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Clemson needs a QB. Good luck JT. You were a class act.
We whipped you like a rented mule on both lines of scrimmage in the 4th quarter! Yeah, we are better.
I have been a Bennett fan since day 1. I was often in the minority, may still be. He took a lot of flack from some of the fans. We would be fortunate to get him back, but I hope he is happy in whatever he chooses. The kid is a gamer and always gave 100% of himself. Best you can ever ask for. He will always be my quarterback!
Bennett beat out all those 5 star QB's, won a natty....and you left him off your list of top 5 returning SEC QB's O'Gara !!!!!!!!!!
Kirby got it right.Fields put up a measly 24 points vs Alabama, and a lousy 51% completion rate. Never liked the prima donna, glad he left.
Right. His hatred of Georgia just causes him to spew out the most ridiculous nonsense...and then of course he disappears. I understand homers, but this guy is just a fool.
I like this one pre-Michigan from you Gwhite too: "kirkm TN will thump Purdue while once again UGA chokes and embarrasses themselves on a nation playoff stage where they got no business being, yet Your coach will stupidly continue to allow JT to ride the bench and play Bennett. Than you will come back on here crying and complaining like a few weeks ago not understanding why this keeps happening to your team. It's like watching Bubba Gump explain to Sling Blade, "Why this happened Forest".. LOL" Seems all year, no matter who we are playing, you say we never have a chance, especially with Bennett. Well gw, if you are betting man you are now broke. Thanks for the laughs!
Not what you said Gwhite, you are the joke. Remember your pre-Michigan post: "This is a true take. Cade can sling it and is accurate with the ball. They can beat you up both ways. By far imo, Michigan is the better offensive team based on who they have played vs UGA's schedule. Also, very close on D and imo, the line advantage favors Michigan. I don't believe Bennett matches up well with the Michigan D. How well you think UGA will do again Michigan, probably depends on who you think the better team is between Bama and Michigan. I think UGA is about to get another post season reality check by a team that just might be better than Bama, or at the very least, as good. UGA needs JT to win this game imo because the UGA run game against the Michigan D? An air raid is needed to beat Michigan or at least get in a shootout with the potential to win. Not sure UGA can do that with Bennett against this kind of depth, it didn't against Bama."
Yeah right. Michigan had a highly rated defense. Seems Auburn's D virtually shut out his team. gwhite is always short on facts and long on bull.
My bet is that Stockton and Vandergriff stay. They are young, and will compete for the starting position soon enough. I think Bennett comes back. Beck, I really don't care. I don't think he makes the cut with what we have already on board. JT will probably hit the portal, and probably Beck too. Could be wrong, but I'm guessing this is how it probably works out.
Amen brother! What a disgrace. O'Gara lost whatever credibility he had left.
He won every game he started this year, except the Alabama game...which is more than any QB not named Bryce Young. So yeah, he definitely belongs on the list!
I have to agree. He picked a QB in his top 5 that rode the bench all year. The QB's that did produce and have the stats to show it were ignored. Rattler may well turn into a good QB, but obviously Lincoln Riley felt he had better in the back up.
Yet Stetson Bennett is the no2 QB in the country by QBR. He should be high on your list. Stats don't lie.
Defense can not lose the match up with Bama's OL this time around, or they will carve us up again. Have to win the battle in the trenches. That is where the game will be won or lost.
Yes, UGA has a lot to be proud of...they are regular contenders for the SEC, and are in yet another CFP. Ya'll played a good game, but to talk NC after beating a team that has not been very good all year is pretty ridiculous.
But we are there! Remember Georgia Tech curb stomped UNC too.
SC will never win the SEC, much less a NC. Keep fantasizing. I've watched SC football forever and it ain't happening.
Excellent analysis. The defense was thoroughly disappointing.
Smart is an excellent coach. I would not put too much stock into it. Kirby is safe.
Bama's OL shut down Georgia's pressure. Better fix that first. Never though Georgia's DL would get beat like that. Games are won in the trenches.
Well said. Bet he is poison in the locker room. Good luck to whoever gets him.
Yet they are an unbiased source, which you are not. Georgia generally runs it in when they get to the red zone, so the TD stat is misleading. Fact is: Bennett completes more passes for greater yardage. Everything else is mute.
Yet PFF has Bennett ranked as the second best QB, right behind Grayson McCall. This is after defining every single measurable and stat. So yes, Bennett is better.