Bill Lets Party Belichick

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Will wasn’t the problem, his loyalty to bum OC’s like Roper, McClendon and Bobo was his downfall.
Agreed, I actually hated to see Muschamp go, he just couldn’t find a decent OC.
The good news is not too many teams out there that can compete with the talent at GA, so I can see the three peat regardless of how today shakes out. It is tough to stay on top though when everyone poaches your coaches, the price of being the best team. I was wrong about Kirby, he will have GA on top competing for a while, enjoy it.
Regardless of what happens going forward I don’t see GA winning by 27.5. Bobo is awful, the game has passed him up, so glad he’s not on SC’s staff anymore.
I’m taking SC…….with the points, lol here’s to a injury free hopefully somewhat competitive game.
Hopefully he stays home for a very long time. Here’s to an injury free and hopefully competitive game this weekend.
Makes sense, you are a Mizz fan so that checks out.
Unfortunately we had a good OL coach in Adkins but health problems forced him to become an analyst. Much like the oline itself, SC needs some constancy with its OL coach. Saturday was not a good day for any SC team facing NC teams even SC State fell hard. FSU did look good especially former gamecock Bell, we really miss that guy.
Lol, ok Bill, it’s not a secret oline is a concern but let’s not act like UNC doesn’t have a tough defense this year, Gene Chizik is arguably one of the better DC’s in the nation, coming into year two. UNC could win the ACC this year. The seasons long.
2nd in the East is still wide open, SC will tighten up, I’m sure not before the GA game but we will see. I’m more bummed about Kaba being injured again, I’m afraid he may not get the chance to pan out.
SC BBQ > NC BBQ but to be honest no one competes with Memphis and TX BBQ. Not a fan of the Bama or KC BBQ but I see why people like it.
You mean just 2 spots behind GA, lol it’s all about perspective, but cute try.
Somebody call Beamer, dipsh*t Bill, who is strangely obsessed with SC more than he’s a fan of GA, is not sold on the defense… eyeroll
Lol, the Vol fans crying in their c0ck shaped pillows after this, lol
Still crying I see, nobody cares, I don’t hate anyone btw, I truly don’t care, big difference but keep on, those tears are as salty as they were when the Vols came to Columbia.
Bro I’ve been here all along, I have never disappeared, I just don’t talk too much during the off season, that’s a Vol thing to try to hype theirselves up, just to be disappointed, lol
Sweep the leg, typical delusional post, that’s not exactly what I said, I said they were part of a socialist program, yes, that the US did not get value on their return, yes, that their job is no more important than any body else’s, yes, all facts, call me a pos, but like a glorified gi Joe, your opinion don’t matter, btw I think I heard fireworks, sc must have scored again. Also you might want to take that boot out ya mouth, not a good look.
@sweeptheleg quit whining, dude should’ve known what he signed up for when he went to play gi joe, no need to cry about it now, times are tough and no one cares what your job choice is, certainly not when you are trying to win an argument by announcing you are a vet, facts.
No I don’t listen to fans, well unless they are guaranteeing one loss only by the time they plan GA, TN fans always talking smack during pre season not so much post season, facts.
Lol TN remains the champions of life for talking season, regular season…not so much, btw I think we just scored another one, lol
Quick, somebody run more fireworks down to Willy B, the Gamecocks just scored again on Fat Phil 2.0’s Vols, lol
Just heard more fireworks, SC must have scored again, Vol fans are clowns, lol
Lol I just heard fireworks, SC must have just scored again, Vols are clowns….
Don’t worry, we could get a one star and still score on that pathetic TN defense