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He was selected as Sixth Man of the Year in the best conference in college basketball. Most people would agree it doesn't get much more elite than that.
You could not ask for a better picture to illustrate the "all hat and no cattle" that is Sanders' legacy so far at Colorado.
Hey Saturday Down South people---- First, I didn't read this article. Second, I thought this was a website primarily focused on SEC football and then other SEC sports in the off season Third and probably most importantly, there are two ACC articles on your front page, and neither is related to football. Please tell us why we care about UNC's problems with getting a big man in the portal, or why it matters who the ACC baseball player of the year is. You guys are morons, and dumb stuff like this is part of the reason I've gone from visiting this site every day to once every week and a half or so. The old adage "you get what you pay for" definitely rings true.
Kentucky makes coaches, coaches do not make Kentucky.
"Why in the world would he leave the most successful basketball program of the 2000s?" To get paid more money to coach at the most successful basketball program of all time. And even more than money, Hurley is driven by the challenge, so while I don't think it will happen, it is not nearly the stretch some people think it is.
The only people that want Calnto stay are people who are Cal fans, not Cat fans. Cats64 that makes it pretty clear what you are, little guy. Tuck your tail and run away down to Arkansas like your hero Cal.
You are correct, Marine. He definitely gets involved. That's why the OC position has been a revolving door for so long.
No, Stoops has not always let the OC "earn his money." Stoops prefers low-scoring defense-focused victories reminiscent of the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" system he was raised in. Stoops has rebuilt the program from the disaster it was under Joker, but let's not act like he's some sort of offensive-savant. He's perfectly happy with 23-18 games.
I know you'll run away like a scared little girl just like you do every time I ask, but remind me how many ncaa championships the dolls have. Or even how many final fours they have. Loser program with loser fans whose version of a championship is being able to beat Kentucky every once in a while.
Rent-free in that little pea brain of yours. Keep cheering for the team that has never even made it to the final four. Losers in life.
Cal's record in the last 4 years: 73-43 W/L record 0 SEC Regular Season Champions 0 SEC Tournament Championships 2 SEC Tournament Wins 1 NCAA Tournament Win Pathetic. Unacceptable for a Kentucky coach. We got rid of Tubby for less.
You said it in a nutshell. He is one of the top 5, maybe top 3, recruiters in the game. He is not even in the top 50 of good coaches. No game coaching ability at all. He consistently sets bad records, like losing three home games in a row for the first time in the history of Rupp arena.
Even in our darkest days we can enjoy a laugh at the dumpster fire of a university west on I-64
It's been a rough week and the two head coaches don't give me much confidence that brighter days are ahead.
You're talking about the guy that gave us Joker Phillips and Billy Clyde, plus that train wreck of a hire for the lady Cats. He's made as many bad decisions as good ones.
Don't be fooled AFan. If you go to the UK boards there are way more fans done with Stoops than there fans that are happy with him and his meddling.
"Talk is cheap, Mark." --Everyone who has watched a UK game the last couple years.
Let's see how much of your statement is bull$hit and how UK stocks up against the dolls: Top 25 wins since 2017 1. Alabama - 32 2. Georgia - 32 3. LSU - 20 4. Kentucky - 12 5. Auburn - 11 6. Miss St - 10 7. Texas A&M - 10 8. Florida - 9 9. Tennessee - 9 Oh there's Tennessee, way down at number 9. Congratulations, you're in the bottom half of the conference, you winners in the game of life.
There is a reason only Matt Jones is "reporting" this and why his "reports" are not picked up by ESPN or other legitimate sports reporting services. He is a failed ambulance chaser with a UK website, not a journalist. Liam Coen will not be the Ohio State offensive coordinator. Mark it down.
How bout them Tarheel? How bout them boilermakers? How about the number of ncaa championships the convict orange team has? Hell, UK has won twice as many ncaa championships as the Tennessee Dolls have conference championships.
Liam leaving twice isn't the real issue. Apparently some people can't grasp that. It's the revolving door of coordinators leaving because they don't like not being allowed to do their job. As a result, there is no continuity, to the detriment of the returning players.
At what point do even the most unrealistic Stoops supporters realize and admit that five OC changes in five years points to an issue working for the head coach? Sure seems like Stoops doesn't make it easy to work for him. My guess is Coordinators are not given the freedom to run their squads the way they want to.
Thats exactly what I said to a guy after my gang shot two of his brothers
"I'm not from the south" is something to be concealed, not bragged about. But in your defense, no one would ever mistake you for a Southerner.
Sources: Washington's DeBoer, Bama negotiating head coach job Mark Schlabach Chris Low Jan 12, 2024, 02:02 PM ET Washington's Kalen DeBoer, who guided the Huskies to a Pac-12 championship and a spot in the CFP National Championship Game this past season, is negotiating a contract to replace Alabama's Nick Saban, sources told ESPN on Friday.
They're not going after Lane, they're going after Dan Lanning. And if he's smart he'll take the job.
If you’re going to quote me in this case you’d be better off saying “You know what I’d do? I’d take that deal and crayfish, then drill that ol’ devil in the azz"
There are plenty of people voicing their frustration (myself included) on the main UK gathering place over at kentuckysportsradio dot com. The most optimistic are saying "give him one more year with the new class and portal additions" but most are saying he has reached his ceiling. I'm in the latter group. Thanks Mark, you turned it around, but it's clear you are unwilling or unable to get us to the next level.