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LSU will continue to put players in the league. But they have a bowl of gumbo for a head coach. It's a two team race over there with Saban & Jimbo. The east is Georgia & Florida at the top. South Carolina, Missouri and Kentucky are better than their western counterparts. The 9-5 record speaks for itself. I'm hopeful of Tennessee trending upwards, but it's a bit premature to write it down in anything other than pencil atp. The west has had their time.
Sensationalism isn't applicable here. Bad hire after bad hire was being made at the AD level. Who were we going to get if not Fulmer, who also happened to be the best candidate for the job? Another bad football hire would have likely put us so far behind the top of the league we may have NEVER caught up! We've lost valuable market share to Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Kentucky over the last ten years. Those School's think they can compete now. Largely because of bad coaching hires by very bad AD hires. Fulmer's knowledge of our school & our league is benefiting us greatly. Give credit where credit is due. He did steady our athletic program. Now he's guiding it back towards the top. I'm glad he's here. Continued success to our school. GoVols!!!
Savage. But fair. We'll be back to cracking on folks in a little while. Enjoy it while y'all can brothers!!
We need an actual SEC football program. Screw the win total for the next two years. We need consecutive classes of SEC players on both sides of the ball. Linemen & linebacker's in particular. Clemson has the type of program and roster we need. That takes years to build, but pays off VERY WELL. And I'm in no hurry.
It is not legal for me to agree with a Bulldog, but your right.
Jena has been in the news in quite awhile..
That's "Rocky Top" there bud. And that was a Dobbnail Boot to the nose. May have even crushed it a little.
Quick, name Bama's best victory this year... That's right boys & girls, that dominant 3-2 Ole Miss squad. So yeah, beating Tech, UF, & UGA is at least as impressive as what "number 1" Bama has done thus far in the 'impressive West'. See you in two weeks, you American elephant.
Why is Florida even ranked? Why would they rise in the polls by beating a mediocre Vandy team, that isn't ranked. Why do fans of other teams worry about who would or could beat Tennessee? A win at Texas A&M bumps up into the Top 5 suckers. Tell me how you gone love that????? From high above the Rocky Top of a certain Eastern Division, alone in first place. Feels good. Darn good.
When did we get lucky? Football is about blocking & tackling. Throwing & catching. We have been pretty good this year at doing all four things. That won't simply just run out. Some team has to beat us. We will not beat ourselves, and nobody else has so far. This was a GREAT win. Enjoy it tonight Vol fans. Then it's on to Aggie Land. GoVols
Tennessee is always "relevant". Stop with that pathetic self-loathing silliness. We just haven't won an SEC title in 18 years. Big whup. Some teams have NO titles at all. We have 16 of them. Have some self respect. Please. Oh, by the way... Florida still sucks & ducks pull trucks. Go Big Orange
Recruiting is what sends players to the league. Or LSU's defensive backs coach should be making 4 million a year. Nice article though. Very informative. I'm sure that hardly anyone has noticed the Tigers & Tide dominate recruiting for the last 8 years. Thanks for catching us up on the latest.
Les is Phil Fulmer's Mark Richt. Great career, no longer appreciated, no longer wanted, grass appears greener on the other sidelines (read.. Alabama), and he should retire after this season.
Florida's game against Florida Atlantic last year comes to mind. A win is a win. Is a win. Is a win. Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts in the back.
Midget tyrant 👹. Seriously, nobody "hates on" Saban. That would imply they didn't like him merely for being successful (which isn't true). Instead, people mostly "hate" Saban. This "hate" is largely derived from his disingenuous, duplicitous nature. The only folks who pretend they like or are enamored with Lil Nicky have direct ties to Bama. Other than that, he is largely reviled nationwide, but certainly not "hated on".
Damn, had hoped it was that Kublanow chump. But then again, we'll see her soon enough. Til then pups..
The "hype" is because we could have won 10 or 11 games last year.
Playing @ Auburn is the highest paying job in the $EC.
The Georgia lineman who ended Shy Tuttle's season should be on here.
Tennessee is not young. Tennessee is experienced & talented. Tennessee is the only team in the East with a quarterback & a tailback. Tennessee probably should be the favorite in the East. Maybe that's why Tennessee is the favorite in the East. Just a wild guess.