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Just a comment on one of the plays. I talked to Jace Sternberger after the game. That pass was actually intended for him, the receiver who's hands it went through was on the wrong route. Luckily, Jace was in the right place. Great game by both teams. I guess Benny Snell Jr. found a team he couldn't run on.
A&M went after and got the hot Houston coach 5 years ago. Look how that has turned out.
What about aTm Freshman DE Myles Garrett? 12.5 tackles for loss for 67 yards and 11.0 sacks for 64 yards, 50 total tackles.
The refs missed several calls on both teams during this game, and every game. It is called the human element.
Beats the two boneheads who called the SMU game last week. They couldn't tell the Aggie sideline from the SMU sideline.