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Man these SDS authors just don't get it. Tenn fans it goes with either Derek Dooley, or Orange pants
Crist not commenting with his bammer AVI?:)
As the article alluded to, isn't just about anything a positive after Kiffin and Dooley?:)
Everything this author attempted to pump up Mizzou went down the drain with this idiots post. Sucks to the rest of us that we got Mizzou thrown down our throats, because as illustrated by this individual they belonged in the BIG
Wow do any these so called journalists do any fact checking? Freaking Dooley let a WR at QB beat him
Wow absolutely another gutter piece of journalism, apparently no research done for what reason? Seems, and not picking on Ga, but they were ranked #1 not that long ago in the preseason and well Ga fans still hate that season
How slanted can they get, no where did the Tenn AD mention FB, but that is what they wanted to paint Let see Roundball on both sides and baseball and softball were underwhelming
LSU fans everywhere saying "Told ya so" :)
Posting this story once was not enough to get Bammers responding?
John Crist and the normal shock journalism, anyone really surprised?
I am guessing that Tenn and Evan Berry have already been written off?
Thank god it was not an eye gouge, we know he would have been suspended for the first series :)
SGT Butch has a 15 mil buyout. I already started a go fund account
This sorry piece of crud, bleeds orange more than you could ever comprehend it saddens me to no end that we now have a coach who is more despised for his press conferences than Kiffin
Lose to SCar and Vandy then claim 5 star hearts and champions of life? Not all of us are blind and wear blinders
You lose games that were 50/50 I can see, but you lose a trip to Atlanta on two games where you were a huge favorite. Even with all the injuries and the Hurd stuff, there is no excuse when your players are so much better than those two teams. It goes back to the Replacements movie and heart
Why a TN story? I mean no one cares about this kind of non-story stuff besides Bammers?:)
I am confused as to the logic of these upsets as a whole, but a top ten possibly top 5 team beating an unranked Tenn team just totally makes no sense
Jones had narrowed his finalists to South Carolina, Florida and Duke before pledging to the Gamecocks. So your headline?
He could have shifted to WR which is where he will be if he makes it the NFL
If we win the Five Star Heart Championship of Life Bowl, will they finally fire Jones ?:)