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But you have no problem offering felony domestic violent offenders scholarships. Jonathan Taylor says hello.
College football is over as we knew it. RIP. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Some legal genius better figure something out. It's crazy now, and with this coming down the pipe it's going to get really stupid.
Contracts! Schools are going to have to use contracts to protect themselves. Same exact contract at every school. You leave, you pay back the benefits you received.
I'm seeing that. First mistake was not locking down Saban's defensive staff. Wash. had a poor defense, no need bringing that staff.
Anyone want to guess where Downs will be next year?
Where do you get that? Most Georgia fans like Bobo.
SC didn't like Bobo either, who was probably their best OC post Spurrier....and is more qualified to be a HC than Beamer. Go figure.
It's always been Kirby's defense anyway. Benefit of having a HC that excelled at the coordinator level. Seems Bama is making a push to get TROB back.
If he is successful in bringing Caleb Downs and/or Isiah Bonds to UGA then it is a very good hire. Saban and Alabama were high on him, so we will see.
Who is this ACC hack? I've been reading about him crying about FSU, over and over. Now this? I doubt you Bama fans have Dabo at the top of your list.
Georgia's offense ranked 61 under Coley, which is pretty bad. He was asked to leave after that season. Anyone can recruit at Georgia, it's a brand name. Maybe he works out for you, but his past resume raises eyebrows. Always enjoy talking football with you BLP.
Probably the reason Fromm left early. He was bad at Georgia. Lasted 1 year, and we saw enough.
Probably the worst possible hire. He was horrid at UGA.
FSU has no argument. Georgia stomped them with their third string. Georgia however probably does...but we ain't crying over spilt milk. We will leave that to you FSU cry babies.
Yeah, I dug that funky little dance he did after scoring. Better not do that in a close game or Kirby will have his azz.
I'm thinking a return guy to replace Mews.
Who evaluated Mario? Whoever did should be fired. Mario should have been a day 1 starter. Fans knew right away. It took the coaches a quarter of the season to figure it out. You pay these guys all this money and they can't tell the difference in talent. Playing QB's all over the field, while talent wastes away on the bench...big joke.
Sorry bub, but when you go undefeated in the SEC in the regular makes you a top 5 team. Nobody is going to buy what you are peddling.
Clemson makes that 28 yard FG and we aren't even having this discussion. Anyone realize how bad that Clemson offense really was this year? Compare what UGA did to KY, and Clemson vs Ky....and FSU squeaking by Clemson. FSU was never CFP material. THEY WEREN'T THAT GOOD!
And that was the only points you scored! Finally found the Gamecocks on TV after looking was on the History Channel!
Freakin idiot! Our strength of schedule was better than FSU and Michigans. Look it up!
We know exactly how FSU would have done. You barely beat Clemson and Boston College. Georgia's 3rd string kicked your azz!
You talking about the guy that puts "Maraschino Cherry" in every post, which I have no idea what the heck that even means? He's an idiot. Why waste my time. He went on for a year about Bullard clobbering Marvin Harrison last year. Always some fool around. I'm with you Ron, FSU gets beat regardless.