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Should have put Tennessee 14th in your power rankings.... makes as much sense 9th...
Hope State whips em. But I doubt it
Florida one of the top 2 programs in the SEC. You must be stoned.
Now that's funny... good one
Us?? What number are you? I will try to see you on tv tomorrow
Every team has calls that don't go their way during every game, unless you are Bama or whatever team kiffin is curreny coaching. Stoops cusses the refs as bad as any current coach I've seen then don't understand why every call doesn't go his way. Great coach but deals with officials horribly
If your team hasn't won a national championship in 41 years but you think you are an elite program.... well that's just dumb
Georgia will be saying what if before the season is over. It's happened every year since 1980... I mean I get Bama fans being cocky but the dogs haven't won anything
Chris Fowler?? Lol.. For Tennesse to beat Georgia they are gonna have to get a lot of breaks and Georgia has to help by making a few critical mistakes... the chances are small
The point is Georgia needs to win some championships before they start acting like they are Bama. We only won by 37 and that's not up to our standards. Elite programs win conference championships not division championships
Never said or even implied Tennessee was better or would beat Georgia.Simply stating that Georgia, Kirby and many fans have this attitude of superiority that will prevent them from achieving what they are capable of... and mtn dog I think it's great you played ball in high school
Very glad White wasn't interested in the Tennessee job years ago
Not a championship mentality at all in my opinion. It was a convincing win against a conference opponent. The we are so good we should have beat em worse mentality is pathetic. 1980 was a long time ago
Disappointed in a 37 point win.... what arrogance... gonna be fun watching them come up short again this year. 1980 was a long time ago
Hope the Vols can hang around til the 4 quarter..... then you never know what might happen
Dan Mullen destroy a proud program
Shocking to witness destroya proud program
1980 was a long time ago. Don't get too cocky
Tn beating KY don't make much difference in Tennessees season.. lol.. you have zero objectivity when it comes to your love of KY or your distaste for the Big Orange.