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He also picked SC to upset Tenn. Not my game day advisor :)
Rarefied air. Love the guys no one wanted making a name for themselves (Bennett and MacKonkey).
Beamer won the lottery. It's what you get when you hire a kid with minimal qualifications.
Wasn't impressed at all with the little I saw of Beck. Had the deer in the headlights look. I think Stetson will be back. He loves playing.
Winning with two players no one recruited, Bennett and MacKonkey. I love it! Let The Mailman play!!!!!!
I have the utmost respect for Kentucky's coach, and your fans. You have a class ball club. I predicted a month ago that you would finish second in the East. Hope I am still right and it's not first :) Looking forward to a great game!
I thought Bobo called a great game, and Nix looked great. Nice compliment from Harsin.
Nix was the best QB we have seen this year. Only one we couldn't catch.
Well, you lost your money...too bad. Yes, Beamer is a horrid coach. Look no further than the 1st down on Tennessee's 1 yard line. Only Beamer could screw that up.
You want to talk Division championships? AP top 25 rankings? Didn't think so.
Can't believe they fired Muschamp for this. I am sure there is a worse coach than Beamer, but none comes to mind. Five years is a long time of Beamer ball....enjoy.
Tried to tell him. Beamer is a moron. Glad they have him for another 5 years. Muschamp, as bad as he was, was better.
There defense is solid, and much better than yours.
Why do I keep reading this stupid stuff? SC has no offense. Tenn has better coaching and is at home. Tenn should have no problem. No one has led Georgia this season. Now you are saying a team that should have lost to Georgia State is going to give us problems? C'mon Joe, you can do better than that! Unicorns and fairy dust don't make up for talent.
Wow! No competing with that. Please don't puke on us :)
Never worried at all. Game was well in hand from the start. 200 yards more of offense, twice as many first downs...and took a quarter off. You should be glad we didn't drill you in the 4th qtr.
That was the highlight of your last decade of irrelevance.
Your going to lose to a team that struggled to beat Troy at home? Okay, guess you are on that level.
UGA did score 40, and played scrubs the entire second half. We took it easy on you.
What makes you so sure Bennett can't beat Alabama? He was beating Alabama and Florida last year before getting injured. The defense lost those games. Here is a fact for you: Bennetts pass efficiency rating of 214.78 would rank second in the NCAA
Mailman can probably run the rest of the regular schedule. Don't need JT till Atlanta.
100% agree. Prentice made those holes. Bobo > Satterfield. You would think with all those practices they could decide who runs the football the best before game time. This staff has no clue.
Since he is at Georgia, and not worked out better for us than you. You will never see him in a LSU uniform again.