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The SEC has great teams and the Big Ten has great teams with the SEC holding the edge and for them to improve is to face the best the Big ten has and that is a shame when SEC officials padded the victory to see Clemson that is clearly in need of help to advance and not the best opponent. The calls were 3 times wrong and blantant, at toimes, misuse of rules. This promoted the victory, not on the merits of clemson, but rather on the decisions of referees making this a important game for change whther or not the NCAAF directors like it or not. They cheated in front of millions and do not deserve to be the moral watchdog anymore.
Paul, you are a political pundent and the BIG TEN is not going to go down without a fight in this cess pool of officiating! The national Championship is now again a farce and fair impartial officiating can not be trusted to southern officials that are in the grip of people political appointed by politicians.
Forget Hell is the call of the south and now it is the call of the North!
Ridin high for your team, but Ohio State is a very good team and the Big Ten is tough and building a conference to beat the SEC and in time this will happen. Saban is not done and his teams are phenomenal. Joe burrows is something special to watch and he comes from Ohio!
It seemed like a dirty play and this is done a lot to disable quarterbacks but the targeting was not called and therefore can not be reviewable. If you watch it Lawrence tipped his helmet into the defensive player, slightly and that is why the flag was not thrown. Anyway, there were other calls that were made to ensure a Clemson victory and biased calls that aided it. To deny the obvious causes an integrity subterfuge and not allow a very talented team to face LSU.
The Clemson reciever clearly caught the ball and moved it away from the number one defensive back in the nation long arms as the Clemson coaches instructed toavoid a strip! His hands clutched and controlled the ball in clear and unobstruted view but when he btought it down to the left side the amazing long arms reached under and made a phenomenal defensive play that resulted in a touchdown. To say this was not a bad call is being blind. why do you think everbody in Ohio is pissed off!