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Love Percy, but if I was a GM signing him, I would pay per full game played and production. I wouldn't risk my team's money and then have him sit out with issues.
If you could read script you would like the Gator helmets also.
alabama's football helmets are as plain and unimaginative as you can get. Talk about dull.
Feleipe Franks to Tyrie Cleveland was a bomb not a hail Mary.
Why are the GATORS stuck with Brian Griese again, who's still bu**-hurt about SOS beating his father out for the Heisman?
It was agony watching a game he coached at Florida. We were so glad to get rid of him. couldn't believe someone would hire him as head coach again.
I'm glad you picked Kentucky to win, that should get the team's attention.
I'm glad you wrote the article, maybe McElwain will read it and learn from it.
LSU AD Joe Alleva’s is an embarrassment to LSU and the SEC.
These loyal fans will have their loyalty tested when they see the product on the field.