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To the writer of this article--no, Kentucky fans do NOT "have to love the confidence." Your performance should do all the talking. Allow me to play "old has-been on the sidelines" for a minute: If I were a coach and my players did any trash talking at all before or after the game, especially in a public setting such as a press conference or on social media, that player would sit for probably at least the first half. Doesn't matter if he was the second coming of Barry Sanders or Tom Brady. Weaver got what he deserved in this game.
God forbid a coach show some passion and get the crowd whipped into a frenzy, right mizzou fan? Who wants a coach that gets excited, right?
And no, the outcome would not have been much different if we didn't have the missing players and staff. The offensive problems have been evident since the start of the season.
Good game, gators, you all were the better team as expected and you deserve the win. Best wishes for the rest of the season, I think your team is the best in the East this year. Maybe I'm not the football expert everyone else is, but you'll have a hard time convincing me 90% of our problems are not Offensive Coordinator-related. Yes maybe the receivers coach and QB coach are underperforming, but to use a military analogy, the OC is the general while those other guys are just battalion commanders. And Stoops, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, better be taking a hard look at Gran when the season ends.
Probably so, Drago. If only we could transfer to the Pac 12. At least there we could consistently be one of the top 3 teams in the conference. Even then we'd probably struggle, only winning the conference championship once every 3 years or so.
First, Matt Jones is currently at the top of the leader board for biggest dumb ass in Kentucky. Second, it seems like no matter how long a coach is here, the "old Kentucky" referenced in one tweet always comes back around. Third, without the patsies to pad the win column at the beginning of each season, these expected losses to teams like Alabama just underscore the difference in team quality. Hats off to Bama, a solid team that will hopefully bring the national championship back to the SEC yet again.
Without the Bowden and Snell players whose attitude and determination makes up for a lack of playcalling, every game with Gran as OC is likely to set the program back a ways.
The guy was actually supporting Bamascapes'argument, thrower. Surely you aren't too dense to realize that?
And not everyone pulls all their starters in the 4th quarter like UK did either.
Chris your constant whining about "wear a mask" really makes you sound like a sissy. Quit being such a science-denier. The masks don't work, as evidenced by an increase in masks doing nothing to slow the numbers down. In fact, case numbers are climbing despite more mask mandates. The people who think masks are working are the same type of people who belong to the flat earth society. Join the rest of us in reality.
Fox was calling states for Biden right and left. Don't make assumptions if they aren't based on evidence.
Regardless of which old man you like, no one with any objective common sense thinks Fox News is a conservative outlet. They've been cheerleading for Biden all week
The writer knew he was being deceitful and stupid when he wrote the misleading title, that’s why he wimped out and signed it “SDS Staff” instead of having the balls to use his name.
Right, and the sissy’s first complaint was that Mullen wasn’t wearing a mask? You can’t make this stuff up.
Whatever fans you heard that from were idiots. It doesn’t take Tom Landry to see that our last two seasons’ offensive success was 100% due to the heart of Benny Snell and Lynn Bowden and not that wooden head Eddie Gran. It was obvious even while they were winning games for us, now even Stevie Wonder could see it. Loyalty is an admirable trait most of the time, but I hope Stoops realizes his ultimate loyalty is to the program paying him millions and the players looking for him to develop their talent; not to an OC from that football powerhouse the University of Cincinnati.
Congratulations Bulldogs, you would have definitely won either way, but it sure doesn't help that we have a department store mannequin as our offensive coordinator.
Yeah it's so sad this is the first year people have ever died from a virus...
I was at all of those home games. I'm not saying mIke Leach is on his way to dominating the conference at MSU, but it wasn't lack of offense that cost UK those games in the 90s. We basically had Couch and that was it. Definitely no defenses, so we had to try to outscore the other team. And the team put points on the board. But the college football world has also had about 20 years to adjust to Leach's offense, and he's playing with what Joe Moorhead left him.
New York had large numbers of deaths because the idiot governor thought it was a great idea to put covid patients in nursing homes where the most vulnerable population lived. And they were counting "covid-related deaths" for stupid stuff like the guy who died from cancer because he couldn't get a hospital bed because it was taken by a covid patient, so voila, he was a covid-related death. But yes, let's keep living in fear of some chest congestion and a fever that has a fatality rate of .054% for people over 70, .005% for people 50-69,and .002% for people 20-49.
What's the big deal? Are we all 4th grade girls that can't hear adult language or something?
We should enjoy this win, especially since it was at Tennessee and a pretty dominant win at that; but, the stats show that the Vols almost always find a way to beat us, especially in the close games. So I don't think we're at a point where this is going to become a back and forth series, and congratulations to Tennessee for consistently beating us. It's going to always be a dangerous game,but I'm sure going to enjoy this win.
You should be more embarrassed that your team has sunk to this level. UK fans are used to being kicked around in the basement but the past couple years our team has started showing marked improvement. If someone wants to "throw shade" after getting blown out then maybe he should be prepared to take it as well. Take the L like an adult and move on to the next one.
Your "boy" started it. Tell your "boy" not to dish it out if he doesn't want it served back.
Theyve got to quit getting lumped into the same class as teams like Tennessee and Vandy before we can talk about UK being "awesome."
Nope, CrankE, too many people want to live in fear and let daddy government "protect" them.
You're wasting your time. The science-deniers have swallowed the "masks save you" line completely. Of course they don't want to talk about countries like Japan and Australia that have been faithfully wearing masks at a high rate yet are seeing a surge in cases. By all means, let's shut down our lives in fear of a fever and some chest congestion.
This isn't his first time running the Air Raid in the SEC, it's just his first time doing it in about 25 years. We didn't win any championships when he coached at UK, but I sure do remember how exciting the games could be compared to the Jerry Claiborne and Bill Curry teams.
The fault has been with Gran from the start. His play calling and schemes didn't win for us the past two years, Snell and Bowden led us to victory with pure guts and determination. He's too stubborn to try anything outside his few bubble screens and running attacks. Gatewood may not be the answer, but Wilson isn't getting the job done, either through lack of ability or just as likely lack of coaching.
Uk held Mike Leach scoreless for the first time in his career, so no not every team forgot.