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Pretty sure he will be starting by the time Notre Dame rolls into town. AJ Green type receivers don't ride the pine for long.
Quit telling everyone about our "secret weapon".....shhhh, it's a secret.
Looks about right. We ate Bentley's lunch last year, as did UVA and many others.
No running game since Mike Davis. Who knows what you get from Bently one game to another. Muschamp and offense don't exactly go together. Have not scored in the last 6 qtrs, shut out by UVA.Dowdle a thousand yards?, yeah right...won't happen. Would not set that ceiling too high... It's going to be a tough year.
I don't think Campbell is a bust. Stokes replaced Campbell because Campbell had trouble covering. Stokes did an excellent job, and at this point is better than Campbell. I realize Campbell was only a true freshman last year, and will get better. Right now Stokes is my boy.
You must not be doing your homework very well. George Pickins is the name coming out of Georgia's camp. Write it down everyone will know his name after the season. Also, Eric Stokes is the lock down corner, not Campbell. Nice picks, but you missed on both.
Fields is a bust. Doesn't even know the playbook.
I can count on one hand how many times your Cocks have won in Athens. Muschamp has never beaten Kirby, and never will. Better get use to it.