Bill Lets Party Belichick

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I came for the low brow puns and you didn’t disappoint. Well done gentlemen, golf clap in your honor…
Yeah I’d say I’m all for it, but TX will want to own the rights to everything in the SEC.
@Diesel solid picks. Sadly, I’d take any if the top 3 (whichever survives) in the West winning the SEC. The East has a lot of catching up to do.
Lol, shots fired…I love it, this guy is awesome, even though he has that youth pastor that tries too hard look. Actually that makes it better…Mizz has won Media Days.
Sds1967 you are correct. It’s funny when GA and FL talk like they are kings of the SEC. the reality is every SEC East team is riding off of the SEC West’s reputation.
I wonder how many of them will get endorsement deals with McDonald’s….sorry had to, it was too easy to pass up, in.all seriousness, here’s to wishing a healthy and competitive year of football for all.
Have to agree w/vehemon, looking at the last decade, SC is 4-6 vs Clemson, 4-6 vs GA, 4-6 vs FL and unfortunately 0-7 vs A&M. We are even 1-1 vs Saban’s Tide. Looking at the SEC there isn’t much difference in recent history, I mean the last time an SEC East team won the championship was FL in 2008.
I see both sides to the debate, but I’m inclined to “fake it until you make it.” We all know where this SC team is and has been but recruits are listening. I’d rather him talk about championships than say I hope we get three wins this season.
Look who wrote it. I didn’t read it but it’s safe to say nothing cordial was written about SC coming from O’Gara.
What’s the over/under on if Urb finishes year 1 or bounces early due to “medical reasons”
Meyer had to duck out midway through the interview due to health reasons, thoughts and prayers...
So Dawg are you denying that the right does it too? figures you are nothing more than a mommas boy, little b*tch, Qtard. Keeping licking those conservative boots.
@glad2b Explain that to Liz Chaney and the 17 GOP members of Congress who voted to hold Trump accountable for his role in the January 6 attack on our Capitol. Trump announced he would personally travel to Alaska to campaign against GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the 2022 election for voting to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial. Also see: Coke, NFL, Nike, Award Shows, every establishment that called for masks during a pandemic, I could go on…
And conservatives don’t paint everyone that don’t agree with them with the same brush, the brush of Totalitarianism? Ignorance works both ways.
Lol, I read your comment after I posted. It’s rare but I agree with you 100%. I think it’s safe to say that if this season plays out and Heupel’s offense translates, TN could be like Ole Miss last year. Given their ability to recruit and if this staff can halfway develop, TN should have the depth on D that can keep up with the offense and could be dangerous sooner than later.
I think the elephant in the room on why Tennessee’s D may be worse is the offense should be so much better. If Heupel’s style of offense translates well in the SEC, then the D will be on the field a lot. When the Vols restock depth on D then they may be dangerous, if Heupel’s offense does good the Vols could bounce back quick. Just an opinion, could be wrong, thoughts?
The only advantage to being down is that you can offer a chance to start day 1. You guys are stacked, best of luck on the season.
You are such a f*cking moron. Research William Randolph Hearst and marijuana laws, you f*cking dipsh*t, that and conservatives being scared of Hispanics (imagine that) is what caused the laws.
Agree 17Tide. The laws should’ve never been put in place to begin with, just a prime example of big business buying government officials.
Idk, but I know for a fact that O’Gara isn’t.
The last three Mr. South Carolina Award winners choose SC over Clemson. We don’t compete with them nationally in recruiting but very few do, so call me when someone chooses Ky over Clemson.
Agree 100% and that will all depend on how good this secondary is, that’s the big unknown. Best of luck this season, glad Muschamp landed somewhere after not working out for us.
We will have to see, but to answer your question, 5*’s are already choosing Alabama over Kansas Or Syracuse without NIL. As far as making more $$$ or stronger advertisers, if the player is good enough, National brands will pay for individual endorsements no matter the team. I argue it can keep talent from exiting their home states to go to the top dogs. It will be interesting to see down the road if you are correct if they incorporate a salary cap of sorts to ensure parity but I doubt it unless for some reason people quit watching the Alabama’s out of boredom.
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