Bill Curry Reading A Tale of Two Cities

29, Wyoming and Bama fan, just generally love college football.

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Please, please let this happen. Maybe that fat idiot will have a heart attack when they get killed by Bama and UGA by 60.
The issue is that fans are suffering heat related injuries over noon kick off times. Whereas realistically a home team should be able to set the time and make TV channels work around it.
This is the best self deprecating comment I've ever seen. +1
Can we borrow Kirby Smart in 22-23 if Saban has retired by then?
Dude. LSU fans gave me whiskey, gumbo, cold water, and introduced me to some beautiful girls, while I was wearing an Alabama shirt, the year after the Alabama LSU national championship game. I love LSU fans, I might end up marrying one. Anyone who talks crap on their fanbase is judging the actions of a few frat boys and ignoring the general kindness and acceptance of the entire fanbase.
The problem is that TV networks dictate the kick off time. Every game should be a night game, and should be available to watch based on desire. The technology clearly exists online and via satellite boxes that would allow fans to select "ESPN" or "SEC Network" and then select the game they wish to watch. They could also stagger commercials so we can switch back and forth, but that would require people to care about the health of attendants and desires of the viewing public more than they care about that extra 10 or 15 million dollars.
The NCAA should force the top 10 to play each year. Let's see how Oklahoma likes opening the season in Tuscaloosa.
Go Pokes!! I've never been more drunk or more pleased in my life, including Alabama championships.
As a Wyoming grad I really hope the pokes keep this one close.
Wyoming will give Missouri more trouble than predicted.
A hard cider? JFC, at least LSU fans have real alcohol at their get togethers. If your shining moment of the upcoming season is that you might beat 1 team because of an injury, you don't have much to root for.
I'd say that the "pig" portion of your name is fitting. A solid athlete and good kid was injuried. Focus less on a team you never played for, or a university you never went to, winning a game you can't afford to attend, and just be respectful, like most people from all fan bases are being on this post.
Depth issues from poor recruiting vs unforeseen injury are vastly different things.
Man, to think someone is sp full of themselves that they think they can talk someone out of going to a specific college.
As an Alabama fan, this is probably an unpopular take, but I hope Auburn smashes Oregon.