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Ron has it about right.gonna be ugly
At least you're trying to learn. Keep it up
20!! The same number georgia gave up to vandy!! Lol. Nice one there old 98
He might have to use his Cajun accent to get some of the heat off of him
Kentucky should be higher and lsu shouldn't be ranked
You beat me to it. Hadden is liability.
South Carolina ain't never been there...NEVER
Ohio against the the media loves ohio state
The Vols need some new 3rd and short plays. They look predictable and pathetic in this situation. Anybody paying attention knows they are gonna run it up thr middle.
Why do you care what the opposing coach looks like?
Daniels etched at 1 or 2. I don't see it. He could be but he could just as easily not be. Same with KJ.
Robert Edwards was an incredible back for sure.