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Not sure what's wrong with being in KY. It's a great state. And what's the LSU draw for Stoops? Unrealistic expectations and a proven track record of canning a championship winning coach after 3-4 years?
We might still be a couple years away from a time when it is acceptable to lose to UK for many teams in the SEC.
"Failing upwards"--he'd make a great government employee.
Tennessee's fanbase has had a horrible reputation for a long time, it's just that fortunately most of the ones on this website seem to be decent people.
It's disrespectful to both Georgia and UK. Clearly it doesn't matter what kind of schedule Ga. has, they are the team to beat this year and no one else is really that close.
We could have both our teams go 11-1 and even if neither lucks into the CFP picture it would still be a helluva season for both teams. Even better if we win our bowls against solid non-conference teams. Go Cats and Rebs.
You've been consistent this whole time. Consistently an idiot.
You know you're really an imbecile when every fan of every SEC school is making you look this bad, Clemscum.
Still whining, Corch? Learn how to bet and you won't have to cope so hard, little buddy. "Next year in Lexington waah waah."
I agree but two things to think about with UT: First, it's Tennessee, even in their worst years they seem to almost always find a way to mess us up. Second, we may be a better team overall than Ole Miss, but I don't know if our offense is better than Ole Miss, who had to work to outscore Tennessee. On the plus side, we have the second best defense in the east, possibly in the entire league, and we're playing at home. We also seem to be starting to put it all together at the right time despite the loss to an out-of-this-world Georgia team.
Hated to see the Wildcats finally lose one, but I really like this Georgia team. Really seems like a juggernaut that will roll its way to a national championship.
No one takes him seriously. We know he doesn't represent UGA fans, whether he's on his "Texas" account or his Corch Irvin Meyers account.
Texas you've proven two things: 1.) that while you can't be counted on to know anything about football, at least you can be counted on when we need someone to laugh at, and 2.) it's always easy to get slack-jawed mouth breathers like you so upset they can barely type a response.
IT's always easy to spot the people that are new to sports betting. Looks like you need to study football a little more before you start betting money you can't afford to lose.
Don't bet if you can't afford to lose, kid. That's pretty basic knowledge.
The Cats have nothing to be ashamed of, they were beat by the better team--the best team in the country and I don't think the #2 team, whoever it is, is even close. This game went about like knowledgeable Cats fans knew it would, and that's okay. UK is still having a great season with the potential for an unbelievable 11 win season. But you'll notice all the ones saying UK was going to rock Georgia's world, and telling us realistic, knowledgeable fans to take our "doubt" elsewhere, are suddenly nowhere to be found. Congratulations again Georgia, and Go Cats.
Well it sure didn't take too long for your hypocrisy to shine through...
Good win Georgia. This is your year. Catch that SEC title and bring home the Nat'l Championship. We'll be pulling for you. Proud of the cats for even being in the position to challenge for first in the division. I see no reason we can't win out the rest of the season and clinch 2nd place in the East if we play smart ball.
"Texas UGA Fan" you're crying more than the UK fans who just watched their team get beat. Thankfully the knowledgeable UGA fans are showing more class than you can muster. Now go sit down and let the adults discuss the game.
Translation...UF fans haven't been given a reason to rush the field this year.
The last thing anyone needs is you trying to lecture them on how to be a fan. Reality has a way of hitting naive people in the face, so get your ice pack ready. Don't be the fan that thinks UK is incapable of making mistakes and losing games. It's unbecoming. If you had any reading comprehension at all you would have understood the point I was making. Now go sit down and let the adults talk.
This is really looking like Georgia's year to win it all. I think they'll use the Saturday game to make a strong statement in support of that argument, and UK is the team that will have to suffer for that. Georgia may not put 45 points on the board, but the game won't really be close. I would love to be wrong, but I've been a Cats fan for near 50 years now...
Your incredible ignorance of the Vietnam war is laughable. The US did not lose any major military engagements in Vietnam, including the North's biggest offensive, the Tet Offensive of 1968. The US did not give up any ground in Vietnam. Learn some history before you make a buffoon of yourself again.
Got to remember the people running the social media accounts are most likely non-athletic nerdy students supervised by some geek the staff hired to oversee this kind of thing.
You beat a Missouri team that's having a rough year with a still-new coach, sit down and know your place.
And Florida made it to the red zone in the 4th quarter, where Kentucky stopped them 8 times...
Even though Stoops has done amazing things when graded against the traditional losing atmosphere of UK football, 9 years is just a drop in the bucket compared to the 70 years of mediocre-at-best history the Cats have to overcome. It's going to take a pretty substantial stretch of good W-L records and bowl wins to overcome that history.