaching ring around the rosies stuff is getting old as well. I mean Kevin Rumlin (i know it's sumlin just like to say he has a drinking problem) he's won a hell of a lot of games for Texas A&M, I believe more than any coach before him and he's a good coach. I'd have fired the AD for making the comments he did earlier this year. He's basically saying if Kevin doesn't win 9 games he's fired, how does that AD even have a job in the real world?
Yet another one of these articles? The Media started this and can't seem to let go, it's getting boring. I've already blasted @theherd for being silly as our new AD said he was. Jones had to deDooley us after three years under a pretend attorney pretending to be a coach. Is Jones perfect? no, has he built Tennessee back to being a competitive program again, yes he has. There are Vols fans that will want to fire any coach that doesn't take us to the SEC championship every year and some if we don't win it they will want the coach fired, it's Tennessee, it's how some of them roll. But after what we went through with Kiffin and Dooley it's nice to see Tennessee in the top 25 again and being competitive with top rated teams again. So please stop writing these articles about Butch Jones being on the hot seat, he's not, never was, now move on.
And because your reasoning behind Kentucky beating Tennessee this year is because of the "many questions to answer after 2016’s disappointment"? Tennessee beat Kentucky 49-36 with their C team out there after 17 starters were out due to injuries. This is 2017 John, different teams, different coaching staffs, Tennessee beats Kentucky in Kentucky 35-14. Not sure where I came up with that number I guess I just pulled it out of my butt much like you did with these predictions.