Bill Lets Party Belichick

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Bro, thinking your program has vastly improved since last years debacle is a joke. Truth is your talent is depleted, no depth and a new unproven at this level coach in his first year taking over thar train wreck, expect some growing pains, thinking otherwise is the definition of delusion, FL, preseason will be your time to shine my friend, enjoy it while it lasts, lol
Lol, looking at these comments, Florida has replaced TN as the most delusional fan base. Can’t wait for the season to start…
SC should finish somewhere in the 6-6 to 9-3 range.
Bummer will never forget the guts he showed w/that pass to Scott against GA RIP
I got you, but again this is the problem in the East. Right now Stoops and Smart are the only HC’s in the East with more than 2 seasons as HC’s at their respective programs. Roll Tide!
The concerns are valid, the good news is that it’s still GA and they are in the SEC East, where every team is rebuilding. The East should finish like this: 1. GA 2-7. ?
I agree with Beamer on this. With that said, NIL has been a long time coming, NCAA should’ve been prepared for this and you can’t blame the schools that have managed to make NIL work to their advantage. No disrespect to the GOAT, but Saban can’t complain. Going after Texas AM over their “bought” team and then going after little Jackson State just shows that Saban didn’t know how to make NIL work for Bama. He’s treading on old man yelling at clouds territory here. The same can be said about the Transfer Portal, adapt and survive.
Agreed, if they do have to cut the OC loose, which if he can’t make it work Rattler, they should, you got experience to step in.
AFan you just described every team in the East not named GA. It will be wide open in the East and SC should fare well as they injected plenty of experience in key areas thanks to the transfer portal.
Nothing wrong with that, the portal is here. I want a coach that can build a team from both. Coaches that are relying on recruiting cycles alone are going to fall behind, the days of hoarding talent for 3+ years are gone. Adapt and survive.
@bill so it’s safe to say you don’t…also look over the numbers, they don’t lie, she is valid with her statements.
Do either of you hire coaches? Also please explain why more than 90% of coaches in college football/basketball have at least played college ball, and In college football/basketball black players make up more than 60% of the athletes but only are represented by under 24% as coaches. If we are claiming merit and we look to prior experience playing the game as a guidepost, why do the dominant race (statistic wise) not have better representation? The merit thing is a myth, numbers don’t lie, people do.
Legitimate question, do you hire college or pro athletic coaches in any way?
@biggie a “true American” here and I love that we have a successful coach that has opinions and live in a country where you can express those freedoms even if it upsets some snowflakes who obviously b*ttf*ck their sisters
@fuzzzy divisive you mean by calling one side moronic and questioning a college grad’s education, come on man you can’t be serious
Afan your last take kind of contradicts itself, standing by your beliefs leads to success
Uh oh gramps needs a dye dye change and a reminder of the good old days, he’s worked himself up again.
Gator I’ll take a frisco combo, with cherry coke to drink, thank you..
Proud to have a such a successful coach that uses her for platform for her beliefs, like them or not, it’s clearly working as evidenced by the responses by snowflakes on this thread. I thought that one party was supposed to be the party of freedom, lol
Why, what’s she’s doing is relevant to her profession and she has a platform to speak her belief’s. I say keep it up and keep winning.
Lol, at these people trying to take away from Coach Staley because their feelings are hurt because of her political stances, don't change the fact she’s a champ and you are just some rando keyboard snowflake. Don’t like it, go back to your conservative safe space and keep Coach Staley’s name out yo motherf*cking mouth.
Someone get gramps his ensure and change him before his 3rd nap of the day, he’s been watching too much Newsmax and got angry and sh*t himself again.
True, that’s when I knew that Harsin was in over his head and that Auburn had messed up tremendously.
Thankful that Harsin acquired half of Muschamp’s staff salaries so we didn’t have to pay.
Who cares, it’s not like he teabagged someone, oh wait, never mind.