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Well, they will most likely end up with Gunner Stockton. Not much left to steal from SC....except maybe Cocky.
Auburn has a real HC, OL, and WR's. What you got?
I believe you mean Gunner Stockton, and yes you may get him. He is tight with Bobo. Dell is not leaving. That's a dream.
You know that AP Coach of the year at CCU has HC experience and a loyal staff. Nobody is buying into Beamer ball. Now I am hearing the RB coach may leave too. Beamer has very few coaches left and few quality recruits (if any). He's losing better players on the team than what's coming in. Maybe it works out, but right now this has disaster written all over it.
He was only with Muschamp for 1 year, on a team with little talent, but he improved SC's run game immensely....behind a very average OL. Bobo was the lone bright spot on a dismal team. I can not agree with your assessment.
Does he get Gunner Stockton with this hire? GC's aren't going to like that.
Solid OC. Always liked Bobo. He called some nifty plays at SC with minimum talent. Burned us with a double reverse flea flicker.
Don't look now, but a second SC DL just hit the portal. 4 star Joe Anderson. Beamer ain't gettin the love lately.
Starters hitting the portal, Beamer has a problem.
Mullen has made you the joke and embarrassment of the SEC. Enjoy your probation.
Should have kept his mouth shut. He just killed his recruiting, ala Spurrier "I'm retiring".
Fields has not gotten any further to a NCS than Fromm at this point. On the other hand OSU traded Joe Burrow for did that work out?
But we know a penis now. Congratulations, you win the prize.
Why would you pass against USCjr? We ran forever right up the middle. Oh, I see you are attempting to cast shade because you aren't going to the CFP!
He won't play safety for us, but I am sure Kirby will find a spot for an All SEC Freshman.
I like Smart, and he has way more coaching experience than Beamer. But hey, who knows maybe Beamer works out...I just said it is a high risk hire, and it is.
Pipe dream. This was a high risk hire. They will be back to square one in five years.
Sure, whatever. Enjoy your probation. It was well deserved.
Never thought I would see the day a two win team went to a bowl. What a disgrace. Bowls are meaningless now.
I hope he stays on that island. No offense but his defenses were bad at SC and Auburn. I don't want him anywhere near Georgia.