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To be fair, Hilsinki and Doty never showed they were better than Hill. BoBo installed SC's best running game in a decade.
Vandy is/was definitely worse. Pittman is a class act. I knew he would turn Arkansas around quick.
I agree. He lost me at Georgia Tech and Emory. If you are not competing for division titles, ranked in the top 20 consistently,playing in prime time, are probably not a national brand. ImperialMajestyX02 does not have a clue.
Georgia is a brand, and Atlanta is a major market. We can compete with Tuscaloosa.
Harris had an awesome FullBack in front of him. I agree with the author, good defenses shut him down.
Horn would have gone to the NFL regardless of whether he went to SC or not. While Horn was a quitter, he was far from the only one. Seems like there was a mass exodus of coaches and players. Personally I feel the coaching staff hooked up with the first available job other, rather than work for someone they considered an underling in the profession. Sure there is much more to the story that we will never hear.
Well, you probably aren't killing it when half your classed is signed, and you don't have a single player in the top 200...and only a couple in the top 500.
I'm going off what Beamer has brought in since he became the HC, which isn't overwhelming. Not hard to recruit when the HC is named Spurrier. The 5 stars do make UGA a playoff contender.
Oh yeah, and Fromm was never a 5 star. He was a 4 star according to 247.
I have my doubts as to whether those 3 and 2 star guys will ever get you to the promised land....but yeah, every now and then one works out. Seems recruiting was better under Muschamp. Shane ain't really lighting it up.
Agree, he is a d1ck. I get tired of reading his crap all the time too. Kirby will be around longer than Saban. That has him worried, so he feels he must be the t@rd in the punch bowl on every UGA article.
Yeah, I like him. Didn't he get signed by a NFL team? If so, good for him. Hard for a FB to get signed. I think he set Harris up for a lot of those yards. Seemed he was always in someones face.
Big game choke artists aren't a play away from a NC. Kirby will do just fine, just ask Baker Mayfield.
That FB had to be a key loss. That guy was a load, and blocked better than most linemen.
I could be wrong, but the Beamer hire excites me about as much as Richard Bell.
Doty is going to have to prove he can throw down field. Quirky game, 6 wasted possessions gave SC the game...2 missed FG, and 4 turnovers. Doubt lightning strikes twice. Looking forward to seeing what kind of coach Beamer actually is, since no one has a clue.
SC is going to have a hard time with everyone loading the box.
Couldn't take much from this Spring game, if you want to call it that, since it was extremely limited. What I got from it, either the run defense is as bad as last year, or the 3rd string RB and TE are exceptional RB's. Doty really didn't do much. Seems the back up made the better passes.
He is in role suited for him, analyst. Seems we have benefited in recruiting too, thank to his presence. FL made the mistake of making him a HC, but only someone as dumb as Ray Tanner would make that mistake twice.
I would bet on Coastal. SC may be the 4th best team in the state now after: Clemson, Coastal and the Citadel...Putting Citadel in there because they won the last head to head match up.
I think we are loaded. No worries here. You know if someone gave me 75 million, I would send a card and flowers. Seems like your upstate rival came out smelling like a rose. Meanwhile SC came out smelling like a pile of poop as usual. Poor way to treat a very generous alum.
For food or kicks? You don't seem to know the difference, so are evil.
Yep, Muschamp brought in Gunner Stockton. Beamer is still searching for a QB and his first 5 star recruit. Muschamp is an asset in the film room. So think about that.
I think Zamir got that against Florida on one play. Personally, I think our back ups are better than Zamir. Harris is a good back, runs hard and is strong enough to survive the rigors of the SEC. A major improvement over your previous backs that wanted to come out every other play. I will not say a super star back until he does something against a team with a decent run defense, but that is just my opinion, and I am sure he may play on Sundays.
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