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I never understood why an ACC fan (or the PAC 12 guy we see from time to time) feels the need to come in and lecture us about SEC football.
There's plenty to fault him for, but lots of fans refer to their team as "we", that's why it's "their" team.
kirkm I wouldn't pee on a volunteer fan if he was on fire so don't take this as me agreeing with gwhite (we all know better), but you don't seem to understand what mediocre teams are if you think that just because UK got beat we must be "mediocre."
OC Vols that's not really a fair comparison. Tennessee's players have had a lot more experience with criminal court than Kentucky's players, so our guys aren't as used to having court appearances or hiring defense lawyers.
Keep in mind this is Scott Satterfield we're discussing here. The loser whines more than a five year old girl.
unlike whatever gaggle of scrubs you cheer for, the UK program has enough tradition and resiliency to keep on trucking after a loss here and there. There's a reason it's the gold standard of college basketball. Educate yourself before you make yourself look silly again.
So ready for him to go to the NBA or anywhere not named the University of Kentucky
Tiger TD showing us his complete naïveté when it comes to politics...
It's rare that I agree completely with a TN. fan but you are 100% right about the sycophant Matt Jones. You are also completely wrong about UK fans being simpleton. Not to mention that it is hypocritical for a vols fan to call fans of another team simpletons.. That mouth breather Barnhart is as much to blame for this mess as anyone. As someone else said, Barnhart brought us Billy Clyde, Joker, and Cal. The only thing that has improved his stock in the last 7-8 years is getting lucky with the Stoops hire.
The "gwhite of Florida fans" hahaha that was great!
Bless your heart, you can't even troll effectively.
Everyone here knows Cal is a good recruiter and an awful game coach who has proven he can't bring home the hardware as much as anyone else who has the kind of players he has, but we still have uninformed people like "8 God" with their head in their sands saying that most fans think Cal is doing a great job. Meanwhile Cal decides who his 5 players are going to be each year, and it doesn't matter how poorly they play, he refuses to experiment and give other players a shot. As a result we end up with one championship in the last 10 years. What a joke.
Smokeone I wasn't saying the rivalry was that heated, I was saying the disparity between the two teams is similar. UK is the gold standard of college basketball, like Alabama is to college football. Louisville can't stand not being good enough to rise above the Cats, the same way Auburn can't match Alabama.
puwaha Cal has definitely worn out his welcome. We will give you him for Barnes if you want.
Don't worry Cal, everyone except Barnhart is angry and disappointed with your performance for the last 3-4 years, not just this season. You can't coach Cal, and you don't care about the Wildcats tradition.
GWhite is doing what he always does--talk a bunch of smack then once things go the way everyone else knows how they will go he runs to hide behind mom's skirts till he thinks the coast is clear.
take it easy on him kirk. He can't help that he's stupid.
Sorry, I shouldn't have assumed you'd be well-read enough to understand the reference.
hey Raptorvol, can you do me a favor? Take a picture of all your NCAA championship banners next time you're in the gym. Shoot, I'll even settle for a picture of your Final Four banners. Also, enjoy that SEC tourney championship. It's likely to be the only one you see till you're either in a nursing home or moldering in the grave. But by all means, keep talking junk, you slack-jawed mouth breather. A fan of a team like yours has to clutch at whatever small victories you can, like regular season wins over conference opponents. I guess if that's all you got that's all you got.
I'd say it was pretty much what everyone expects from Tennessee. Another year, another Tennessee basketball team that can't even claim a Final Four appearance.
hey SEC123 you're doing a great job portraying the majority of Tennessee fans I've met. At least your team lived up to the Tennessee tradition. Come have a seat on the sidelines with the rest of us.
So many fans of the team in convict orange were crowing loudly after Calipari failed the university and the Commonwealth once again, yet now those same fans are noticeably absent; although anyone not a Tennessee fan knew how their tournament run would end before it even started. Another year, another missed opportunity by Cal the used car salesman, and another empty rafter in Thompson-Boling. The more things change, the more they stay the same. My sympathies to the 3-4 decent Vol fans. Cats fans know the pain of having a promising team that lets you down. At least you have an actual game coach that can give you a legitimate shot. The rest of you keep hiding till you think it's safe to come out and pretend your team didn't do what it always does.
Hey oskie maybe someday we'll have as many NCAA championships and SEC championships as Tennessee, right? How many NCAA banners do you all have? I can't keep track of all of them. Also congratulations on your 5th SEC tournament championship. I sometimes forget what it must be like to wait over 40 years for one. I guess that happens when a team has 33 of them.
It's not homerism at all. Satterfield is extremely petulant and suffers from little brother syndrome. It's an Alabama vs. Auburn type of scenario.
Mitch is perfectly happy with the Mark Richt of UK basketball.
When I say what you two say about Cal being a recruiter, not a coach, some of these less-informed Cat fans with their head in the sand tell me I don't know what I'm talking about; but anyone who looks at it objectively has to draw the same conclusion.
Congrats on winning your fifth SEC tournament championship. I'm sure that's something you guys have really looked forward to for the last 43 years.
What's funny is how you all are so insecure you have to flood a UK basketball article after a Cats loss; it's a sure sign of fans who aren't used to having a good basketball team for which to cheer. I guess it's a coping mechanism for you guys.
There are plenty of us who have been saying enough is enough for the last 3-4 years now. As someone above said, Cal does less with more than anyone.
Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...