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add 38 points to that 1 penalty and we ALMOST make another miracle come back
Shoop should be questioning his bank account....i think there's W AAAAAAAAY too much money in it for the job he's done so far at UT
OR not starting to think that maybe these other fans and media guys are right about our SandC guy....might need to look into buying away bamas guy
1....he has a young son, under the age of 10 i beleive's VERY bright anywhere after your team loses to Vandy (fact ) 3.... he doesnt yell all the time, sometimes he is just totally silent in stunned disbelief ( see end of tennessee game)
we did....19 players injured or out...and we STILL were able to beat you chumps with a miracle after your miracle.
key phrase here being " to beat uga " that particular point, you may now STFU about my vols
you UGA fans leave uncle lou alone...he's just tryin to get paid like everyone else and his videos this year are getting him paid...dont hate the playa, hate the game
not true....most people think our fanbase is made up of snobby, opiniated, judgemental buttholes....glad there arent any of those posting on this thread.....
well, you're right about the fat and toothless part, but if you deduced from this one video that i know nothing about college football or anything else...AND that ninety percent of vol fans are just like me, then i need you to get me some lottery numbers because you're either clairvoyant or a genius or both. Having said that, i use to be really sensitive to comments like yours when i first started posting videos on social media, but i learned very quickly that i was wasting good emotion getting upset at people like you who judge others so quickly and off of so little information. Thanks for reminding me how truly stupid some people are or can be...GO VOLS