Bill Lets Party Belichick

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You forgot to change you logo to Mizz this well bandwagon fan, lol still glad little ole SC takes do much of your headspace, you should change your screen name to ESEC jr
0 national championships under Smart and all you GA fans do is pretend to be in the same conversation as teams like Bama. All those 5 stars and no nattys. Also you seem to have left a couple of big games that GA choked in last year alone, cough cough Texas. Ga going to Ga
Yeah he’s a riot if you are a fan of incest, he seems to be an expert on that
@Ranger I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad. This guy is delusional, he thinks he’s a Vegas high roller, and if he bets the way he claims on favorites giving up the line, he would be penny less. Can’t wait to see if he disappears after Saturday.
What did the voice of Vegas say about Wyoming, lol antediluvian is the biggest fraud on this site, now reply back with your same two witty incest or poor jokes that you possess, you sad little man
You mean the same FPI that had Mizz beating Wyoming. You are the biggest fraud here, if you bet on all the games you claim, taking the favorite, Vegas would own not only any money you claim to have but your kids and grandkids money by now. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic, by all means reply about poverty or invest, the only two comebacks you have.
Just wondering if you will feel the same about Coach O after your Bama loss, the season is long.
I put ten bucks on your wife. SC rolls through Mizz, just like last year, the year before that, etc.
We get one on Saturday against Mizz, I’d bet Yolanda Kumar's salary on it.
You can call it stupid and deny if you want but it is still a fact, GA is going to GA and gougadawgs headspace will be owned by SC football, that’s all you comment on.
I will as soon as you admit the legitimacy of asking Smart why he chokes in the big game, all we hear is how he he is recruiting 5 stars, and right on track with Bama, but not the same results, Smart always manages to lose the big one.
You aren’t a GA fan you do nothing but post up on SC sites and look like a dumba$$ and we both know you will disappear like GA’s playoff hopes, GA going to GA, lol
@gouga, all you do is attempt to troll sc articles. You are essentially ESEC, not a fan, just a troll, you bring nothing to the table and then get your panties in a wad when you get called out. Also please stick around that magical moment when GA pulls a GA, but like ESEC you will go back into your troll hole for the season.
Probably as mad as Kirby would be if he was asked “Why does Georgia always lose when it counts?”
Congrats Bama, on the positive side, I left a few minutes early and just saw we scored another TD, that means $$$, Ill have to see what happened but ty for that.
Lol I got that from your and a few other GA “fans” obsessive attempts at trolling SC articles, you are more of a fan of whoever plays SC than you are a GA fan, don’t believe me, check your history, mostly SC articles. I repeat taking up a lot of head space, now run along and comment on GA articles so you can look like a GA fan, and enjoy your cupcake game and in case you forgot GA will GA, never forget.
@ol Mizz, I wasn’t using gay as an insult, I simply was saying that I would save the loving couple (you two) a seat at the bar to watch the playoffs since no team from the east will make it. If you are offended at the motion of being gay, perhaps you are the one with the problem.
@little sic boy, lol what is GA’s relevancy, coming up short when it counts, GA will GA!
By you commenting about it, means you cared enough to take the time and care to put thoughts into words, so obviously you do.
@gouga, must of hit a nerve, you know for a fan base of a team that claims to be elite, you guys sure do let little ole SC take up a lot of head space. By the way my statement rings true, you guys always associate your current “greatness” by saying you compete with Bama, which you do not. GA going to GA
By that logic, I guess that makes Saban the biggest quitter coach in NFL history.
And GA fans on this site all talk about those two times they almost beat Bama.
I hope he is still impressed following the game.
Since Sic em is calling Mizz a victory, go ahead put your money on SC, just like he said GA was a top 4 team and then GA pulled a GA against TX and sic em took an eight month sabbatical. It’s ok Sic Em don’t hide this year, I’ll save a natty light for you at the bar come playoff time after GA well GA’s, lol
What expectations does GA have, laying down for Bama every year. Good luck on your season and be sure to not disappear at that beautiful moment when all those dreams and expectations are dashed, well, when GA pulls a GA... PS I’ll save you that seat at the bar for the playoffs.
lol boxster, I’m not salty at all just stating facts