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UK is 5-2 against Carolina since Stoops came to Lexington. That's called consistently beating Carolina. Good luck to the Gamecocks this year, but let's not pretend Muschamp has your program headed in the same direction Stoops has UK headed.
As a fan of UK football, I would totally be ok with our only prize being an SEC Championship this fall.
Haha exactly. "We are going to post a political story but we want you to leave your political comments somewhere else so we're turning that feature off, because we don't want politics on a sports website."
Not familiar with higher education? He's not even familiar with college sports, especially UK Athletics--he can't even spell the basketball coach's name right.
To be clear, I'm talking about being the kind of player who shows zero feelings good or bad; just goes out and does his job well, like some kind of emotionless robot that can't be stopped. That, to me, is the ultimate intimidator.
I've always thought you were more of a bad ass for playing hard and producing results instead of trying to cultivate the bad boy image like Kash tried to do. The team will be fine without him.
And before you come back with the insipid "even one death is a tragedy" response, yes--what happened in Minneapolis was horrible and the cop deserves to be punished like anyone else who would commit this crime.
the stats don't support the theory that there is some kind of "racially motivated police brutality" epidemic.
I can understand that comparison. Mayonnaise is disgusting. So I would say you hate UF as much as I hate the Louisville dirty birds.
Why are so many UGA fans (not all) on this website so insecure that they start whining and calling names anytime someone says something they don't like?
"People who know what they're doing" say that the number of cases nationwide has been trending down for over a month now. It does not make sense that out of the entire country Kentucky would magically be trending up. So yes, LSUSMC is correct, the state is in pretty good shape. I'm sure if you feel safer at home the rest of your life the world will still get back to business as usual.
Did a member of the UK athletic department steal your girlfriend in college or something? You sure do whine a lot about the Cats. And you trot out the same tired, unproven allegations about Calipari. I'm not his biggest fan, I think there are much better coaches out there I'd love to see at UK, but you've got nothing you can prove on him.
Mike5675, So would that happen when they came to the SEC? Because it hasn't happened yet....
Louisville can g F itself. We don't need a trashy school like that dragging down the league.
You left out UT. The idea that they are somehow a class above UK isn't very realistic. And yes I realize you're just busting balls. No blood, no foul.
Ah, I see you take the Goebbels approach...repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.
Given the short memory of the nation as a whole I doubt COVID-19 or the Wuhan flu or whatever you want to call it will be on anyone's mind when football season rolls around. It will probably be pretty far in our rear view mirror by July.
So if you're going to take people over 80 out of the mortality rate for COVID-19, what does that make the mortality rate for seasonal flu when you take out people over 80? You don't get to pick and choose the demographics for one strain and not the other. It doesn't work that way.
Haven't seen any reports on Fox calling it a hoax. Sounds more like something the worldwide leader in fake news, CNN, would say.
So far every "allegation" you've mentioned involved players doing stuff with not even the slightest indication the coach was involved. But sure, let's keep assuming he committed multiple violations and somehow he didn't get caught even though everyone knew about it and the NCAA miraculously didn't. That makes lots of sense.
Don't those two conferences always play their tournaments without fans?
This is definitely more dangerous than the "regular flu" and it looks like the mortality rate is going to end up being around 1% once a more complete picture is in. By comparison the mortality rate for the flu is only something like 0.1% But I think we'll find out soon enough that this has been hyped up by the media way more than the science would support. As more is learned about the virus and more people are diagnosed with it, you'll see the mortality rate drop. Like jay cardea says, there are probably people out there who don't even know they have it. It's not some sort of automatic death sentence for everyone who contracts it like it's being portrayed by people prone to histrionics. So much misinformation is being spread, hyping this sickness up into the next Spanish Flu. Professionals should take it seriously, the wingnuts in the press should be toning the sensationalism way way down and quit contributing to the panic displayed by the gullible lemmings. MERS, a type of coronavirus, had a 34.4% fatality rate but we didn't see people losing their minds over it like they have with COVID-19. To quote a recent article, "As testing expands and scientists begin using retrospective methods to study who has antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 circulating in their bloodstreams, the total number of confirmed cases will go up and the ratio of deaths to infections will likely drop." Dr. Anthony Fauci from the NIH is the guy we should pay attention to. He thinks the "final" numbers will probably be closer to a 1% mortality rate. Still 10 TIMES higher than the flu we're used to, but not as high as we currently see and not the end of the world like the toilet paper hoarders imagine. If Dr. Fauci starts getting as worked up as the talking heads are, then we'll be in trouble.
Who knows, I guess our schools just passed each other going opposite directions as Kentucky builds a winning program.
No need to use logic with some of these morons, will. Calipari is the big bad wolf to them, even though he's never been sanctioned by the NCAA. I guess they're saying he's smarter than everyone else.
Considering our teams have met 10 times total and UK has won seven of those meetings, including the last five in a row, it seems like Missouri wouldn't get too wrapped around the axle about Kentucky.