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The lack of tournament wins is also All because of Cal. He is not a good coach. There is no factual argument that can be made to convince anyone he can coach, and now it's getting to the point that even young inexperienced players barely out of high school can see through his snake oil pitch.
Play book. It sure would be nice if SDS at least updated their software to early 2000s technology with an edit function
What kind of brain-dead mouth breather claims Lexington is on the KY TN border? And even if he still lived in Hodgenville where he was born he would be an hour and a half from the border. I guess the gwhite playback is "make stuff up and change the argument when you are exposed as a blow hard."
One of the best parts of getting this kid that is that there was no mention anywhere of him even considering Loserville. Little brother loses again. Get f___ed, Linebeard U. Dirty commuter school.
I knew Boley would commit to the Wildcats as soon as GWhite typed "And Boley to UK? lol." If you ever want to know the truth of anything football-related, just read what GWhite says and then believe the opposite. The guy makes vawl fans look even worse.
They're already in office, where have you been lately?
I can't imagine what kind of mental midget would be so obsessed with Trump and simultaneously defend the moron currently in the white house,but you've given me a good picture of one, db. I still don't understand people like you that worship any politician. I guess I'll attribute it to low-IQ and a lack of any formal education.
Right,because politicians have all the answers... What a stupid opinion you have, stoopstroops, to put your faith in politicians of any age or party.
This article is completely meaningless since it doesn't list the Mertzinator.
It's been wearing thin on the fanbase for several years now, but he must have compromising photos or some sort of secret man-love relationship with the AD, because that moron gave him a lifetime contract.
Oooh you're so mad you can barely stand it. This is hilarious. How dare Levis get drafted before the "mighty" vawl. You're dumb enough to think Hooker should have been a top 3 pick.
South Carolina handled us at Commonwealth last year. I don't think they've lost enough from the team to hurt them this year, and it will be a home game for them. I'm putting it down as a loss for the Cats.
Big whiff on that one, but hey at least we know who occupies your thoughts.
I love what Stoops has built, but it seems like South Carolina has discovered some secret sauce with the way they ended their season. We play them in SC and I think it's a safe bet we'll lose. They didn't really struggle beating us at Commonwealth Stadium last year and it doesn't look like they're taking a step back this year.
Cal needs to enter the transfer portal his ownself.
This is the first time I've seen one just re-post what someone else said. Probably some kind of automated check to see if it has posting ability before it cranks out its spam or something.
The truth of it, little willy, is that no one cares about something as inconsequential as women's basketball, and we definitely don't care about the opinions of a slack-jawed mouth breather like you beyond the little effort it takes to throw a couple well-deserved insults your way.
The battle of which coach is the biggest loser. At least Pitino actually knows more about the game beyond recruiting, I guess. Still a piece of excrement though.
I'm not sure why you have this weird crush on Pitino that makes you want to keep simping for him.
You're missing the broader point, EKing. Louisville would have an asterisk next to it no matter what. There's a reason we call that dirty commuter school Loserville, and it goes well beyond the time Pitino was scumming it up over there.
Barnhart is as much (or more) to blame as anyone. The man hired BCG and Joker Phillips, but his boss still allowed him to give Cal a lifetime contract well after Calipari's decline had started?? What kind of incriminating photos of the university president does Mitch have that give him the power to act on his well-known bad judgement?
A man after my own heart. Bourbon is the one thing in the commonwealth that never disappoints.
That might be how it works on this site, but it hasn't been that way in the Bluegrass for several years now. This coach doesn't have what it takes to lead the greatest program in college basketball.
Since 2016 or so, the biggest hurdle this team has faced every year is the guy they're looking at in the huddle. Cal was always able to hide his lack of coaching ability behind the idea that the players are gone after one year and therefore were raw undeveloped talent while at UK. Now that he has players staying for a couple years we get to see his lack of ability on full display. Let's not even get into the fact that he has never had any interest in the pride and tradition of UK basketball, seeking only to build his reputation as a guy who gets players into the NBA.
Good job TN. That loss couldn't happen to a better bunch of whiny punks. Dookie is almost as bad as Louisville.
No true Cats fan would ever cheer for the Dookies, even when they're playing the vols.