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Exactly. You decide your sport’s champion on the field, not by the “votes” of a bunch sportswriters. And that requires a playoff format tailored to the number of teams in the league. In this case, well over 100 teams. Sorry folks, that’s the only way to do it. OK, a 4- team playoff? Come on, get real. 12 teams with 4 byes? Still not real representative. 24 teams with 8 byes? Now we’re getting somewhere. One could argue forcefully that D1 football in its 100+ years has yet to crown a true champion.
OK, how about this? The bowl system is dead. Who cares about the Texas Bowl or whatever the corporate name is now? Let’s see playoff games, and not just three of them. Top 24 or 32 teams. The ones who don’t make it can sit at home and think about how they can do better next year. That’s how real competitive sports work, from high school on up, in the US and throughout the world. FBS football needs to wake up.
Exactly what other teams beside Michigan and Cincinnati had the opportunity to beat them in the playoffs? Not a real big sample of FBS football teams, is it? Considering the number of teams competing, any FBS champ ought to play at least 4 or 5 games in the playoffs.
I’d prefer a 24-team playoff with the top eight getting byes. We need a real playoff and we need to kiss the bowl system goodbye. In the past, D1 football has held a beauty contest to declare the national “champion”, and this 4-team playoff isn’t much of an improvement. As much as people complain about playoffs impacting the regular season, what other rational way is there to crown a champion? Even high school football has a substantial playoff system. D1 football needs to get over itself and let the top 24 fight it out.
He’s driving us somewhere, but it’s not crazy.
He just needs to rid himself of the habit of throwing his players under the bus when things get tough.