Bill Lets Party Belichick

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Thank you for not doing the cliche “We didn’t need him anyway,” post. Can’t wait to see what Gunnar does with you guys even though you are stacked at that position. Also happy to see Muschamp land somewhere where he can make an impact. Best of luck.
Yeah smart move. He could’ve went to Army and got neither. Best of luck to Hilinski.
Really hated to see this kid go. Best of luck to number three.
Never been a fan of scrimmaging against other teams. Nobody is rolling out too much in regards of their playbook and the risk far outweighs the reward.
Yet you prove how much of a dipsh*t you are by regurgitating Fox News points. I see you forgot to post Norwegian Democratic Socialist/Regulated Capitalistic societies that dwarf the US in every major stat except overspending for a weak military that hasn’t won a war in roughly 80 years. So your “China or Venezuela,” statement carries as much weight as saying go to N. Korea to see a Democratic Republic in action, it’s in name only you dipsh*t. Now happy Easter, please do the world a favor and join your brethren that are dipping out of this earth every hour.
Too many unknowns right now in Columbia, the Gamecocks could go anywhere from 2-10 to 6-6. They should have a stout and dependable backfield that plus a talented d-line can help with clock management, something we haven’t seen in years. Doty is going to be solid barring injury. The unknowns will be how the JUCO’s play in the SEC, especially the receivers and db’s. Not expecting much this year. Didn’t read the article once I saw it was Connor, he must have sh*t all over SC right?
Lol, you really are that dense. I didn’t argue against myself, I stated I believe in regulated capitalism with social programs. All of my statements back that up. You failed to prove any of my arguments false. You are the one that is arguing against socialism while sticking your hand out for a socialist paycheck “comrade, kind of hypocritical. You are the one claiming that you fought for American freedoms, yet you can’t claim a victory for your cause. Again when was the last time the US won a war? And because I call you a dipsh*t you think I’m angry, lighten up snowflake.
You did nothing for freedom, stolen valor. What makes America great is that your kids don’t have to starve because their dad was unable to get a marketable skill so he managed to get a socialist job. On behalf of American taxpayers, you’re welcome.
You did nothing for freedom, stolen valor. What makes America great is that your kids don't have to starve because their dad was unable to get a marketable skill so he managed to get a socialist job. On behalf of American taxpayers, you’re welcome.
Again no anger. And be sure to tell your wife and kids (assuming you are married) that they are welcome for the free handout from us, the American taxpayers, so you could play mall cop in the desert for oil companies.
The only thing confirmed is the American people are getting no return on their investment from the army. A lot of handouts for minimum return. Nothing more than camouflaged welfare recipients that want the American taxpayer to continue with the handouts, now giving it to the American minimum wage worker instead of holding the companies that employ these workers accountable to pay livable wages. I guess they teach you take those handouts at boot camp.
The American people, where do you think it comes from? Of every dollar taxpayers pay in income taxes, 24¢ goes to the military – but only 4.8¢ goes to our troops in the form of pay, housing allowances and other benefits (excluding healthcare). Out of the 24¢ on the dollar that taxpayers contribute to military spending, 12¢ goes to military contractors.
It’s not as simple as your mind lets it be. I believe in regulated capitalism with some socialist programs, much like your beloved army, a socialist program, does that answer it for you, private dipsh*t? If not, sorry I can’t dumb it down for you anymore than that.
Facts. you are paid by taxpayer funds, ie: socialism. And not angry just stating facts. You were used for target practice acting as a security guard for oil contractors, not the American People. The US military hasn’t won a war since 1945 (unless you consider Korea a War) and your brethren are offing themselves one every hour. All facts, no anger.
Let me break it down for you, who funds the Army and where does that funding come from? Perhaps get one of your friends that doesn’t have a brain injury or sand in their clam that can spell it out for you, lol, you are too easy.
Again you and your targets are welcome for my tax money, which you didn’t earn because you’ve not won anything since 1945. Facts!
Lol, like you have friends, I figure they were like the rest of your buds, taking the cowards way out, one every hour, hooah cupcake. Keep taking L’s.
And unless you were in WWII you didn’t fight for anyone’s freedom, you just got a government handout to take an “L,” congrats.
Not to pay dipsh*ts like you to stand around the desert so oil companies could get richer, but I'm guessing you are ok with it since you cashed them government checks instead of looking for a real job.
Successful, lol you were in the army dude. That’s where guys like you were tricked into being target practice so oil companies can expand profits all the while living off of government handouts, lol nobody is angry just feel sorry you. You are too dense to see the truth. And as a taxpayer, you are welcome for your government handout, lol.
Lol, too stupid to realize that your career is built on socialism. You literally live off of taxpayers money just like welfare recipients. Dint you have some oil fields to play mall cop over. It would be hilarious but you are so ignorant it’s just sad. I pity you.
Only ignorance on display again. The Big Mac index is a global measure of a global product to measure the value of a dollar, but I wouldn’t expect an Army employee to understand that since all they do is stand around the desert waiting for a handout. Also funny you trash “socialism” while taking money from taxpayers. The irony is lost on you.
I’m sorry did someone hear some whining from the loser soldier in the room? How many wars have you guys won again? Just get your free meal once a year and sit back down. Leave the thinking to those that are educated, stolen valor.
Also answer me this why should the American tax payers be responsible for feeding minimum wage workers instead of the businesses that employ them? I guess you two are fans of welfare, after all you don’t support livable wages. Sounds like “socialists” to me, lol
Well this site keeps moderating the sources but they are out there. Research the big mac index, great info. And only brilliance, what a joke, the resident army brat, talking sh*t again. I’d be happy to explain why you are wrong but you couldn’t afford my services on a soldier’s salary, maybe you can take you G.I. Bill to check some economics classes at community college to better yourself before spewing ignorance.
So....expect Urban Meyer back in the near future after a medical issue in Jacksonville.
I respectfully disagree, if the minimum wage had kept up with inflation it would be close to $13 an hour. The 3 biggest arguments against the $15 minimum wage have been debunked. 1. “Big Macs will be $20” - there is actually great data on this called the “Big Mac Index.” 2. “Small businesses would be destroyed.” - only roughly 15 percent of small businesses have 1 or more employees. The free market is doing a good job of destroying small businesses as it stands now. 3. “Companies will replace workers with automation.” - this is already happening and has nothing to do with wages, even surgeons are being replaced.