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Alabama has a much better tradition in football. It's a big get for us to keep Scales home unlike what we could do with Hentges. But Bama posters on here acting like Missouri has some sort of monopoly on racial protests kind of make me laugh a bit. You do that much better traditionally than us too.
Mizzou's new DC Cross will help quantifiably in Texas (particularly in Houston where he recruited very well for TCU) and also in his native St. Louis. He will be more impactful than Wilson by far.
Ford will coach RB's and Hill WR's at Mizzou. Walters will coach the secondary.
Haney and ESPN (and SDS) don't know enough about Odom to comment either. They have no evidence that Rhule was ever more than considered for the job...and what does that have to do with Odom anyway in terms of how good a coach he will be? The word from the git go was that Odom was the man here in Missouri, but whatever. The only one of these that can really be judged in any material way at this point is Muschamp, who failed at Florida despite all the conceivable advantages that program offers. That's a bad hire, imo, and the jury is out on the other two for a few years.
The reason it was withdrawn is because this idiot state rep didn't know that Mizzou athletic scholarships are not funded by state money, put rather by completely private donations through the Tiger Scholarship Fund. This was not an effort for anything more than publicity by this pinhead. I hope the publicity he earned is that he is an unmitigated idiot. Government stay out of CFB...can't we all agree on that?
I will grant you this, many of Mizzou's players were "lower ranked" coming out of HS, but they were not "less than stellar" talent when they hit the field for Mizzou. The difference, in addition to great coaching and player development, was that Mizzou was playing a bunch of guys who were 4-5 years into the system in those two division title teams against a bunch of "highly ranked" Freshman and Sophomores for the other East teams. Missouri HS talent is constantly under rated by Rivals and others. There is not a ton of it, but what we have tends to be very good. Odom was the right hire imo, he not only learned under Pinkel (played under Larry Smith), but he is a solid mind, a bundle of energy, and a Missouri guy who won't leave a soon as a bigger job comes calling like other candidates would have. Mizzou will never be on par with some of the SEC biggies for available local deep recruiting talent, money, or in many other ways. That's why Mizzou's success depends on doing things our own way, somewhat differently, identifying and developing talent that isn't necessarily great HS players but are great upperclass college players. We've won 5 of our last 9 division titles and haven't gotten over the CCG hump yet. We will keep building, compete in the East regularly and win it occasionally and every decade or so have a very special team that can compete at the top level of CFB.
F.U. Maty Mauk and Josh Henson. Two reasons Mizzou's O will be better next year.
Pdubble was out of bounds, and you took it out of the stadium. Surely there are not now or have ever been any racists in Alabama. I guess it's hard to whine when getting hit with a fire hose or bit by a German Shepard though.
I'd take Richt at Mizzou in a heartbeat, if he'd come. This sound like a Nebraska decision with Solich. Fire a guy who averages 9 wins a year and brings a couple of conference titles because he hasn't won an NC. Stupid decision by UGA imo.
Agree. Next headline, Matt Campbell leaves Toledo for not Mizzou Iowa State. Oh, BTW, that DC who worked for Fuentes, Barry Odom, has been one of our leading candidates and is a Mizzou grad and former position coach under Pinkel. His pedigree is not from Memphis, it is from Mizzou.
He is correct, but he's a player on a team calling out a coach on social media. This shows great immaturity and not "balls". It's idiotic, especially since he's never even played a down. Mizzou and all FB players are not doing the universities they play for any favors by taking things into their own hands. He's an embarrassment with this tweet.
Coach Kul will be a DC somewhere. If Mizzou hires Odom, it will likely be at Mizzou.
Seriously? Because fall weather and football don't go together? That's about the wimpiest thing I've heard. "We only play football if the weather is good around here". LOL.
Good article overall and far better than your first assessment of the opening. One point though, your in state recruit information is a little misleading. Yes, Mizzou only has 2 of the "top ten" in state kids, but this is 2 out of the 4 we offered, so big difference. We've done very, very well in state under Pinkel (Maclin, Aldon Smith, Lock, Golden, Temple, Lucas, Ray, Boehm, Richardson, E.J. Gaines, etc.) The fact is Missouri only puts out about a dozen or so solid D1 players a year and we tend to offer about half of them. In the past 3 or so years, we've cleaned up on Missouri HS RB's (Elliot excluded) that we will see getting more time in our offense.
