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I am off the James Coley bandwagon, and his bland offense. Can we get someone that learned something from Lincoln Riley?
Your defense was outstanding. Haven't seen that from the Gamecocks in years. I am shocked and stunned.
Somewhere in the fading sun down south a Palmetto Pig is jumping up and down with glee. I disrespected your team. I am stunned at how they played today. I am eating my crow. Congratulations on your win. I never saw it as a possibility.
SC is starting 2 freshman at right guard and right tackle. Should be lots of opportunities to pressure their freshman QB...bad match up. I think we can do about anything we want with SC.
Good read. I love Cade Mays. I was jumping up and down when we flipped him. He is mean.
They always cry about their schedule, what's new. I live in SC and hear it all the time. They will trash Clemson's schedule though for playing in the ACC. Thing is SC can't beat ACC teams either.
Notice the part where they had shade for their players at SC last year, and left our players in the hot sun? 3rd quarter rolled around and their players were gassed, and we were kicking chickens left and right. Guess the shade didn't help much when you are out of shape.
Feaster was down to third string at Clemson. Dowdle, hit him hard and he wants to go to the bench. No fear.
Just put Stokes on Edwards. It will be the same as what Baker did to Deebo last year! SC hasn't run on us in 3 years either. They won't this year either. 45-3 Dawgs!
You've been wrong a lot this year Pig. Only thing that saves you is that Kirby is a nice guy, and will throw the scrubs in early.
Maybe, but OSU is in the same boat as Bama...they really don't have a quality win. Mich St. does not do it for me, about the same talent as SC. Talk to me after Wis. and Penn St.
The "mailman" looks serviceable. All is not lost if we lose Fromm, but a NC will be almost impossible without Fromm. Our season will not go down the toilet, just may not reach the goal we have our eye on.
"I’m not as worried about UGAy" You should be, we have been beating you like a drum lately. Loose to UGA and your done...we have the tie breaker (and we ain't losing two).
I would rather have Derek Mason.
But what has that offense done against Georgia the last 3 years? Very little. Dowdle? Pfft, hit him hard he wants to come out. We will miss Bently's interceptions though.Muschamp is an offense killer. Bama has not had much defense all year, so no, they are not a top defense. Clemson never made the adjustment with their safeties last year. I'm not sold. SC will have less than 300 yards offense, about 50 rushing and maybe 200 passing.
You had a good game against Bama. I'm not sold on Bama this year. Their defense looks average, and their run game is bad... and that's from observing from their soft schedule so far. They are going to drop a couple of regular season games if they don't improve. I seriously doubt they make it to Atlanta.
SC has not been able to run on us the last 3 years, and they won't this year. Muschamp will abandon the run early and become one dimensional, as usual.
I don't think SC has broken 50 yards rushing in the last 3 years. I can count on one hand how many times SC has won in Athens. This game is not even going to be close. We can name our own score.
I don't want to hear any comparisons to Justin Fields. Ohio State has yet to play a team with a defense. Fromm is elite!
Auburn #2....that is not going down with most of the rest of us. You lost me there. This will not age well, and I will be sure to remind you.
Equals? We won the game you dumb Bama retard! In the end it's all that counts.
The best decision was to kick the field goal and force ND to score TD's, especially with the crappy punts we were getting. Probably we could make 4th and 1, but if not, it does not take much yardage to get into FG position.
Lol. Better hold onto Stoops. He gets 3 stars and has them playing like 4 stars. Muschamp takes 4 stars and gets them playing like 2 stars. I would take KY in this game, except it's a night game away with who knows at QB. Test SC's secondary though, they are tip for the day.
Tanner doesn't get it. Tanner way over paid for a failed coach. Could have got him for half the price without a 22 million buy out. Tanner may be gone before Muschamp.
Bet SC would trade Muschamp for Stoops in a skinny minute.
I believe he has 2 years of eligibility. He only played in 4 games this year. He might can play safety, but not in the SEC. Muschamp has played him in positions not suited for him.