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Bad coaches don't load up on 5 star talent. UGA had no problem scoring last year, and won't this year. Good luck trying to cover the 3 TE's Georgia is going to throw at you.
Really doesn't matter if you have a host of 3 stars coming back but the other team just reloaded with a bunch of 5 that 10% return rate is no longer in your favor.
Never mind. I had to dig real deep. I see an offer from a year ago. He will have to work real hard to see the field at Georgia.
I don't see where UGA has offered or that Kirby even offered him a visit. He is pretty low by Georgia standards.
Yet you only beat 4 SEC teams last year.....yawn.
Do we even need a QB this year? Seems we have 3 with 4 years of eligibility capable of winning championships.
Yeah, I've seen a lot of these over hyped players flop. We will see.
Engbare was good last year, but he is gone. The rest weren't so good. Opponents averaged 4.7 yards per carry. That's pretty bad. I think SC's offense will be much better, but the defense will not be as good. That guy that made all those interceptions is gone too.
Never said Muschamp was a good HC, he wasn't. What I said was that Beamer despite his enthusiasm has yet to prove he is a better coach.
I saw an announcement on SDS recently: "ELITE" so an so commits to...clicked on the article and it was a low 3 star player. This guy is elite, but I guess you reserve that adjective for someone no one really cares where they went. Very nice pick up though, one to actually get excited about.
Probably the best QB Georgia saw. Kirby respects him, and Dan Lanning snatched him.
I agree, and losing Nix was bad. Nix is a better QB than anything remaining. Bet he lights it up at Oregon.
Muschamp won 9 games his second year at SC. Doubt Beamer equals that. You are comparing two HC's based on nothing. Barely beating Vandy, Troy and ECU does not impress me...and yeah, I think Muschamp would have beaten them too.
Best to stay anonymous when spouting junk. Muschamp very may well have. Beamer beat some pretty bad teams by the skin of his teeth, with his only quality win against UNC. I will withhold my judgement until there is a greater sample size.
Oh yeah, here is another fact for you. UF has NEVER won 14 games ever, nor have they gone undefeated, unless you go back to like 1905 when teams only played 5 games...and Georgia owns the all time record vs Florida.
Your argument is stupid. Kirby beat Dabo head to head. Georgia wiped the floor with Michigan to set up the rematch. Georgia was in the CFP regardless of the SCECG, Bama had to win. The best 2 teams played for the NC...that's a fact lost on you. Here is another fact for you, your gators got blown out last year by a SC team that barely beat Vandy. Yeah, your gators are irrelevant.
Pretty sure PFF had Bennett at no.2 at one time last year. I'll take a QB that can scramble and minimize mistakes any day.
I don't know that little JUJU has some speed. You can count on Beamer keeping his best backs on the bench though. We never saw JuJu, and White only got 5 touches. Those were their best backs last year.
Right or wrong, it's the world we live in today. Smart coaches will do it because nothing is going to happen to them. Dumb coaches will be left in the dust.
You can't make a public statement like that without blow back. You can bet Saban is going to hear about it from Sankey.
Don't have a Dawg in the fight, but Saban is wrong. Any coach in America could have done the same thing. Fisher just ate Saban's lunch!
I would argue, he is already doing it. When you brag about how much your QB is making, you are pretty much telling recruits...yes, you can make that too...although they have yet to commit. Same thing pretty much as what A&M is doing. Saban just got out spent, and now he's mad.
Yeah, good luck with that. Do you see any NCAA penalties coming down? I sure don't.
"technically illegal"???? What does that mean? Nothing is illegal anymore. The can of worms has been opened.
As usual GWhite, you haven't a clue. The Georgia offense under Bennett was averaging 38+ points per game....and they hardly ever played the second half.