Bill Lets Party Belichick

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You used vulgarity first and in typical snowflake fashion melted when confronted. The only fact you need to know is that Muschamp owns tn, 7-1 kid, congrats you lose again. You answer my bet first, since it’s been standing here for four years, if not take your l’s and go home. The joke here is that dumpster fire in Knoxville who happened upon a decent half a season run this decade. From hiring a suspected pedo for a few hours to numerous r*pe allegations, to title 9 payouts and least not forget the record the last ten years. You team like your screen names are trash, prove me wrong.
Which ever one of these dipsh*ts you are pretending to be today, go to the that c*nt of a mother of yours and ask her to knock that meth d*ck out her mouth and read the following real slow so your sh*t brain will understand. I invited you to take my bet and yet you still don’t have the ball$ too. quit being such a pu$$y. If you believe in that orange r*pe factory in Knoxville accept the bet, if not take your fat scooter back to your moms trailer and cry yourself to sleep on your ut orange c0ck shaped pillow. P.S. let me save you time before try and troll on your other accounts: Butch Jones: he kicked your a$$ coach, It’s ok you are still a champion of life to me little buddy. Dan Mullen: don’t cry poot Reggie whites ghost: I know we are irrelevant and Muschamp owns us but we were actually good when I was still alive. Fat Phil’s Diaper needs changed: Pruitt, im sorry he was so mean to you and your wh0re mother, if you want to quit I understand. I’ll be honored to sweat all over that headset again
You are the biggest dipsh*t in the history of SDS, congrats. You started the vulgarity in that mini incoherent rant where you pretend to be from SC and make a bunch of wild predictions with no basis except the fact that SC takes up so much space in that pi$$ brain of yours. As far as bets go, mine stands to any Vol fan, like it has for the past 4 years, RIP Keno98, lol, I’m not here to repeat it, since you are so interested in my every word look it up, it’s not hard to find. You aren’t worth the time to retype it. Either put up or shut up, quit being such a p*ssy.
Lol what a pathetic loser, pretending to be three separate people on this site. Those Gamecocks take up a lot of space in that foam helmet covered head of yours, I’m guessing your mother must of been a good time at five pints and you must be the product of a failed abortion. I understand you are new here, a band wagon jumper, but you can ask around my bet stands like it has for the past 4 years, accept if you want to or sh*t your c*nt mouth like the little b*tch you are
Uh oh, looks like somebody has a crush. It’s funny for a guy that is supposedly a vol fan, you spend a lot of time worrying about what moves the Gamecocks are making. I guess if my team was 1-7 against Will Muschamp, I’d probably let it take up a lot of my headspace too. To bad you didn’t jump on the bandwagon until the end of the season or you could’ve taken me up on my bet, it’s ok none of the other boys in orange had the balls to do so either, not since Keno98, RIP.
@black it’s all the same dude, what a sad piece of Sh*t, he really believes he’s all of those mediocre coaches. Trolling at its worst. It’s funny TN has one mediocre season and this dipsh*t comes out of his trailer like it’s 1998. Meth is a hell of a drug, lol.
I see you are still talking about your Peyton Manning s*x doll, glad you are still together good for you little man. Your are more of a dipsh*t than first thought, I stand by the statistically speaking that vandyjr aka tn will go back to being bottom dwellers for the next 5-10, History and facts prove this, don’t believe me take a look at your record before your “magical” 2019 season. As far as toe tapping, you know the thing you and your wh*re mom does every weekend at the i40 truck stop where you press your lips to the hole in the stall and suck the nice truckers for change to buy more meth and mtn dew.
Lol you are the biggest dipsh*t, Bobo is 6-2 against your sh*tty Vols as an OC, I’m sure that streak will continue as he is our OC now. Also your oline coach came from his staff, and your the walking dild* coach whose persona you stole offered Bobo’s son a scholarship before anyone else, sounds like Richt wanted a different former bulldog as OC.
Cool, gay jokes, wouldn’t expect anything else from a dipsh*t, bathroom toe tapping Vol fan. No matter how hard the schedule is there is one game that statistically speaking should be a W, 7-1 against the tax slayer champs of life. Spurrier was right you imbreds really do pull cartwheels over a mediocre season, but I guess you gotta get your trolling in when it happens, because we all know the Vols will disappear to the basement for the next 5-10 years.
@VFL, with all due respect we will take advice from Vol fans when the Vols can prove that the tale end of their season wasn’t a fluke. The jury is still out on Pruitt, I’d pay more attention to Knoxville than Columbia if I was you. Say what you will about Muschamp, he still owns the Vols 7-1.
Still talking about diddling kids, I guess that’s all you have to talk about in TN. Liar, you are troll pretending to be the real Jeremy Pruitt, like seriously. How’s it feel to be such a f*cking loser that you have to act like another man to make yourself feel better?
The SC Vs GA game should always be a noon game.
@schiano, sounds like you are projecting your Smoky Mountain Christmas’ on the rest of us, oh and 7-1 against the Vols, never forget
Weren’t you the dude bragging about diddling kids in another post, keep it classy.
Hold up your argument is that they beat a 4-8 team? That’s impressive call me when Pruitt does it 6 more times in a row to tie Muschamp’s record against the Vols. Also to answer your question, Muschamp has won a division title as HC. How many have Mullen and Pruitt won as HC’s with 14 years combined experience as HC’s in the SEC? Ps it’s cute to see tn making a bowl again, and seeing the trolls take on the numerous coaches personas over the last decade. I’m just wondering when you are going to post under the name Greg Schiano.
With all do respect, Kirby and GA will be just fine, lol, we needed this, badly.
Noob, ok boomer, Lol what exactly has Pruitt or Mullen won in the SEC as HC’s, I’ll wait....
Yet Vandyjr, AKA Vandy lite, AKA tn is 1-7 vs this guy what does that say about the bottom dwellers of tn?
Yet your university is 1-7 against that guy, if we are the laughing stock what does that make Vandy lite (tn?)
Is this the dude that turned DK Metcalf into walking muscle?
Congrats to LSU, hands down the #1 team in the nation. As far as the GA hate, it’s ironic that teams that can’t beat GA are talking smack about them. Congrats GA on winning another East crown.
@proud, so you got nothing to contribute to this debate so you run away, big surprise, typical behavior by Florida man, lol
Lol I never claimed we were great, I simply pointed out that Mullen was basic as a coach and here you are trying to argue a narrative you created with out disputing the facts I laid out, like you typically do. So to clarify SC sucks, fljr just sucks a little less, now back to the debate, where do you see Mullen as a basic or good coach?
Against everyone, you are grasping, the debate is about Mullen’s status as a coach, you seem to be obsessed with SC, if you are white knighting your little buddy there at least stay on topic
fljr is batting around .500 overall with the other 22 coaches, pretty basic, I’ll take my chances against that
Naw based on the fact, you take Spurrier and Meyer out of the equation and fljr is pretty basic
Nah I’m not worried about the next guy, it’s not going to be Spurrier or Meyer so i like our chances, lol