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Given the short memory of the nation as a whole I doubt COVID-19 or the Wuhan flu or whatever you want to call it will be on anyone's mind when football season rolls around. It will probably be pretty far in our rear view mirror by July.
So if you're going to take people over 80 out of the mortality rate for COVID-19, what does that make the mortality rate for seasonal flu when you take out people over 80? You don't get to pick and choose the demographics for one strain and not the other. It doesn't work that way.
Haven't seen any reports on Fox calling it a hoax. Sounds more like something the worldwide leader in fake news, CNN, would say.
So far every "allegation" you've mentioned involved players doing stuff with not even the slightest indication the coach was involved. But sure, let's keep assuming he committed multiple violations and somehow he didn't get caught even though everyone knew about it and the NCAA miraculously didn't. That makes lots of sense.
Don't those two conferences always play their tournaments without fans?
This is definitely more dangerous than the "regular flu" and it looks like the mortality rate is going to end up being around 1% once a more complete picture is in. By comparison the mortality rate for the flu is only something like 0.1% But I think we'll find out soon enough that this has been hyped up by the media way more than the science would support. As more is learned about the virus and more people are diagnosed with it, you'll see the mortality rate drop. Like jay cardea says, there are probably people out there who don't even know they have it. It's not some sort of automatic death sentence for everyone who contracts it like it's being portrayed by people prone to histrionics. So much misinformation is being spread, hyping this sickness up into the next Spanish Flu. Professionals should take it seriously, the wingnuts in the press should be toning the sensationalism way way down and quit contributing to the panic displayed by the gullible lemmings. MERS, a type of coronavirus, had a 34.4% fatality rate but we didn't see people losing their minds over it like they have with COVID-19. To quote a recent article, "As testing expands and scientists begin using retrospective methods to study who has antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 circulating in their bloodstreams, the total number of confirmed cases will go up and the ratio of deaths to infections will likely drop." Dr. Anthony Fauci from the NIH is the guy we should pay attention to. He thinks the "final" numbers will probably be closer to a 1% mortality rate. Still 10 TIMES higher than the flu we're used to, but not as high as we currently see and not the end of the world like the toilet paper hoarders imagine. If Dr. Fauci starts getting as worked up as the talking heads are, then we'll be in trouble.
Who knows, I guess our schools just passed each other going opposite directions as Kentucky builds a winning program.
No need to use logic with some of these morons, will. Calipari is the big bad wolf to them, even though he's never been sanctioned by the NCAA. I guess they're saying he's smarter than everyone else.
Considering our teams have met 10 times total and UK has won seven of those meetings, including the last five in a row, it seems like Missouri wouldn't get too wrapped around the axle about Kentucky.
Yeah but the South Carolina fans don't seem to walk around with a chip on their shoulder or like the rest of us are second class citizens yearning for enlightenment.
I don't understand why Notre Dame would be anyone's dream job unless they graduated from there.
Definitely true, haha. What the Missouri fans lack in number (and victories to enjoy) around here they make up for in a weird, insecure "lash out at other programs not named Alabama or Georgia" kind of mentality.
It's pretty much a given that UT beats UK in football. As sure as death and taxes. But it's been with different coaches and with a Tennessee team that usually has better players. Now the teams are pretty much equal skill-wise, and I don't want to turn it into a deal where UT beats UK because Pruitt always finds a way to beat Stoops. That's not because I have anything against Pruitt, it just seems like every once in a while you see a rivalry where one coach always seems to be able to beat the other every time they play, regardless of the team's ability. For example after Cal came to Kentucky and Pitino went to Loserville, Cal was 6-1 against Pitino including two wins when Louisville was a top 5 team and Kentucky was unranked.
We were probably a better team than UT last year but we still couldn't beat them. I hope this doesn't turn into one of those rivalries where no matter how good or bad the opponent is, one coach always seems to be able to beat the other. And while the only thing that matters is if you got a W or not, I will agree that we have been as capable of beating Florida as they have been of beating us the past 2-3 years.
Missouri is not some bastion of righteousness that is showing the light to the "poor dumb" older members of the conference, wolfman, and your constant banging of that drum is tiresome and ineffective. The attitude you exhibit fosters the perception of Missouri a "quasi-member" of the conference. What Missouri did "Show Me" is that the school is as prone to cheating as any other school.
And Missouri fans wonder why so many SEC fans look at them like the red-headed stepchild...
Interesting stat about Josh Allen--"The SEC’s most dominant defender in 2018 was ranked No. 2,221 in this class."
Pruitt isn't an idiot. He's got your program headed in a better direction than the last few coaches. I do agree that politics should be left out of it, even when the current president is doing so much more for the country than the last moron.
I agree. They're mostly horrible people. We get them invading Kentucky by the thousands during the summer. They come for our lakes. The Buckeye Navy, as they're known, pulling their white trash 27 year old pontoon boats and beat up Bayliners (the Kia of boats). I guess their waterways are all too contaminated with heavy metals or something.
Lots of people said we got the wrong Stoops in the first place, so if we have three Stoops they can't say that any longer. Come on down, Bob!
Well to be fair to UK, they can't beat Auburn because Auburn's basketball team has a coach. Our basketball team has a recruiter.
And that has nothing at all to do with football, but why not enjoy your success as a young man with some chicks in thong bikinis in your off time?
If I'm getting paid millions of dollars to play for a average-to-bad team, I'd probably do it where I could buy a condo in the South Beach area. My wife wants me to take her to Cincinnati to shop about 4-5 times a year and I'm not a fan of that town.
You're giving true gamecock fans a bad name, 19. Slow your roll and don't be so quick to lash out in fear.
So someone who doesn't slob his knob like you do is "obsessing" and a troll...right... I was complimentary and objective about the Gamecocks. Don't be so insecure. At any rate if recent seasons are any indication, I'm pretty sure UK and UT are trending the opposite direction of South Carolina right now. Not sure why you think otherwise.
I'm a South Carolina fan (when they don't play UK) because I went to school down there, but I don't care for Muschamp and would like to see him shown the door; however, even though on paper the Cats should beat USC, 2019 proves that doesn't always mean we will. Plus if Mike Bobo is really a pretty good OC, I would give the edge to him over Eddie Gran. The upside to counter that is that our defense seems to get better every year Stoops is around, and it's a home game for UK. To use a military acronym--BLUF (bottom line up front) is that I wish South Carolina has just bad enough of a season to get rid of Muschamp and go a different direction in the future.