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Dumb question, SevenT. If you have to ask what he means by "we", maybe this site is a little to advanced for you.
I meant to say "instead of a basketball player."
That they were letting Zion Williamson play like a tight end instead of a football player. Two separate occasions near the end of the game he basically ran over players on the opposing team with no calls.
Speaking of Virginia Tech, it looks like after last night's game and the one before, the refs are doing everything possible to make sure Duke makes it to the Final Four.
UK/UT used to be a great rivalry when Don Devoe coached the Vols. Here's hoping we get back to that level of rivalry.
"Waaah, something that isn't real has an incredible hold on my life, able to make me so mad I'll whine and cry about it incessantly!! WAAAAAHHHH God isn't real, but yet he is still able to make me act like a 4 year old girl, waaahhh"
Of all the stupid things I've seen you type the past couple days, the lie about "my daddy" takes the cake. And if you're going to lie, you should at least claim you played there. Saying your father did just makes the lie weird.
The more you type, the more you embarass yourself.
So not only was getting beat by an SEC team not enough, now you come to an SEC website to be constantly reminded that your team got beat? Then use selective stats in an ineffective attempt to change everyone's mind?
Not only get you elected president, but get you re-elected in 2012.
I'm not picking on Georgia, but why would you say Kirby can't control their tweeting? It seems pretty simple--"Don't let me see a single tweet I think is negative, or I'll bench you."
If he was making a joke, then good for him. If he's serious, then he would have been better off to let his record speak for itself. I'm not a fan of the "swagger" in athletics these days.
I have a friend who was born and raised in Indiana and he loves to poke fun at UK even though we're better than them in every sport, even football. Anyway, one day were having a few and he said he couldn't understand why UK fans are so proud of the SEC instead of just being UK fans. I tried to explain to him that most fans of SEC schools are that way when playing non-conference teams but he wouldn't listen.
Congrats Tigers, Between fishing in Venice and cheering for the Tigers, I may adopt Louisiana as a second home. The comments from UCF should be interesting. We all know they're as good as Alabama and Clemson...just ask any UCF fan.
I was worried when Penn State dominated the fourth quarter, but this is yet another game we would have given a way in years past and instead gutted it out for a win. It's not fun having to do that, but the fact that we are winning these types of games instead of consistently losing them is a step in the right direction. Hate that Miss. State lost but if LSU finishes off UCF and Georgia gets a win we'll have a good day.
As a UK football fan I feel extremely qualified to say I understand what the Missouri fans are going through, and it's frustrating. Every negative comment about Missouri or the coach could be said about UK and Stoops up until this season. If there's any bright outlook for Missouri, it's that there's a good chance this season was a fluke for Kentucky, and next year we'll be back to griping about a guy who has never been a head coach being hired by an SEC school, then being given bonuses and contract extensions based on 5-6 win seasons. Then Missouri fans can take a little comfort in being able to say "at least we aren't Kentucky." It's a Wildcat fan's cross to bear. Yes I'm a true blue fan, but I'm a realist.
"Mizzou gives him an extension every time he ties his shoes, so I guess he ain’t going anywhere" Trade the word "mizzou" for "UK" and we could be talking about Stoops. In fact the entire post could be about every Stoops year until now.
No doubt the "journalist" who asked the question is a beta male in his late twenties. Stupid question.
He's partly right. The Fla. players were acting like idiots especially the one dancing on one leg holding his arms out; but Harbaugh showed no class. Anyway, it's always good to see the Big 10 teams get smoked, especially by SEC teams.
The coach is the leader of the team. The responsibility is ultimately his.
Go ahead and admit it, you're a Louisville fan, you got embarassed over at KSR and so you come to SDS to try to make up for it by posing as a UK fan. Just come out of the closet and quit living a lie.
When I see someone use that term, I envision a 16 year old kid who thinks it's cool he learned a new word.
Never paid more attention to him than any other SEC coach, but now I am a huge fan. As long as he's there I'll cheer for LSU when they aren't playing (more realistically beating) the Cats.
It appears MattyJ and GatorMania have yet to learn about the little-known "rhetorical question."