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Nobody counts leans...that's just wishful thinking. They are all leans until Kirby shows up.
Maybe you should look at the season as a whole. We led the SEC in almost every defensive category. Until Dan Mullet actually beats Kirby, Florida is a fools pick.
We did alright against the number 1 offense, considering our offense couldn't stay on the field. Ya'll were good, but our defense was good too.
Georgia will have a NC caliber defense. The same defense that shut Florida, and everyone else, down last year is about to get better.
This may be our best defense ever. Looking forward to seeing me some Kellee Ringo. Hope we can keep Dan Lanning. I think he is going to be a hot commodity.
We got a whole team of 5 star players, not just 2. Good luck with your prima donna, he seems like a basket case.
What is the Roquan route? I can deliver Burch, but it's going to cost. Contact me, and I will let you know how to fill out the money order.
Well, obviously not Burch. Something is up when you sign a fake LOI. I don't think it is the attention he wants. Seems more like he doesn't want to go there.
SC has to be an incomplete. Burch has not signed his LOI. There is drama there, and if they lose Burch...can you still call the Gamecocks winners? I would say, NO. Dawg fans have to be happy. I know I am. You lost a recruit to Colorado!
I'm hearing mom and son aren't seeing eye to eye. Burch needs to make the decision that is right for him. Mom needs to step back.
Something fishy going on.SC does not have a signed LOI from Burch. Lot's of discussion that Burch's momma wants him at SC, but Burch has other ideas.
Actually as of this evening, Burch has not signed his LOI. Kornblutt reports that there is a family discussion, and the kid does not want to go to SC.
Why would we hire Champ? Lanning turned in the number 1 defense last year. You know that right? You can have Chump.
I never said you would not sign them. There were a lot of G'cock fans that were pretty nervous too. I don't think anyone knew for sure. Especially with Burch going to LSU on his own dime.
Neither Burch or Huntley are signed. Both have continued to visit elsewhere. They do not appear to locks.
Is this a play for Burch and Huntley? Could be.
Florida will not win the East, and Will is not losing his job (not this year at least). Wasted drivel you wrote.
I think we did. All the Alabama fans are posting all over the place. Seems like the whole state of Alabama is on this article. They must be scared. They already know our defense is better than their's. Looks like our offense is headed that way too.
Is that the same SC that was shut out by another crappy ACC (UVA) defense 28-0. I'm kind of missing all you Bama boy's points. Guess Clemson still rubs you guys the wrong way.
My name is not Adam Schiff. Post all your irritating comments at your pleasure. I was just noticing that you seem to have an obsession with Georgia. Did we touch you?
I really don't understand your obsession with UGA articles, and your constant needling of UGA fans. I don't think I have read a single Alabama article, and I know I have never commented on one. Ya'll just don't interest me. Do you have some type of inferiority complex in life that you are compensating for, or are you just bored with your life?
Yep, you talked trash last year, Just as I told will not get past LSU, and you didn't. Yet you insisted that Bama would win the West, and be in the NC. Same old bravado as last were wrong then, and probably full of it again.
"You don’t need a great offensive line in the ACC. The defenses are trash there." Really? Clemson ate your lunch big boy!
I'm dancing in the streets. I knew our defense would be solid next year. Now we got an offense to go with it! Big time football. Excellent job Kirby!
Hold him to his LOI. He can enter the transfer portal and sit out a year.
Lannings number 1 defense just got significantly better.