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I think we are loaded. No worries here. You know if someone gave me 75 million, I would send a card and flowers. Seems like your upstate rival came out smelling like a rose. Meanwhile SC came out smelling like a pile of poop as usual. Poor way to treat a very generous alum.
For food or kicks? You don't seem to know the difference, so are evil.
Yep, Muschamp brought in Gunner Stockton. Beamer is still searching for a QB and his first 5 star recruit. Muschamp is an asset in the film room. So think about that.
I think Zamir got that against Florida on one play. Personally, I think our back ups are better than Zamir. Harris is a good back, runs hard and is strong enough to survive the rigors of the SEC. A major improvement over your previous backs that wanted to come out every other play. I will not say a super star back until he does something against a team with a decent run defense, but that is just my opinion, and I am sure he may play on Sundays.
I do judge people by what they do to animals. Disciplining an animal and destroying an animal are two different things. I don't hang out with wife beaters either.
If you kick your dogs, then you are a despicable human being, as well. Animal cruelty is a felony in some states, because some of us are tired of people like you hurting animals. Go pick on someone your own size tough guy.
A card to someone that has given so much would have been nice. SC drops the ball a lot.
Not at all. No excuse for the senseless destruction of an innocent baby animal. I have no sympathy for these people.
53 yds vs UGA, 58 yds vs MO, 39 yds vs TAMU, 83 yds vs AUB, 55 yds vs TN. Yeah he feasted on Vandy, Ole Miss and did everyone else.
We held him to a measly 53 yards last year. He got his yards off bad defenses. That big FB also helped pave the way as an extra blocker. I doubt he will do much against us. There are some bad defenses on SC's schedule. I am sure he will make a name for himself against those. Not sure what to make of this coaching staff or their OL. Bobo was good at coaching the run, and I don't think Beamer will be as good.
Maybe not. They used a FB last year, and he was dang good. Bobo knew how to set up the run. We will see.
Beamer may not be a better coach, we will see. You knew you were getting a bad HC in Muschamp, but you hired him anyway. Gave him too much money for a coach that no one else was going to hire as a HC. Beamer has no track record, so you don't know what you are getting.
Why don't you and Dawn keep your politics to yourself. I don't care. It has no business in sports. The ignorant bigots are the ones trying to ram their liberal agenda down our throats.
No work = no pay. Fat boy just wants to party and never grow up.
I don't know about that. The guy has never managed a clock or put together a game plan. Minor position coach that never earned his chops may not be better than Muschamp.
She lost me when she brought George Floyd into it. When you can quit playing the race card, and generate the same amount of revenue...then I'll listen.
Kellee Ringo, newcomer because has not played a snap yet, and he will probably be better than what you named.
I'm with you. I like Frank, he gave his best even when he was sick and a shell of himself. He should get another year.
Someone ought to sue these people that make accusations and have zero proof. Either put up, or shut up.
Dang, hit enter before I finished. Bobo has limitations. Running game improved at SC when he added the FB. I think the running game will regress under Beamer. Anyhow, Bobo is a good OC for a running team, but I am riding the Monken train, and that looks like the path to go.
Monken is much better. We have a QB and recievers, need to build a solid passing game.
I would take Stokes. Stokes was always the solid lock down corner for us. Great kid, hard worker, team player. DGD.
I can't believe it either. Not buying SC, Tn, Vandy and Ky have better receivers than Auburn.
Bobo improved SC's running game 100%. Bobo's game has always been having a good running game with short passes. I doubt he will improve the QB much. You may not miss Bobo now, but after a season of Beamer ball you may regret him leaving. Bobo has his limitations, but he is a decent OC.
Glad he is not at Florida either, although I think we beat them regardless.