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Verne and Gary are by far the worst to ever do games. They're hard to listen to. Verne is always screwing up player's names and agrees with everywhere that Gary says. The only times I ever wish I was deaf is when they do games. They've been sleeping with each other for almost 20 years now. Verne left his wife for a little while to be with Gary when they first started.
Taylor and the guy he does games with isn't bad at all. I don't mind when they do the games.
Why should Arkansas be on there then based on your logic because Arkansas beat Ole Miss the last two seasons.
Arkansas is playing in a bowl game. What about South Carolina?
A&M's days are over. They'll be back to like they used to be before they came to the SEC when they were winning 6 games if even that. These HS kids are finally wising up and making the right decision by not choosing A&M. They'll be lucky to make it to a bowl game next year and the years after that. They might get lucky and win 7 games every once in awhile but it won't be very often. Goodbye A&M.
Mississippi State isn't going to win. Arkansas is a lot better and is playing like everyone thought they would before the season started. No team besides Alabama is playing as good as the Razorbacks are. I think it's going to be a good game but Arkansas will win.
It says about Wise "Hopefully Wise can keep it going next week at Ole Miss." Well, we've already been to Ole Miss and put it on them too. We will win out with 8 wins and probably be in the Cotton Bowl and end the season with 9 wins. It just sucks that injuries hurt us to start the season and cost us at least 3 wins. If we would have beaten Toledo, we wouldn't have lost to Texas Tech or Texas A&M. I'm just glad to see this team keep it going and not give up when it would have been easy to do when the high expectations that everyone had for us were gone. They kept fighting and never gave up and that's what a real team is supposed to do. I'm proud of this team. Yea, I would love to be able to play those 3 bad losses again but we can't but we made the best out of a bad situation. You can't ask for anything more from a team. I'm proud of the entire team and coaches but especially Allen. In his senile year, things started out horrible but he rallied and kept this team together and has shown everyone that he's one of the best QBs in the country. A lot of people have talked bad about the kid but he is the main reason that we are sitting at 6 wins and will more than likely end the regular season with 8 and go to a good bowl. After the losses to Toledo and Texas Tech, people didn't think we had a chance to get to 6 wins but they fought hard and shutup all the doubters. You can't ask for much more than what this team has done after such a terrible start. I'm tired of hearing people say that these teams we have beaten are overrated after we beat them. Why couldn't it be that Arkansas is a very good team that just had to overcome some very significant injuries early in the season and has gotten to where they are playing great together with players that weren't expected to play a significant role this season. I'm proud to be a Razorback fan and proud of this team and the coaches for not giving up and coming out kicking ass to end the season. We can easily end the year with 9 wins and come back next year and pick up where we left off and be a contender like we should have been this season. Losing Allen will be a huge loss but we have QBs behind him that are real good and could end up being just as good if not better. Enos is a great coach and can develop QBs so I feel confident that he can develop these young QBs we have to be great and lead us to a championship. I wouldn't want to be a fan of any other team than my alma mater the University of Arkansas. I had an uncle that played for Broyles in his last years of coaching and was an All-SWC cornerback for 3 years and a 4 year starter so I was born a Razorback and will die a Razorback. In my will, I'm going to have it where my casket is Razorback red with a huge Razorback logo on it. WPS!!!!!!
It wouldn't stop anything. These kids are and always will be thugs. If they were left with a bill, Obama would just bail them out plus give them an extra hundred in food stamps.
Not sure if his doctor has cleared him for long travels yet.
Y'all just want the ones that aren't so stupid they get caught.
I bet you know all about swallowing. You're all over your boyfriend's Nic Chubb swallowing.
They're saying it's not Ligandrol that he tested positive for. I read that they won't release what he actually tested positive for unless Grier publicly states it. I don't see what the big deal is if it turns out to be an over-the-counter item that he took. If it doesn't need a prescription or was purchased illegally off the streets, I don't agree with a player's life being drastically impacted. Hopefully whatever it was that he took wasn't anything serious and he can win his appeal and continue to play. If it was in fact a banned substance, he should be suspended. Something seems real fishy about this though. Florida has to know that it is something serious or they wouldn't have been so quick to suspend him. People make mistakes all the time and it sucks bad for this kid.
I'm with you on that stupid "Arky" bs. Every time i see that, it makes my skin crawl. I don't know who started it but whoever did needs to be slapped and so does the people that say it.
