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Seems only fitting that athletes with a tie to Kentucky would win sports involving guns and knives (well, sort of knives anyway).
It's Netzero dial-up so they had to wait for the connection then all the advertisements to load.
So the cats beat Mizzou 5 out of the last 6 years but your only hope is Mizzou? That makes all kinds of sense...
I hate to break it to you Jayhawk, but in the world of college BB, Kansas isn't even top 3. You have Kentucky followed by those two jerk-off teams in North Carolina.
That actually was kind of funny, ETXNative08. But also, I hope A&M gets a chance to beat the longhorns on a yearly basis now.
No need to schedule tough out of conference games when the best teams in the nation are already in the conference.
4th in the East? You really think UT, South Carolina, or Vandy will be behind Georgia and Florida? You better hope your coach figures out a way to beat UK more than once every six years before you worry about where the Cats end up in the standings.
The difference between the two coaches is that one lets his coaching do the talking, and the championship results speak much louder than a bunch of hot air from a big mouth. Coach Saban has earned respect from his actions on the sidelines, not demanded it from behind a microphone.
What's it like to be a Cal fan and have to root for Clemson because your team can't get the job done?
Just take the L, Bill. You're out-classed and out-smarted with exchange.
Maybe just have the balls to admit you're a soft-skinned "progressive."
So now you're just re-defining terms to suit your needs as you try to bolster a failing argument...
Cal's record is the epitome of mediocrity. Look at the level of talent he has recruited, and then compare that to his inability to mold that into a championship contender.
Number of national championship banners is conspicuously absent from that list. When you look at the talent he has recruited, it's really indicative of sub-par coaching that he has only been to 4 final fours and has only once managed to win a championship.
Many "fans" also think he can do no wrong, and are perfectly happy to settle for mediocrity.
Please god let this be true. The man has worn out his welcome. Interesting to note his tweet didn't even remotely refer to winning championships for the university--something he has proven incapable of doing more than once in over 10 years of coaching at UK.
"I don't want to come off as a jerk, but allow me to be a jerk for a minute--we don't need our fans giving us any ideas. How could you all possibly know anything about honoring someone?? We're all very smart and highly paid, we know better than you how to honor Coach Schlarman; so please, don't waste our precious time, peasants."
Your memory is foggy. You seem to have forgotten that UK beat Mizzou 5 years in a row and currently holds a 3 game lead in the series.
UK beat Mizzou 5 years in a row. That's not koolaid, that's a dose of reality.
Some of us never stopped traveling, and closing restaurants did absolutely nothing to stop "unnecessary countless deaths." Follow the science, not the words of politicians and government bureaucrats.
I'll cast the first stone. Not only have I never drove drunk, the one time every four or five months when I do drink, it's late at night at the firepit on my property. It is extremely easy to not drive drunk. We're not splitting the atom here.
Wasn't Ga’Quincy McKinstry in a Key and Peele East/West College Bowl one year? Or am I getting him mixed up with Quiznatodd Bidness and D'Squarius Green Jr.?
I'll be glad the day I log on to see a story about Calipari de-committing from the program. We need a coach.
It wins more games for us than it loses, and one of the reasons we're holding the #3 spot in the SEC East and moving up.
Keep living in the past, Diesel, that seems to be working out real well for your program...
*you're. SDS staff would it be too much to ask you to move into the 21st century and add an edit button?
Hey Rutgers fan (I chuckle just typing that), tone it down a little. Your inferiority complex is showing. It's great your proud of your little state. I guess it could be worse, you could be from California.
I'll save you some time waiting--Cal is a recruiter, not a coach. Most of the time when games come down to a last minute, close score situation, he will be out-coached. While they won't admit it out of loyalty to the program, a majority of Cats fans will not lose any sleep if we are ever able to get rid of this guy. You don't bring in the kind of talent he has for the last 10 years and only win one championship. Cal is more interested in making a name as the guy who will get you into the NBA than he is in winning championships. He has basically admitted as much.
Hey when did you turn in your sceptre for a stethoscope?