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No, this is Bunker Buster. I admit it. I ripped your username to tarnish it.
But since A&M can't beat Ole Miss, you really can't open your cockholster. You're denying this clear-as-day logic because it's true. You're like a teenager, stuck in her own little world of lies.
I bet it did take you a while. No one is doubting that. Speaking of poster boy idiots, you fit right in there with Rebel_Landshark and SevenT. Why else do you think everyone talks sh*t about you behind your back? No one likes you. You could end up on a milk carton and no one would care.
ekinggill88, weak. Not only is Ole Miss clowning on A&M, BB is right. You're clearly not that bright of a person. You really ought to just keep living your little life behind the keyboard. No way should someone like you actually go out into public. Your comebacks are downright juvenile.
I have to admit, I have a boner for Ole Miss and Freeze. Can't y'all tell?
My plan to run you off is working like a f*cking charm. You went from trolling a couple times DAILY to nothing in over a week. I admit using the same username as your's is low, but sometimes it takes playing the douche's game to defeat one.
None of these things in this article are impossible. That's a heavy word.
There's a huge difference between likely predictions and BOLD predictions. These are supposed to be 'out there'. Of course Freeze is probably going to be gone soon, that's a no brainer. But these predictions are supposed to be stretching.
You wish GA had the weight to make that call. Nothing but false hopes and shattered dreams.
OU wants in the SEC like I want Karina Lemos to sit on my face. Prrrrrobably never gonna happen.
I feel sorry for you, if you think that traveling places makes you superior. Speaking of children, you sound like one. Traveling places on daddy's dime doesn't mean you paid for it. The high horse you ride is all in your head. I can tell you're the kind of prick no one likes. I'm completely comfortable here in the easiest state to live in. We don't need Silicon Valley to be happy. I could survive there just fine. But you? No, you couldn't survive here. We would run your uppity ass away.
I don't think it can get any worse than Graves's performance. What can we expect from an emaciated, malnourished person. I say 'person' because nothing about him resembled an athlete. 6 foot buck 60 soaking wet.
#17, you are off your meds. Trying to correct you is futile. I don't think medicine or therapy would help you. You need a lobotomy.
I believe the expression is about having a type of land that's impossible for it to be - Ocean front property in Colorado, etc. There is actually coastal land in South Florida. I know you said your post is a joke but it kinda sounds more like you're an idiot.
Godchaux should ask Suh when he'll get to learn how to stomp on players, forearm punch players, cheap shot the f*ck out of QBs, and catch 6-figure fines from the NFL. Suh is the last person to give advice on how to be a professional football player.
It doesn't mean his conviction was thrown out because he was innocent. Don't make it sound that way. The key words are "IF a defendant dies DURING the appeal process..." (which he did). He knew he was guilty and was expecting to never be acquitted (Enter bedsheet).
Everyone's been watching his tapes from last year. His rushing days are numbered - no pun intended. He's also too big to adjust his run game to defenses who are now expecting him to run.
I have an eerie feeling Alabama isn't going to lose the Iron Bowl. I don't know... maybe it's just that I've been around too long to fall for the ol "Alabama is the underdog" garbage. I'd need to look at the roster but I bet those replacing those who were drafted are former 5 stars. Let's not forget Najee Harris will be a well-oiled machine by the time the Iron Bowl gets here.
I'm almost certain he was housed in some minimum security facility. Matter of fact, he had to have been. Minimum security inmates can literally walk off the property if they're not too bold about it.
I could say the same about you, now couldn't I? I just don't care that you've knocked off my screen name. I just choose not feed the trolls by responding to you. Eventually you'll go away.
This idiot has knocked off my screen name.
Fitz will be joining the 4,000yd club this season. Top 10. I don't do drugs either. I'm a father of 11 kids. 8 Stepkids. I can't do drugs.
Fitz is a 4,000 yarder this season. Just watch BOY.
I must agree. VolMaster.. (sigh) you are special. And I don't mean that in a good way. I mean, you need a helmet.
I can't wait for Fitz to take the field against all you.
I guess it's a good thing this Mandel person is irrelevant. I think we're a Top 10. Easily, top 10.