If all you're going to do is complain about them, don't watch any. I'm not an Arkansas fan but i thought it was a great video and it made me hyped and they aren't even my team. Arkansas is going to be a team that puts the beat down on a lot of teams this year. Nobody can say that they are going to surprise anyone this year because it's not going to be a surprise when it happens because every team that is going to face them knows that they could easily be beaten by them when they face them.
Are you mad that they are picked to finish better than your team?
Buddha22, you know Dari and the rest of the crew are going to do a circle jerk when they don't have anything to talk about like they do during commercial breaks. That's one of the first things interns have to do when they start. They have a round room called "Just Jerking Around". I'm sure you can figure out what that room is for. When I graduated from Alabama, i was offered an internship there but declined when i got the itinerary and saw what was planned for the week. From 7:45 - 9:30, it said "Meeting the other interns and some of the staff in the Just Jerking Around Room". That's when i said nope this isn't for me. Why do you think Jesse Palmer, Danny Kanell, and Lou Holtz are still around? It's not because they're good analyst. They say the reason Lou Holtz talks like the way he does is because he was confused about the circle jerk and instead of doing it the traditional way, he tried to use his mouth and some of his teeth got knocked out and the back of his throat was damaged by Tim Tebow. You can't blame it all on him because he's old and a little senile. They say Tebow didn't mind and didn't try to stop him. This is probably longer of an answer as you were expecting but you asked and i shortened it the best i could. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a rise in applications for an internship rise if a certain group of people read this. I'm sure you know what people I'm talking about. Hint: Their mascot is a rainbow and what they are rhymes with what they make me do, gag.
That's exactly why Bielema is one of the best coaches in the country. He's all about football and not all of that show boating. He's a great coach and he's going to give my Tide hell for several years to come. Good things going on at Arkansas. I really like Bielema and if we didn't have Saban, i would want him at Alabama.
Monk was hurt his final year and that lack of playing time hurt him because he wasn't on people's minds anymore. That injury was a red flag for teams because they don't want to invest a large amount of money in someone that is coming off a serious injury. I think if he would have stayed out the entire season and not come in at the end and a play a couple of games he could have come back one more year and shown that he was 100% and put up big numbers to show NFL teams that he's one of the best WR in the draft. I'm sure a lot of him coming back to play a couple of games was Petrino being selfish and thinking of himself as usual and not what's best for Monk. There's no telling what all Petrino told him. He probably told him that he would be a high draft pick still. It's Petrino so who knows. There's a better chance it wasn't the truth than it being the truth.
How do you know that these people that are saying these bad things aren't fans of the teams he's considering posing as Arkansas fans thinking that maybe Hill will see that or someone will tell him and he'll go somewhere else because of that? I'm not saying that is what is happening but it's definitely not impossible. We're talking about the internet where anyone can be anyone they want. Look at all these people who get Catfished and stuff like that. Nobody on here but the author uses his real name so everyone on here is behind a computer screen using a made-up name. There's a lot of crazy people out there and that are crazy enough to do stuff like this.
The Razorbacks are about to do some in the SEC. They might beat my Tide. I know they'll sure be beating several teams from now on. They're going to be real good. I like Bielema. I think he's a great coach. Good luck Razorbacks and Roll Tide!!!
They're not going to be flying under the radar regardless of whether or not they are ranked because of what they have done already and teams are well aware of what they're capable of doing. Whether they're ranked or not, teams will know they are playing a team that is capable of beating them.
Dak Prescott isn't going to be the only returning QB that will be a senior. Brandon Allen will be a senior too.
Arkansas is now 7-6. Could have been 11-2 but of course they wouldn't have been playing Texas if they won all those games they could and should have won. Can't go back but the Hogs can whoop Texas to end the season and carry that momentum into next year.
What city is Appalachian State in?
Wichita St doesn't have a football team.
I also saw someone talk about the hate in Kansas and Wichita St is figured in somehow. This is a football survey and they don't have a team anymore.
I was thinking the same thing. He probably visits the Appalachian Mountains in Atlanta every weekend. It's funny reading some of these comments because people want to act like they're so smart and know so much about sports. Probably 90% of the people that post on here probably didn't play sports or were terrible at them. What city in Georgia is Appalachian State in? I would like to hear his answer for that one.