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I’m not here to argue who is number 2. No doubt these programs are all great. I’m here for fun to plead the case for Ole Miss as the 7th greatest. Our former greatness is overshadowed by an ongoing identity crisis and the fact that we’re on a 45 year skid lol. Since 1902 Ole Miss has gone 641-505-34. We’ve played in 37 bowls, winning 24 of them (.649%). We’ve got 6 SEC championships, and one share of the SEC West in 2003 if you believe in that sort of thing. We claim 3 national titles (1959,1960,& 1962). We have 7 10 win seasons, one undefeated with a tie, and one undefeated and untied. We have 12 Consensus All Americans, 8 HOF players, and 1 HOF coach, John Vaught(190-61-12 from 1947-1973). We also have a winning record against one of this article’s contenders for number 2, Florida(12-11). Ole Miss was also the home to SEC legends like Archie & Eli Manning, Bruiser Kinard, Charlie Conerly, Deuce Mcallister, and Patrick Willis. Sure Arkansas or Texas A&M could claim 7th but they’ve spent most of their time outside of the SEC. I’d say 7th place is fair for my Rebs
Last year Ole Miss beat Bama. Ole Miss forced those turnovers. Plus the refs gave Alabama a free TD off a fumble made possible by a facemask. The final should have been 23-10. This year Alabama played sloppy but if you beat yourself the other team still gets the W. Don't be a sore loser
You're right Dd2. Georgia won't need overtime this weekend, Auburn will have y'all put away long before that
Well your grammar definitely implies you have an Alabama education.
You can talk about the Memphis loss all you want but Ole Miss still beat Alabama.
It got called back. But you're right there has been some bad calls by the refs all year
Don't say it like Mississippi State is a clean program. Do you remember Jackie Sherrill? Every school he was head coach at got put on probation, including MSU. How about that time y'all tried to pay Cam Newton and still didn't get him? You're just mad because State is a dirty program and still can't get talent