Bill Lets Party Belichick

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#RehireButchJones, jk congrats Vol fans.
Frost would be great, I feel like you guys will also be the only team able to pry Mullen away, for yall's sake I hope it's not Kelly too much baggage.
Spot you guys will be back soon, who are you thinking will be the hire?
You guys will bounce back quick, Strickland won't botch the hire. Who are you hoping for to get hired?
Pair this with the allegation that he called Drae Bowles a "traitor" when Bowles reported the sexual assault by teammates, and Butch's alleged punching of an o lineman at a practice and there seems to be an alleged pattern forming.
"Well...That escalated quickly". - Ron Burgundy. This is the one job I see Stoops interested in taking right now, or the one job for Mullen to leave MSU for.
lol ruthless, someone delete that man's account, he should hold off any tweeting until football season is over.
Exactly Bama, lol a marijuana over dose, really? perhaps ky should worry less about weed and more about their "legal" opioids problem.
Legalize it, a majority of players dabble in it, they just happened to get caught, this could happen at any school.
We rarely agree on anything but I agree 100% with your statement. Change takes time, and it usually gets worse before it gets better, hopefully Troy was the low point.
*involving automobiles rarely lead to convictions for the driver. Now to your example, it would be more like an intruder entering your home, the fan was trespassing and under Pac 12's new rule the team is subject to a 25,000 fine.
It's a bad example on two accounts, first off the analogy doesn't match, it would be more like a pedestrian being struck while jaywalking, and second stats show most pedestrian deaths d
Bad example. The player didn't rush the stands, he was was where he was supposed to be, the fan wasn't.
I'm not saying the player was justified, simply pointing out had the fan respected boundaries he wouldn't have gotten laid out. The rules are there for the safety of all.
Not one SC fan has said anything bad about this country in these comments. If anything they are pointing out that it is great that we live in a country where you have the right to peacefully protest or speak your mind. If anything it is you that is being disrespectful to our country by arguing against the principles that make up the foundation of our great nation.
Ty for your service and you are 100% correct. These protests were meant to be controversial, and the more people complain about them, the more support builds. The best defense is is to tune out if you are offended.
Thank you for your service and for being an adult about the situation. I don't agree with the kneeling either but support a persons right to do so. There are better ways to get a point across, but what they are doing is working and will continue to do so as more people complain about it.
What makes it bad behavior? It's public opinion. They have as much right to take a knee as you do to stand. I hope Coach O feels the same way you do, we will be by with a bus to pick up recruits as soon as he punishes a player for taking a knee. Quit crying and feeding into the controversy if you want it to go away.
Congratulations, you just won the Internet, lol spot on!
Thankfully they have a strong Union so their employers can't fire them. And isn't all this b*tching about what others are doing just as politicized and making the movement grow stronger? I mean it's everyone's right to b*tch but by doing so you are just making the movement grow stronger by putting in your two cents. If you truly oppose it simply tune out and log off, sounding off about just justifies it.
Exactly what these people don't understand is that by complaining about it non stop they are encouraging more people to do it. If it wasn't causing a controversy, then the movement's point would be lost. Either way it's our right as Americans to kneel and/or complain.
Proud to say that Coach Muschamp is opening up dialogue and preparing for what's coming. Signs of a good coach right there. Whether you hate it or support it, it's coming, and he is correct in saying that it is a form of freedom of speech. It's their right to take a knee just as it's a person's right to be offended and complain about it.
Agree 100%, Stoops is the most underrated coach in the SEC.