Volunteer, from Nashville, Tennessee!!

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He's walking into an SEC job with a 4.5 financial gain over the next three years. He could do worse, your "assessment" notwithstanding...
The uncommitted won't be missed. Sorry they stayed this long...
Which is still better than being anything related to the South Carolina football program....
There is no answer for that. I'd say Weinke isn't performing well. I'd also say we need an actual quarterback to start with. So basically, until gauntanamo bay is gone, we're screwed. And that's the bottom line..
Somehow we have to keep this a game. At least until the fourth. Give ourselves a chance. GoVols!
Georgia v Tennessee. You'll learn alot about Georgia next week...
Florida will be around the top as long as Mullen is there. Excellent offensive coach & he's recruiting has arse off. So that narrative has proven to be false. Maybe y'all can bring back that other guy...the one up there talkin' about dead fish and all kinds of other crazy shat.. McIlwain or something... Lolol
Dam Mullen is a just who Florida needed. Great hire. I hope y'all lose that last game on the schedule though..
We'll end up with a good season. JG only determines if we have a great start...
The "Big" schools HOPE this doesn't work. Take a 'popular' ex-player, drop him in an HBCU and let him pilfer the top prep football talent. IF that works it's certainly going to be the dawn of an old day.
Hard not to know Deion Sanders. Like it's hard not to know other past stars. But when they ask Deion who HE is..... Boy, does he have a story to tell!
I actually just read all that diatribical masterpiece. All I can say is now my coffee is cold...
Privileged football players shouldn't waste their time marching & protesting. Right?..
Politicized?, if they took the "Republican" side you probably wouldn't stop watching. Call it what it is.
National Title hangover. No worries..
Georgia has been excellent in recruiting since Smart got there. Clearly the best roster in the East.
Kid has had a rough start. But he's getting valuable life experience as a youngster. That can only help as he progresses on his journey. God bless!
Dude will be a nice starting interior lineman. Looks to develop into a devastating pulling guard. Has virtually nothing to do with the recruitment of A Mims though. Georgia is clearly ahead there and Tennessee still has a chance.
This is good news. We have NOT heard anything about JG processing information and then making a decision & then quickly executing said decision, with timing + accuracy. If THAT'S what we get from him then we're really in a good position.
Lolol. He didn't say very much @ all. Can't wait to see that game. Should be an absolute war!
Exactly. Dynamic offense & good defense. Clemson did it twice. Tua did it. LSU was extremely dynamic last year. That's the new model. Looks like Clemson is the most dynamic on offense again this year.