Bill Lets Party Belichick

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I see you waited until after Saturday’s match up to post, couldn’t really say much before hand, I wonder why.
Please. No Freeze. TN hurry up and fire Pruitt and shoot your shot. Freeze is the last thing Columbia needs.
Pump the brakes kid, he still owns TN, facts.
This guy gets it. I’m grateful for Muschamp’s efforts and wishes him the best moving forward.
245,470 COVID-19 deaths to date, yet here’s this troll. Proof there is no God.
Lol ah yes Southern Cal. 2nd in the PAC -12 is like winning silver in the Special Olympics, nice try though, lol
One thing he did do was leave the next HC with talent, more so than Spurrier. Interested to see what Bobo can do for the remainder of the season.
My money is on UNC. Follow behind Brown again and in a few years have one last shot at HC.
Maybe we back the brinks truck up to Cousin Eddie, you never know, lol
Congrats Gators. Can we please have Brooks and some check to see if Muschamp is betting on the spreads.
With all due respect is was a TN defense. Neither team looked good. If a team has two pair of hands and knows how to run a slant, they will look like the second coming against the TN D. I’ll trust our offense when we have a second target, find another play to run and find a decent running back.
Shaw then Garcia. Garcia belongs at 2 because he has done something 90 percent of the SEC hasn’t. He led a team to victory against a Saban coached Bama team.
Congrats to the Vols. Looks like it’s going to be a long, shortened season for both teams.
No true South Carolinian should believe in a two party system.
Holy Sh*t. Mark this day down, we actually agree on something. Everyone continue to stay safe.
AFan, by your own metrics that you used to call for Muschamp’s firing would also call for Pruitts firing and once your argument got debunked you bailed. Replace blah blah blah with facts, facts, facts and you might actually have a valid point for the first time in your miserable life.
@ugadawg, look at AFan’s history, dude bad mouths Muschamp on almost every article, including ones that have no connection to Muschamp or SC. Also dude claims to be a fan of SEC football in general no team loyalty, but he does seem to take a liking to TN and will disappear when you call him out in his bs
I’m off my meds, lol you are the one that got shut down by facts, I used your own argument to shut you down and you bolted, for those that don’t get it, look at the post below this and it will make sense. Pruitt, Jones and Mullen are all the same guy that goes around trolling SC articles and responding to his own comments under another account and a mental midget like AFan goes around conversing with him it would be hilarious if it was at so sad.
Where’s that dipsh*t pretending to be Jeremy Pruitt, Butch Jones and Dan Mullen. Surely he will have a highly intelligent comment about how this player will be disciplined to fullest if the allegations are true, right?
Lol you didn’t even have the ballz to open an account until after the season, then you come back to attempt to troll, what a f*cking loser you are. My predictions are better than yours considering you are to chickensh*t to post any. Good try you f*cking mental midget.
So just because I hit you with facts and completely wrecked your ignorant argument, you are going to name call and run away, may you forever be the type of fan that clings to SEC teams coattails without any loyalty. Good Bye dipsh*t.
Great story, that’s gotta be tough for the young man, hope he has a solid game and some time to catch up after the game.
So your argument is Pruitt brought stability to the Vols program in the second half of one season, lay off the orange kool aid. I don’t have a “love” affair with Coach Muschamp and if he has a bad season this year it may be time to pull the trigger if there is someone better out there. As far as relevance call me when Pruitt wins a game against one of the top teams in the East. You talk about Muschamp’s Record at both FL and SC, now compare it to Pruitt, again: Muschamp has a Divisional Title under his belt and a better winning percentage than Pruitt and a win over the reigning top East team. Numbers and Facts don’t lie.
Yes they do, but if you insinuating that Pruitt has proved himself but Muschamp hasn’t, let’s look at the numbers Muschamp’s first two years at SC 15-11 vs Pruitt’s first two years at TN 13-12. Muschamp has had SC Bowl eligible every year but last year at SC. Muschamp is 1-1 vs. Pruitt with a better overall winning percentage. Muschamp also has a Divisional Championship under his belt as HC and despite last year’s record he won against a Kirby Smart GA team, which hasn’t been done by any other coaches in the East since 2016. Numbers don’t lie, so if you are insisting that because of one off year at SC vs one decent year for TN that some how Pruitt is stable and Muschamp is deserving to be fired, well the numbers argue otherwise.