Bill Lets Party Belichick

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@bill, yet SC has as many Natty’s as GA in the last 40 years.
So what you are saying is for the past 40 years you have been just like SC, not getting the job done, talk sh*t when you actually win something for the SEC, until then accept what you are and ride the West’s coattails.
Bragging about winning the East, really that’s your comeback. You trash SC and try to brag about winning the East, lol, try again. Just admit you are like every other team in the East, happy that Bama and LSU has carried the SEC banner the last decade, if it was up to the East, no one would care about the SEC, facts.
@ Bill, Wasn’t Israel Mukuamu a 3-star, how did that work out in Athens, lol
That’s because they remember the last time SC came to Athens with a 3 star DB and shut down their season.
You and a lot of other teams sicem, good get with Gunnar.
The irony coming from an Army fan, I see you are still taking L’s and coming back for more. In your best year and our worst we still get picked for a bowl game and you don’t.
9th or 10th in the SEC, but still number 1 in Athens.
I’m interested to watch Hillinski at Northwestern. He is a solid kid and was on a roll until the injury against GA and never bounced back. And for whatever reason Bobo dropped the ball with him. Although I’m excited about our new staff, I hold no animosity towards Will Muschamp, he brought in some talent, coached the right way and left us better off than Spurrier did. Has Muschamp become official at GA yet?
Still to be determined but he didn’t pan out at Utah either, hate it for him.
Congrats Bulldogs, you are getting a good one. Can’t blame the kid, just hope he doesn’t get lost in an overcrowded QB room.
Strongly disagree. It’s very commendable that he stayed instate and that he has stepped up every time he has been called upon. With 2020 a wash, I believe he’s still just a sophomore and by year's end and barring injury, he will be an x-factor going into his junior year. Not saying he will be playing on Sundays one day, but SC has been known to produce an NFL receiver or two.
Don’t think too hard, it’s not your strong suit, perhaps get one of your non PTSD buddies to go back and review this exchange and explain how you took all the L’s. Try not to take anyone else out when you realized your government used you for oil and you decide to become a statistic. Oh and don’t worry, we the taxpayers will cover the funeral costs. Since I’m bored with verbally kicking your a$$ all day, I’ll give you one W. You can have the last word. Knock your little war-battered heart out little buddy you earned it for all the gas companies you helped profit.
Lol, you are so pathetic, no wonder you got conned into wasting your life for minimum wage or what ever it is you gel or paid. I bet the jodys had fun with your wife while you were eating sand. No wonder so many of you take the easy way out. Best of luck in life, government puppet.
Not bitter at all. And to answer your question, my doctorate is in engineering. I enjoy living in this country and respect the ones who fought for our freedoms. I’m just not a fan of those who claim stolen valor when in all actuality, all they did was kill in the name of oil. My thanks to you are pennies on the dollar so you can get your trailer on the GI Bill. As far as my university, make fun all you want, but after seeing your lack of critical thinking, I can rest easy knowing you would never get a degree there. Have fun raising a “Jody’s” kid or whatever it is you grunts do.
I guess I’d be offended if I was an instructor, even though community college art instructors make more than army grunts, but I digress. It’s still so sad that you are clinging to the myth that you somehow defended the country as opposed to stealing land so Oil companies could get richer. Meanwhile, your wives are here, lonely getting taken care of by every small-town bar loser. Then you come home with your hurt feelings and missing limbs and guys like me pay for your therapy, prosthetics and food for illegitimate kids. I’ll gladly pay more taxes so I don’t have to deal with your feelings. Man up and move on, the sooner you accept the truth the sooner you can move on and make something of yourself.
Quite the opposite poot, no nerves struck by an outdated overvalued army employee. Quite the opposite, I feel pity that you really think you are making a difference while being underpaid to do the bidding of private interests, while being told you are fighting for our freedoms.
Cool assumption hero, but I’m sorry you are offended by facts. Facts, you cannot deny. Facts that can each be backed up by sources. Maybe you should take your pity party to someone who cares, perhaps the Golden Corral on your annual vets eat free day. Since we are playing the assume game. It’s my experience that true heroes don’t need to attempt to brag about their service for respect. Respect is earned not given.
Not as bad as I expected, too many questions in the secondary. Smith really needs a redemption year and interested to see White back there.
There you go assuming. And where did you get your history lessons, from your recruiter? The US has not won a war since WWII unless you count Desert Storm a success, which is debatable. Also no war since WWII has been tied to the freedoms of the US, only foreign interests. These are facts. Also I am a member of the VFW and the Sons of the Legionaries. My grandfather and father fought in the armed services and I’m far from a coward, just educated enough to see there wasn’t a fiscal reason to join the armed forces. There is a reason recruiters target the poor and the poorly educated. Hookah, friendo
Dude should be an OC somewhere by now. Don’t blame him for leaving. At least he gets to coach some great former SEC talents like D’Andre Swift and Kerryon Johnson and not to mention some guy named Adrian Peterson.
I’ll play along. I got my undergrad at Western Carolina and finished my Master’s and Doctorate at USC.