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The UK coaches try to limit the number of plays per season that involve throwing the ball on anything but 3rd and long. They have this sneaky system where they run for two downs hoping they get lucky, then throw a desperation pass on third hoping it lands in the right player's hands. It's so clever and hard to predict.
It's not going to matter, if they have to duct tape Sawyer Smith's body parts to his torso, they're going to play him. Gran, and by default Stoops, have this fascination with making the QB position as weak as possible through either lack of recruiting or unwillingness to experiment, or both. They were absolutely forced to use Bowden last week. Now that Smith seems to be recovering, they'll throw him back in there for 97.583674% of the downs Saturday. Probably before he's ready, and probably resulting in gettng banged up again. And he may be the nicest guy in the world, but either he's not SEC-caliber, or he suffers from poor coaching.
paris10 is to Kentucky fans around as Bamatime is to Alabama fans around here. or corch for Georgia, etc.
"And that multi-dimensional approach" Trust me, even a football retard such as myself knows there is nothing "multi-dimensional" about an Eddie Gran offense. This is going to be dry anal rape. Georgia is angry and at home. That's all that needs to be said.
I think in this particular case anyone who isn't just an outright troll would realize it's much more like "He ran away to the safety of the North because he couldn't hack it in the SEC."
paris10, with as much whining as you do, I'm just going to assume either Stoops stole your girlfriend or starting puberty has really played with your emotions.
Congratulations. You won't hear any trash from me or any other honest Cats fan, we feel your pain. We're just excited when we crack the top 25 for two games once every 15 years or so. You guys are looking like you'll get the W over us this year.
Substitute the word "Kentucky" for "Georgia" and you could say all the same things in regards to a defensive-minded coach with no appreciable offense. Our Offensive Coordinator is either a complete dud or Stoops won't let him actually call the plays. I'm leaning towards dud, since I don't think there were too many elite schools knocking down Cincinnati's doors to steal him when we got him from there.
3 sure things--death, taxes, and Stoops and Gran going super conservative to try to preserve a lead. And it always blows up in their faces. One somewhat questionable call by a ref didn't lose that game. "Playing not to lose" lost that game.
You apparently dont know what "upper middle class" means, Dirty South.
I don't know if Stoops orders Gran to do it, or just lets Gran make his own call, but you can take it to the bank that every time UK gets a lead against a decent team, they go into "play to not lose" mode rather than "play to win." The offense gets do conservative that they can't move the ball. Run 2 times for 2.5 yards per carry, then throw an incomplete pass. It's been going on for several years and was in effect as soon as the 2nd half started last night.
You will at least get your guaranteed annual win against the Cats. We have to have someone to replace our 55842373 year losing streak against Florida. Although with the direction Florida is taking we will be rebuilding that streak in short order, probably starting next week.
Dumb question, SevenT. If you have to ask what he means by "we", maybe this site is a little to advanced for you.
I meant to say "instead of a basketball player."
That they were letting Zion Williamson play like a tight end instead of a football player. Two separate occasions near the end of the game he basically ran over players on the opposing team with no calls.
Speaking of Virginia Tech, it looks like after last night's game and the one before, the refs are doing everything possible to make sure Duke makes it to the Final Four.
UK/UT used to be a great rivalry when Don Devoe coached the Vols. Here's hoping we get back to that level of rivalry.
"Waaah, something that isn't real has an incredible hold on my life, able to make me so mad I'll whine and cry about it incessantly!! WAAAAAHHHH God isn't real, but yet he is still able to make me act like a 4 year old girl, waaahhh"
Of all the stupid things I've seen you type the past couple days, the lie about "my daddy" takes the cake. And if you're going to lie, you should at least claim you played there. Saying your father did just makes the lie weird.
The more you type, the more you embarass yourself.
So not only was getting beat by an SEC team not enough, now you come to an SEC website to be constantly reminded that your team got beat? Then use selective stats in an ineffective attempt to change everyone's mind?
Not only get you elected president, but get you re-elected in 2012.
I'm not picking on Georgia, but why would you say Kirby can't control their tweeting? It seems pretty simple--"Don't let me see a single tweet I think is negative, or I'll bench you."
If he was making a joke, then good for him. If he's serious, then he would have been better off to let his record speak for itself. I'm not a fan of the "swagger" in athletics these days.