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I am not counting this as a miss: "No. 165 receiver prospect in the country" Lot's of very lowly ranked recruits over there. Guess Muschamp knows what he's doing.
My son goes to Clemson, beautiful and safe campus. I would not want him walking around Columbia at night. I have the utmost respect for The Tide.
Too small for the SEC. His only SEC offer was SC. Hopefully the wind doesn't blow him over.
"If I had to put $100 down today I would put it on Florida." And that's why you don't have a $100 today!
rolltide 517, He started at Wake, and was probably the 2nd best QB in the ACC.Some analysts have him projected as a 1st round draft pick. Posts like that make you look like the "joke".
JP is widening the gap over SC in case you haven't noticed. Agreed, bye bye.
Everyone at UGA was off for that game. SC needed everything to fall perfectly in place to win that game. In games that really mattered, Hot Rod was the Rose Bowl.
Nobody counts leans...that's just wishful thinking. They are all leans until Kirby shows up.
Maybe you should look at the season as a whole. We led the SEC in almost every defensive category. Until Dan Mullet actually beats Kirby, Florida is a fools pick.
We did alright against the number 1 offense, considering our offense couldn't stay on the field. Ya'll were good, but our defense was good too.
Georgia will have a NC caliber defense. The same defense that shut Florida, and everyone else, down last year is about to get better.
This may be our best defense ever. Looking forward to seeing me some Kellee Ringo. Hope we can keep Dan Lanning. I think he is going to be a hot commodity.
We got a whole team of 5 star players, not just 2. Good luck with your prima donna, he seems like a basket case.
What is the Roquan route? I can deliver Burch, but it's going to cost. Contact me, and I will let you know how to fill out the money order.
Well, obviously not Burch. Something is up when you sign a fake LOI. I don't think it is the attention he wants. Seems more like he doesn't want to go there.
SC has to be an incomplete. Burch has not signed his LOI. There is drama there, and if they lose Burch...can you still call the Gamecocks winners? I would say, NO. Dawg fans have to be happy. I know I am. You lost a recruit to Colorado!
I'm hearing mom and son aren't seeing eye to eye. Burch needs to make the decision that is right for him. Mom needs to step back.
Something fishy going on.SC does not have a signed LOI from Burch. Lot's of discussion that Burch's momma wants him at SC, but Burch has other ideas.
Actually as of this evening, Burch has not signed his LOI. Kornblutt reports that there is a family discussion, and the kid does not want to go to SC.
Why would we hire Champ? Lanning turned in the number 1 defense last year. You know that right? You can have Chump.
I never said you would not sign them. There were a lot of G'cock fans that were pretty nervous too. I don't think anyone knew for sure. Especially with Burch going to LSU on his own dime.
Neither Burch or Huntley are signed. Both have continued to visit elsewhere. They do not appear to locks.
Is this a play for Burch and Huntley? Could be.
Florida will not win the East, and Will is not losing his job (not this year at least). Wasted drivel you wrote.