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I could see that, but I really want to see what Kiffin does at FAU in year 4 first. He hasn’t been lights out. I get a lot of his losses are against power 5’s I’m just not sold yet.
Given that App state is 2-0 this year against the power 5 it’s hard to say they are a trash team, in a trash conference. Granted the sun belt conference is 2-5 vs the SEC this year the point isn’t and never has been FL vs App St, it’s actually that App St isn’t a trash team from the “sunbelt” conference which was initially implied by a FL fan, I’m guessing they never addressed my question then you stepped in. As far as my relevance argument I stand by my metrics and I’m sorry by those metrics, FL is not a relevant team, not until they prove it on the field, until then it’s only hype.
They lost in overtime to PennState 45-38 but penn state did slide that year outside of the top 10. I was actually looking the year before they lost to GA the year before 31-10. So I guess technically they 0-0 in the last two seasons against top ten teams
The only solid hire I see right now is PJ Fleck and I doubt he’s coming. If he’s smart he will stay the course at Minn. and prey upon a transitioning BIG 10
No but he does recruit a lot talent that’s 50% of the battle. aside from this year he managed to bulk up impressive multiple win years against mid to lower contenders in the East. I’m not sold on him being long term, you never know, but I do know it makes no sense to fire him, pay him to coach another teams defense and try hiring Sabans next big coordinator. My question to those that are calling for Muschamps firing, who are you hiring?
No offense but I don’t believe SC is taking advice from a program that is 1-7 vs Muschamp.
First off FL was 1-1 last year (LSU-GA) Mich ended up 14th if that is your other count. Right now they are 2-3 in Mullens era vs top ten teams (again Auburn is looking less likely to be a top ten team at years end so more like 1-3) to be relevant you should be competitive vs top ten teams. You should be able to win your conference. You should be able to claim a playoff spot at some point in recent history. Not every conference winner is a playoff contender, but you should be measured by these statistics because what are we talking about outside of these, one of 80 plus teams playing 40 some odd bowl games. And thank you for proving my initial point, SC is not in the same area that FL is and just as FL is nowhere near where GA is. GA is the only relevant team in a very down East. As far as 0% and 40% they are both losing records vs top ten teams, no other way to spin it, against top ten teams both App State and FL sucks, just as SC who is 1-3 against top ten teams over this terrible two year stretch
@ben do you disagree with my statement and my data? and your numbers are off if you are implying that FL is 50% vs top ten teams they are 2-3. Also I never said App State was as good as FL but I simply argued they are not a bad team, no straw man argument at all, if you claim FL is a good team how is a team that has a better record, albeit against a weaker schedule not also a good team? They both beat SC and they both beat pretty equal ACC teams and that and their records are the only hard data you can really use in comparison
I chose it because 5-10 years better suites the definition of relevant rather than the definition of historical, especially given that the average coaching tenure is 3.8 years. And not sure what ESPN list you are referencing
Spot on my vote is for Fleck, but in all honesty he has it made in Minn. I don’t want SC to fire Muschamp, who has been able to recruit well, and replace him with an unproven coordinator.
Wrong again @proud I choose a decade because it is a good measure of relevance in modern times as it covers more than two recruiting cycles. I would even narrow it down to 5 years since recruits are only there for 4-5 years pending redshirts.
@ben I never claimed they were on the same page, I simply advised proud not to be so quick to denounce that “Sunbelt” team and provide accurate stats to back my argument up, so I ask again are you denying App State has a better Record than FL this year? Are you denying that 0-1 and 2-3 are losing records?
Again deflect and straw man, that’s all you got, your arguments are as weak as Mullen is against top ten talent. Enjoy your participation trophy for coming up short yet again.
Again you missed the point to be relevant you should at least fall under one of the criteria perhaps at least two, do you dispute that the list is made up of relevant teams?
Still not all but not a bad list, do dispute that these teams have been relevant over the past decade
No you are leaving out conference champs, and teams with winning records against top ten teams, keep digging, you’ll get there
You look them up if you dispute my metrics, tell me if any of them are irrelevant
There’s a lot more than 6, you do know what etc. means, right
Lol I’ll play along even tough you are yet to dispute any of my arguments. In the east Ga is relevant, Alabama and LSU are relevant in the west. Clemson, Ohio state, Oklahoma, etc all relevant ie: playoff teams, winning records against top ten teams, conference championships. Do you dispute any of these teams?
You obviously are not the teacher so please quit trying to dole out homework assignments, you can’t even put to tether a solid argument with facts, just deflect and straw man, you’ve yet to refute any of my arguments with anything but opinion
What do you consider relevant coming close against a Smart coached GA team and never winning? Losing to LSU by double digits? Having a 2-3 record vs top ten teams? No conference championships in a decade? No playoff appearances ever?
Not true, if you have been to a playoff, if you have won a conference championship this decade, if you actually break even or above against top ten teams you are relevant, by those metrics FL hasn’t been relevant in over a decade. Furthermore your one win against a top ten team this year, as by more than one FL fan has acknowledged that was the signature win this year, was against Auburn which is currently 12 and sliding.
A decade is not a few years, but keep grasping
I’m sorry what’s mullens record against top ten teams, how many conference championships has FL had the last decade, how many playoff appearances has FL had, the same as SC, perhaps one more win over top ten teams so yes you such a little less, there’s your homework
Fantasy world, lol please explain what is fantasy, are you denying App State has a better Record than FL this year? Are you denying that 0-1 and 2-3 are losing records?
Lol I do too, it wasn’t much of an argument, he literally brought nothing to the table except a weak attempt at trolling. Yes, we get it SC sucks, turns out FL just happens to suck a little less, stats don’t lie, good night