For about Herman at Houston, our AD hired him there before coming to Mizzou recently. Also Campbell at Toledo (ironically where we got Pinkel from) is a name we are hearing behind Fuentes, Herman and Odom. No, just no on Chizik, Muschump, Kiffen or any other recent SEC retread. I actually think we wind up hiring Odom and promoting Kul from DL coach to DC. Bring in a new OC.
I was in the Plaza 900 dinging hall for the protest. It was a disgusting display of hate, rage and intimidation. The girls who were there for a chemistry camp were directly confronted by some of the protesters (all white girls). My and my son, and his girlfriend and her parents were there for a "Meet Mizzou" admission event. We toured the campus, talked to representatives from colleges, then were yelled at by a bunch of students we had never heard of in a very threatening manner (yes, I'm white). My son and his girlfriend were scared. Sorry, but I'm saying "no" to Mizzou for my kids. Liberal, class warfare, racial hatred, etc. is no place for my kids to go to college. My wife and I are distraught as alums, but we have to cross Mizzou off the list at this point.
FYI, athletic scholarships are completely funded through private donations and the athletic budget, which is NOT taxpayer funds. I'm not saying Pinkel doesn't owe an explanation (assuming he can give one, if it's treatment, he may be HIPPA limited), but don't use this "taxpayer right to know" crap.
Funny, the same headline and analysis could be made if it was changed from "Florida" to "Missouri". Our offense showed a pulse last week under a new QB. If we can score regularly, look out because Mizzou's D is every bit as good as Florida's.
Mauk is out for the Florida game. His suspension continues. Should be a good game against Florida.
So the innuendo is that this is somehow Mizzou's fault or reflects negatively on Mizzou? Enron's CEO was a Mizzou grad too FYI.
And Mizzou has won the last 2 against Ol Miss (both games in Oxford too), including during our first SEC title year of 2013. If by blindfolded you mean without beating Mizzou, then okay.
Let me help you out Mike: #21 Mizzou 34 S.E. Missouri 3 Star Player: LB Kentrell Brothers Key Stat: 16 tackles, blocked punt Why: because we too are in the SEC...although some still haven't noticed. Our defense was absolutely destructive led by Senior captain, and returning leading SEC tackler LB Kentrell Brothers whose name was uttered so often that announces thought he really was their brother. True Freshman Drew Lock played a series in each half and we may actually have a QB controversy on our hands in CoMo, not because Mauk was bad, but because Lock is amazing. Another revamped DL is poised to dominate SEC OL's...again. This time, with a great back 7 in support. Mizzou once again flying under the radar (or off of yours apparently) on its quest for a third consecutive divisional title and the elusive conference title. Thanks for noticing.
Says the group who wants to impose no religion upon us all. Secular humanist morality is not superior to other codes of morality and conduct. Voluntary participation + no public funds = butt out.
Doherty can't "take the baseball" money for at least 3 FB seasons, so don't worry about that. He was not likely to beat out many of the RB's or DB's this year anyway. I'm guessing he red shirts.
That's Mizzou's line, but we actually back it up a little more. Oh, and DT Terry Beckner Jr. says hello. Beast, absolute beast.
JUCO DE Marcel Frazier has quickly moved up to #1 on the depth chart at one of the DE positions. But we all know that no one has heard of Mizzou's DE's until the season is under way prior to winning all conference honors when the season ends. Should have at least been "considered".
Actually a good list, A&M being to high for accomplishing really nothing does stick out like a sore thumb though. I agree with others on this criticism.
Let me ask you there any other team in the SEC that if they went 14-2 the last two seasons in conference with two consecutive title game appearances that was once again picked to finish no better than third in their supposedly "weak" division and ninth in the conference rankings that fans of that team wouldn't have a chip on their shoulder? I suspect any other team with that recent background (and also 5 division titles in the last 8 years) would be a little more heralded than Mizzou is year after year in the pre-season. Oh well, Show Me state will Show you...again. Pre-season doesn't really matter. I understand Mizzou won't get the "respect" until we win the conference (but in that event, I'm sure the entire SEC was "down"), but the almost unanimous annual jargon we've heard for the last decade, now in two conferences, is a little tedious.
So the best games in November to determine who goes to Atlanta include a grand total of one team in the East? Okay. Guess we're just giving the pre-season division title to UGA again.