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I wish Arkansas and Vanderbilt played each other in the regular season this year. I’d love to see Arkansas’s offense go against Rocker and Leiter. I guess playing the #3-6, 11, 13-14, 16, and 19 teams will suffice though...
I didn't expect Arkansas to have as many as Florida and more than any other SEC East team. Makes this season's end result seem more disappointing.
Anybody know why we haven't offered Akial Byers? I understand if we don't get him, I just don't understand why not at least offer.
Texas as a top 25 team pre-season seems a bit of a stretch to me.
If Robb Smith is out at Arkansas, maybe a good replacement defensive coordinator?
I was at both games when Arkansas played Alabama and Auburn (go ahead and cue jokes here) and I don't think Auburn will be within two TDs of the final score in the Iron Bowl. Auburn destroyed Arkansas on the ground, but they couldn't throw the ball well. You can't be a one-sided team against that Alabama defense.
We technically played South Carolina in 2013, but I like to pretend that football season never existed.
Going after a coach's wife like that is just awful man.
How has the line been there? I'm curious personally.
Haha, I'll be there screaming and cheering em on! I would love that
I think for this game it will be close until the 4th quarter when Bama just sort of takes over. Bret has a way of keeping close with them though, even with inferior talent. Too much talent in the end will lead to a 7-10 point victory for Alabama if I had to predict.
Because 1 bad game against a top 5 DE pick shows we can't develop an offensive line very well...
I'm bummed to see Rafe go because he's such a solid guy too. He has the talent to play though so I can't blame him for transferring. Other SEC programs would love to have the QB depth we have!
Apple announced at their Developer Conference on Monday that Sling is coming to Apple TV
I wouldn't be as confident about that one haha. Number one offense for LSU though? Not gonna happen
Is there somewhere I can make a bet that LSU won't have the number 1 offense in the SEC West next season? That would be easy money
I'm not too worried about it honestly. They have some solid recruits from previous classes and the O-line is Bielema's specialty. They might have a graduate transfer come in and start right away too. When Bret first came in they had several true freshmen starting (including Skipper) and it was fine. They addressed their pass rush need (Agim + several other prospects) and linebacker depth. We'll see if the secondary improves any this season compared to last season.