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Feel right aT home. 30 and 1 in the last 31 games.. Just another home win in blue grass state for the Bigorng!!!
What about the history of 1- 30... One win in the last 31 games for UK
DC didn't leave by choice. The mutual agreement wasn't so mutual. Even though the defense has improved year to year the past 3 years there were way to many 3rd down conversions that turned into big gains this year and cost us a couple mor wins. Hopefully Butch has a BIG hire already committed.
I4 3rd and lond. Not 4th and long.. Was hoping for stops to make it 4fh down.
It was hard to sit through yet another 2nd half melt down.. At least the rain stopped in the 1st Qtr.. I don't blame this one on Butch Jones....except for the OC hire.. No offense in the 2nd half for the 3rd week in a row. 4 rushing yards and 90 total offense in 2nd half. That's all on De-BOARING!!! He has to go. You can't hire your old friend.. The defense was awful at best. Arkansas converted on 4 4th and longs in the 2nd half. The secondary didn't even show up. Butch didn't miss the 29 yard field goal nor did he fumble the mall inside the Arkansas 20. And I didn't see him miss all the tackles on 3rd and long all night.. Be needs to man up and fir DeBoard....and searously look for a new DC too... 7 and 5 if going to be the best we are going to do.. And 6 and 6 is more likely. Georgia and Bama are loses.....
I hear you. It's frustrating watching another last minute loss. Jones just needs to be more aggressive on offense and keep the foot on the gas. We go up by 2 touchdowns and start playing not to lose.. We are not going to win games playing this way. This is similar to how Fukmer coached. As soon as he got a lead it was all run. The games has changed.
This game just shows we still have a long way to go. MAYBE the expectations are too high this year... Are away so.... Defense played well except for last drive when game was on the line. Offense aside from a few gadget plays was typical Tennessee.. Off left tackle, off right tackle... Up the middle.....punt. Need to open up the offense. Dobbs can pass.. We have a young talented receiving core... Coaching... Needs to have a killer instinct. The best defense is a good offense.. Can't lose if you out score your opponents. Looks like another 7 and 5 with losses to Georgia and Bama, and potentially Missouri or South Carolina.. Jones needs one more year to put it all together...