Bill Lets Party Belichick

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GA hasn't made it since 2012. SC's last was 2010. Really not much difference since except one season. Besides I'd hardly call losing to TN and Vandy the same season as a path to winning the East. Again try winning something before you talk smack about another program, or else you come across sounding like a 2016 Vol fan, all hype and no substance.
Try winning the East before saying which teams have a path or not, it just makes you look naive otherwise.
Stopped reading after it said Esec, the wannabe troll that was wrong about everything last year. If I failed to live up to expectations as bad as your Vols did last year, I'd change my icon to a better team too.
Still hate that he flipped, he's legit, great pick up for you guys.
Impressed by KY and Vandy, no five stars but they are no longer pushovers. Hard to believe Webb and Cunningham didn't make the list or were they below 3*?
Says the fair weather, bandwagon Bama fan. You spend more time attempting to troll SC (was your mom or ex getting drilled by a SC fan?) than you do on Bama's page. Hell, I've posted more on Bama's page. It's not Saban or the players that everyone hates, it's the Bama fans that feel like they have actually done something in life. You guys can't even stay around to watch a game for four quarters, much less claim anything that Bama does as your own. Your own teams coach despises you. Other fan bases respect Saban, they respect what the the football team has done, and even some of the fan base deserves respect, but loser trolls that more than likely fall under every Bama stereotype are simply not respected. So by all means continue to attempt to troll other teams, we will continue to laugh at you for how pathetic you come across and feel pity for how miserable your life must be.
There's no reason we won't finish third in the East, but I agree fourth this year with still a really young unit, not the worst that can happen.
He had offers from other schools including TN, it's listed in the article.
My all time favorite is when you are in an argument, and they play the service card, lol like that matters. Thank you for your service, but you are still wrong. Play that card at Golden Corral for your yearly free meal, don't bring it into an argument.
I'll see your Fargo death scene and raise you a Roadhouse death scene. May your throat meet a hand like that of Patrick Swayze.
Nice comeback, I hope you find a constructive outlet to move on from your Muschamp obsession.
@Spencer disregard Bunker he's just upset the Ole Miss violates the NCAA almost as often as the men of Mississippi violate Bunker's mom for meth money.
Smoking meth and f*cking sheep is what is killing you dipsh*t, I'm just calling your dumb*ss out for it. You have abnormal disdain for Muschamp by the way, you should see someone about that, that and the s*xual assault of farm animals, I know there is nothing to do in Mississippi, but there has to be something more constructive to do with your time then that.
Too bad you are terrible at trolling. By the way how are your sheep doing?
Very well said. Thoughts to all of the families affected. I hope the families of those murdered find peace and the daughter of Aaron can grow up and find peace as well.
Oh well SDS apparently lacks the technology to post an emoji. I guess you will have to get your one relative that isn't a product of inbreeding to explain this comment to you.
I don't have a daughter, troll. Your baaaaaaaad, sheepf*cker.......I realize it's a goat, but I figured it would help your illiterate a** to have a picture.
As you did with Cam Akers, but instead of a wife, in your case it was a sheep after all you do live in Mississippi, lol.
False. TN is not a blue blood 3 star troll attempt, from a 5 star heart, lol.
Your last Championship is older than the players on your team, no one outside of Knoxville cares. As far as talking trash, all I have to say is scoreboard. 24-21.
Speaking of delusional, remember last year when you guys were picked to win the East and compete for a Natty, good times.
A "Hootie" concert is still better than a "Championship of Life."
It is brilliant to bring those in that were a part of TN's past success, but Fulmer as AD is wrong. Blackburn is clearly the guy that has experience and has been successful as an AD. Hire Blackburn as AD and hire Fulmer as assistant AD, ambassador, or create a role where he is visible.