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Just so you know he`s in T-Town as we speak......keep watching.
Kinda like when Bama lost there two WRs, people its a reason no team had three peated.
Would love to see my Redskins use a late round pick on this kid, he has all the tools to be a starting QB in the NFL.
Totally agree that would just destroy everything the guy has tried to rebuild in the last three years. Not to mention a move for the same job this is just an LSU homer trying to create something for people to talk about.
Bama could buy and sell the who coonass......The fact of the matter is this if Saban wants Kiffin to be at Bama he more than likely will be (depending if he takes a HC job). Alabama can pay Kiffin as much or more if it wants to pay. And as much yea we been hearing that for years but you always blame it on this or that when we kick your ass
OT.....dude missed extra point or there would have been no OT
I have an even BOLDER pick if Bama wins another this year, Kiffin will take over at ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!
Think you folks are overlooking couple key factors.....FSU=home game.....two FSUs very talented defense vs OM very weak Oline and never has running game.
Hurd should have between 14-1500 yards....LF, Chubb if health, Bo if stays healthy all could challenge 2000 yards
No surprises really LSU&BAMA so loaded with NFL ready talent how can argue people can say what they want the truth hurts if your on the other side. The East I`m going Fl till somebody beats them
Bout right there`s some great players in the SEC at DE OSLB
Kelly not 1st round playing in a sandlot offense
You can call it what you like when a kid says on National Television that he took money from someone in your program, your in trouble. And when you add all the other rules that where violated I would simply call it lack of institutional control, penalize accordingly.
With the hype this squad has got I`d place the whole team on PROVE IT LIST.
Not sure why but OM class in 17 ranked 37th as we speak lmao......js
Just another example of the Entitlement that these players and the moms think they have great job Coach rules are rules.
Dude will never learn about hating on Bama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our point right there there`s a couple of decent players on the list but nothing great.....the point is guys the rating system or people that do the rankings are getting better at it lol......yea i know some fall through the cracks but still a 3* players ceiling 8-10 is far less than a 4 or 5 *......if you build a total class out of 3* in the SEC you will soon be Kentucky, Mizzo, Vandy.....js Vols fans