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Sinatra obviously you can read but have issues comprehending what I said. At no time did I say it was our year. What I said was Arkansas got robbed, just like Auburn got spanked.
Arkansas got robbed just like Auburn got spanked last weekend.
Well let me see, if anybody really cared what Colin Cow herd really thought, he would still be at ESPN, He is just mad because Alabama is good and has been for a few years. What is boring is listening to him, Michelle Beadle made him lol You're welcome Tide fans from a UGA fan
What it tells me is UGA should go get Cam Cameron, he likes to throw the ball further than 10 yards which helps open the running game lol
I would have said between Tennesee and Texas.....A&M that is lol just saying but your Hogs are hot right now I'll give them that
No offense it's not your Razorbacks, it's just Michigan hasn't been a top team the last couple of years, that being said by the time that series rolls around if Harbaugh does his thing then it should be great games with 2 programs on the rise
You got to admit it, he maybe a great coach but he looks like a true politician, saying used car salesman ain't right to used car salesman lol
How do you leave out Mark Richt, his body of work should at least put him in the Top 15. I mean you got Harbaugh and while he did a great job at Stanford, he just came back to college so let's see if he turns Michigan around before we give him such high praise, I mean I would be on the list of I had Andrew Luck