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Is crawfish even considered a cut of meat? It’s more like a squeeze and pull type of meat.
I’m surprised SDS hasn’t closed comments yet. I’m sure it’s coming though.
I'm really not that excited about baseball right now. The players and owners really annoyed me as a fan.
Wait, Mississippi State is a state school and they don’t even fly their state flag?
Speak for yourself! I love the star spangled banner! Old glory is all I need! That’s why I could care less about this confederate flag nonsense. Most people who fly the confederate flag would die for America. It’s not about slavery to them. It’s about southern pride. If people want to fly the confederate flag then so be it!
Oklahoma? Let’s be honest, with the downfall of Texas over the last decade, Oklahoma has literally had no competition. If they were so top tier, they would have won a National Title in the past twenty years. Maybe historically they would be considered top tier but if they are considered top tier, then Notre Dame should be as well.
Well I’m not sure if entertaining is the correct word. It’s really sad that almost every sports site has slowly gone down the toilet over the past few years.
They obviously don’t listen to their readers. Every new article being published is closed for comments.
A Mountain West School? Why not just put Boise State in the headline. Everyone here knows who Boise State is.
This is awesome! Good for him. I know college coaching is very demanding, so I think it’s cool that he took time away from football to pursue a personal goal.
All I need to know is if Hal Hughs is coming back to LSU?
Sorry Chris but that’s stupid. However, I would rather be playing for New England over Miami. Poor Tua. I love the kid but that place is a death trap.
I feel you bro, it seems to me that the only sports site that still has balls is Yahoo, and they suck. SDS can’t go halfies. If you don’t care about the fans opinion, don’t publish the article. Don’t turn into ESPN.
I can’t tell, is that a double chin? Lol
I went to LSU but I grew up in Fresno. Beating Georgia was the most exciting thing to happen to our small rural community. It really brought everyone together like nothing I ever remember.