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I agree, but that’s beside the point. If the author is going to use a popular LSU saying, he needs to use it correctly.
Next week against Mizzou will be telling. If Brennan and Co can own the Tigers and build some confidence for the Florida game, I’ll be feeling pretty good. They will need momentum going to the Swamp.
Sadly, this has been happening for some time now. SDS doesn’t and won’t listen to it’s readers.
First of all, Those two "interceptions" should not be even considered as Brennan mistakes. His are was clipped on the first one and the second was a deep shot to the end zone with 0:00 on the game clock. Don't make it sound like it was bad quarterbacking. Brennan did really good at protecting the ball. No, that loss is on Bo Peep. That secondary was horrendous.
I wish this website had a block button. I hate to feed trolls but this "Curse of Orgeron"nonsense is becoming quite monotonous and annoying. I realize you are trying to be annoying but its to the point where you sound like a really bad stand up comic who only knows one joke. The first time was funny. The second time got some smiles but after about the third to hundredth time, people just stopped responding or showing up to show. By all means, keep trolling LSU, but please please please come up with some new material. From your loving (and almost) admirer, BillCosbyAndFriends
Come on editors, in 2013 It was the Washington Redskins not The Washington football team. Know your history for Pete’s sake.
Let’s be honest, most sports media outlets these days don’t really like the idea of traditional sports. Have you read Yahoo, ESPN etc. recently? They don’t talk about sports anymore. Even this website from time to time brings in non-sport related material and try’s to spin it in a way where a sport is related. It is quite annoying, especially when they turn off the comment section, because they know there readers are going to hate the article. These outlets are more interested in spewing their political ideologies rather than talking about the one thing the readers want! Sports Content!
The difference is, They won a championship and Smart didn't.
I'm not worried about Brennan. I think all the fans support him and will continue to support him. He has an advantage over Burrow in that Burrow came into the program when the offensive scheme was beginning to change. Brennan has been around for three years. He knows the system. He is a smart kid and we know he has a cannon of an arm. I'd argue he has a better arm than Burrow. Honestly, I think the LSU offense will be fine. I trust Ensminger much more than I did Matt Canada...(chills down my neck... Nightmares of Jet Sweeps over and over and over again vs Troy.)
Is crawfish even considered a cut of meat? It’s more like a squeeze and pull type of meat.
I’m surprised SDS hasn’t closed comments yet. I’m sure it’s coming though.
I'm really not that excited about baseball right now. The players and owners really annoyed me as a fan.
Wait, Mississippi State is a state school and they don’t even fly their state flag?
Speak for yourself! I love the star spangled banner! Old glory is all I need! That’s why I could care less about this confederate flag nonsense. Most people who fly the confederate flag would die for America. It’s not about slavery to them. It’s about southern pride. If people want to fly the confederate flag then so be it!
Oklahoma? Let’s be honest, with the downfall of Texas over the last decade, Oklahoma has literally had no competition. If they were so top tier, they would have won a National Title in the past twenty years. Maybe historically they would be considered top tier but if they are considered top tier, then Notre Dame should be as well.
Well I’m not sure if entertaining is the correct word. It’s really sad that almost every sports site has slowly gone down the toilet over the past few years.
They obviously don’t listen to their readers. Every new article being published is closed for comments.
A Mountain West School? Why not just put Boise State in the headline. Everyone here knows who Boise State is.
This is awesome! Good for him. I know college coaching is very demanding, so I think it’s cool that he took time away from football to pursue a personal goal.