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I'll be glad the day I log on to see a story about Calipari de-committing from the program. We need a coach.
It wins more games for us than it loses, and one of the reasons we're holding the #3 spot in the SEC East and moving up.
Keep living in the past, Diesel, that seems to be working out real well for your program...
*you're. SDS staff would it be too much to ask you to move into the 21st century and add an edit button?
Hey Rutgers fan (I chuckle just typing that), tone it down a little. Your inferiority complex is showing. It's great your proud of your little state. I guess it could be worse, you could be from California.
I'll save you some time waiting--Cal is a recruiter, not a coach. Most of the time when games come down to a last minute, close score situation, he will be out-coached. While they won't admit it out of loyalty to the program, a majority of Cats fans will not lose any sleep if we are ever able to get rid of this guy. You don't bring in the kind of talent he has for the last 10 years and only win one championship. Cal is more interested in making a name as the guy who will get you into the NBA than he is in winning championships. He has basically admitted as much.
Hey when did you turn in your sceptre for a stethoscope?
The Cats are 17-7 against Loserville since 1999. There wasn't a game in the calendar year of 2000 because of how the schedule worked, but the 1999 game was in December so it was for the 99-2000 season. Kentucky leads the series overall 37-17, so we have over twice as many victories in the rivalry as that dirty commuter school down the road. Celebrating one victory seems kind of moronic. The point is, this idiot Tardinals coach obviously has an inferiority complex because he gets himself in this trickbag fairly often and this is his first win over UK.
You crying about our football team beating you once every 15 years and then bragging about finally, possibly, being a 3 seed is an interesting example of irony.
I hope they do suck for the foreseeable future, but just remember they almost always find a way to beat UK, so I wouldn't be too quick with the criticism.
Forget this century, you'd have to go almost to the midpoint of last century for Kentucky. The Cats haven't been ranked in the top 5 since 1964.There are probably people commenting on this site whose fathers weren't even alive then.
I don't watch Fox News. And if your retarded ozarkian brain could comprehend what is written, you would see that the other guy was talking garbage with his "looking for people like you" empty talk. And "Governorstoops" you're the triggered one. You sure do get your panties in a wad when someone gives you a taste of your own medicine. The only thing you could wipe the floor with is your tampon, internet tough guy. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. The world is tired of racists like you.
Willybob you speak as if you are infinitely familiar with the aisles of Walmart and as lost as last year's easter egg when it comes to things like earning a paycheck, taking care of a 401K, sticking around for the birth of your children, etc.
First of all, there are a lot of us who consider hillbilly to be much more a compliment than an insult. If you truly want to insult someone, accuse them of being from an urban area. Secondly, Georgia has much more "hillbilly" potential than Tennessee. Have you ever been to the western side of Tennessee?? Nothing hillbilly about that area at all--unless you're dumb enough to confuse "hillbilly" with "rural." And since we are talking about you, Corch, that's entirely possible.
Relinquished more games than he has won at UK? He hasn't relinquished any games at UK. Furthermore who cares what a scrub like Cal is doing while we are talking about football? Try to keep up.
STFU "governorstoops." The only people who are "tired of this rhetoric" are the little beta sissies who have to be told what to think. People like you look for one thing--a safe space.
Yeah not been a real fun year. At least we got a bowl win. Otherwise, with as low as things have been at times, we may as well be in...a swamp
Cal is a recruiter. Definitely not a coach. His only concern is getting guys into the NBA. Does not care about championships or can't win them so he acts like he doesn't care. Same result either way.
Using salary as a measure of success isn't very noteworthy either. Maybe you can take a dump on first responders and the military while you're whining about salaries.
Holtz should stick to violating NCAA rules. He had much more success at that than he has had at predicting winners.
You show your lack of awareness by bringing politics into a completely non-political area; having said that, it's always amusing to see someone so uneducated and possibly worse-uninformed, accuse someone else of being a "typical right wing low-info voter." It's slack-jawed mouth breathers like you who have built the horrible reputation democratic voters have among the overwhelming majority of Americans. Next time you decide to bring up politics, remember how foolish you made yourself look this time. It will save you further embarassment.
Buddy I love your enthusiasm, but cool your jets a little. It would be awesome to beat everyone in the east, but that would take pretty much perfect games every game and a hell of a lot of luck. I'd settle for finishing in the top 3 of the division for now.
He might be stinking it up down in Knoxville, but he's 2-1 against the Cats. You know as well as I do UT finds a way to beat us 9 times out of 10
Stoops' track record with OCs at UK doesn't inspire a ton of confidence unfortunately.
Not sure how Longhorn fans think "Aggies" is an insult when A&M finished 5th in the nation playing in the toughest conference and was arguably a cunt hair away from being in the playoffs. Meanwhile we have to go down to #20 to find Texas.
Except that the winningest team in college basketball history is an SEC school, so there's that.
If I am the coach and you choose to quit/opt out before a bowl game, fine, good luck in the NFL I hope you have a successful career and raise a great family. Now go take your seat in the student section with everyone else, you won't be on the sidelines with the players and coaches.
Don't you need to take care of your own house before you worry about ours? Last time I checked your team sat at home and watched the Cats win their bowl game.