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I'm dancing in the streets. I knew our defense would be solid next year. Now we got an offense to go with it! Big time football. Excellent job Kirby!
Hold him to his LOI. He can enter the transfer portal and sit out a year.
Lannings number 1 defense just got significantly better.
Let's just say Florida has an all time losing record to Georgia 53-43-2. You will need at least 10 years just to tie. That makes us your daddy!
Troll claims not to be a troll. We know one when we see one. A prick is a prick.
He did not flip. He decommitted. Says he will decide later. Georgia is still a school he is considering.
You already lost the argument when you bring in "well this team we beat, beat you". Fact is you have not beat us in a very long time, and Tenn. is probably the last source we need on coaching or anything else. Go enjoy your own mess.
Bobo was always popular with the majority of the fan base. I don't know where you come up with that. His offenses always averaged pretty well in scoring. High scores = happy fans
Defense killed him. His offense was not bad.
Lannings Defense + Bobo's Offense = NC
Nothing at this point will make some of those SC fans happy, other than a complete overhaul. Bobo led the SEC in points scored his final year, which led to his HC gig. SC was at the bottom end of offense this year. How SC fans don't feel this is a major upgrade is beyond me. SC doesn't deserve Bobo.
I'm totally down with that. Bobo knows offense, not to mention recruits well. Fire Coley, hire Bobo.
Win and we are in. He kept us out of nothing. We control our destiny. At worst, we have 3 SEC East titles in 3 years. Top that!
Clemson would be relevant in the SEC. SC would not even be relevant in the ACC. You SC fans need to get your house in order before you say anything about Clemson.
Hate to break it to you, but SC still would have a losing record if they had Clemson's schedule.
I have no problem with Chaney, and he is better than Coley.Our offense was better under Chaney. There are other OC's available to us that are better than both. I have confidence Kirby will make a change for the better.
Defense is solid this year. Not sure where you are going with that. Glad you have Chaney. I sense you are trying to rub a little salt, but I don't think anyone at Georgia really cares. We can do better. Coley was an unknown and was given his chance. I'm pretty sure we will have a new OC next year.
And 6 points in 3 quarters. No one is going to call that dominating football.....DUDE!
Cry me a river. You want a tissue? No team benefited more than the other. Maybe they lost due to the -1 rushing, or maybe because they couldn't do jack for 3 quarters?
No, I want Coley gone at the end of the year. Rumors are Bobo may return as OC. There are much better OC's available. Hire one!
You gave up 38 to Vandy. There are no sure wins in college football. I like our chances. Our defense can keep us in any game, and no one has broken 20 in regulation.
Quit blaming the refs. You sound like a broken record. The calls were consistent for both teams. Our defense won that game, plain and simple. Get over it.
These guys act like it is their first rodeo. You don't leak this kind of information. Damage is done.
Well Coley was not it. Muschamp will figure it out in another 20 years. Give the man time, he's rebuilding from the mess he