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Despite injuries and set backs we come out on a positive not! Yes we will celebrate. It could have very well went south, but we have definitively won 3 bowl games in a row without question of what Tennessee is capable of. I agree we need a O line revamp. I agree we need a good coach like Butch Jones to aspire to become Great! So that more of our players go on to be better when they leave us for the NFL. We haven't produced that in a long time. I agree we need even stronger Defense. Butch needs to look back at this season and change the dynamics so next year the same crippling problems don't arise again. However we have still come out on top with a winning season. That's a positive note to carry on to next year! That's a positive subject to bring up when recruiting for next year! So yes CELEBRATE TENNESSEE! As for you John Crust! Please sit down and shut the hell up! Negativity doesn't win championships either!