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That is because when when he played at the same time as Chase, Alabama also had Jalen Waddle, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III. The ball was being spread around more. Smith literally made history this season and won 4 more major awards, not just Biletnikoff. To say that Chase is a better player is just not realistic.
You're probably too young to remember but there was a time when Finebaum had nothing but BAD things to say about Alabama. Oh, and just in case you haven't noticed, Alabama is pretty good.
Joe, if you don't think this Alabama team won't take this and the other things that have been said and tweeted by Florida Players personally, you have not been paying attention. Over the last decade and to include a couple of games this season, this type of rhetoric has never ended well for the opposing team. I'm not saying Florida can't win but poking the bear is just not a good idea!
Mac and Trask both have 684 yards. The glaring difference is that Mac has done it in 51 attempts while it has taken Trask 71 attempts. Trask has 10 passing TD's to Mac's 6 but Alabama tries to run the ball more often. TAMU sold-out to stop the run and were able to do that but Bama still had a pretty even run-pass ratio.
You would give any fanbase a bad name. As much as Alabama and Auburn fans love to hate one-another; the barn should be ashamed to have you as a fan!