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Cade's daddy doesn't know how to properly sit in a chair and the university gets sued...really? The correct decision is to make Cade sit a year. Playing with your brother is not a valid reason. The NCAA needs to be consistent and have defined rules.
Yes, not only did we have to beat Bama, but we had to beat the refs too. Still we had our opportunities to land the knock out punch...just came up a little short. Don't sit there and tell me Bama fans have never blamed the refs for a loss.
Seems I remember SC beating Bama awhile back too. Lightning strikes every now and then. If that game was played a hundred times over Georgia wins 99 of them. Yes, all fan bases cry about refs....but some cry really loud and forever.
Joe Burrows was very special and was the difference, but we are talking about this year aren't we?
Man, you sound like a South Carolina fan blaming the You do know UGA's recruiting classes over the last 4 years have been insane. We got rid of Coley, and have a bunch of QB's that are highly rated. We have a top 5 team...
Oh yeah, and Clemson handled Ohio State last year, and those two teams haven't changed that much. I'll go with the Coaches Poll.
You lost most of your coaches and many of your top players. LSU was special...last year!
Has Dan Mullen ever beaten Kirby? I'm not buying into your Florida thing, especially "if a RB can be located". Georgia has RB's and maybe the best defense in the country.
I agree with you. I feel real good about Newman. JT Daniels may need a year to get that knee back to 100% anyway. Newman this year, Daniels next year is how I see this working out....and that's fine by me.
I thought he was so-so at Auburn. I've seen better. Really happy with Dan Lanning, I'll take him any day over Muschamp.
Muschamp is a bad coach, and was a bad hire. Tanner paid way too much for a coach nobody was going to hire. Not sure SC has the money for that RICH contract. Can't wait to see who Tanner hires next, and for how much...that will be interesting. Tanner is the first they should replace, imo.
I would think the passing game would be worse, and the running game better. Muschamp never had a real good RB. Lloyd may change that. There are not any receivers of Edwards caliber, really see a drop off there.
I am not counting this as a miss: "No. 165 receiver prospect in the country" Lot's of very lowly ranked recruits over there. Guess Muschamp knows what he's doing.
My son goes to Clemson, beautiful and safe campus. I would not want him walking around Columbia at night. I have the utmost respect for The Tide.
Too small for the SEC. His only SEC offer was SC. Hopefully the wind doesn't blow him over.
"If I had to put $100 down today I would put it on Florida." And that's why you don't have a $100 today!
rolltide 517, He started at Wake, and was probably the 2nd best QB in the ACC.Some analysts have him projected as a 1st round draft pick. Posts like that make you look like the "joke".
JP is widening the gap over SC in case you haven't noticed. Agreed, bye bye.
Everyone at UGA was off for that game. SC needed everything to fall perfectly in place to win that game. In games that really mattered, Hot Rod was the Rose Bowl.
Nobody counts leans...that's just wishful thinking. They are all leans until Kirby shows up.
Maybe you should look at the season as a whole. We led the SEC in almost every defensive category. Until Dan Mullet actually beats Kirby, Florida is a fools pick.
We did alright against the number 1 offense, considering our offense couldn't stay on the field. Ya'll were good, but our defense was good too.
Georgia will have a NC caliber defense. The same defense that shut Florida, and everyone else, down last year is about to get better.
This may be our best defense ever. Looking forward to seeing me some Kellee Ringo. Hope we can keep Dan Lanning. I think he is going to be a hot commodity.