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Shouldn't to be ranked #6 on this list you should have won at least 1 game in the conference? You know since this is a list about sec coaches and not big 10 coaches.
Man Bo Wallace is on his own planet with the ints...
Shouldn't Florida be on this list just on the basis that they have the defending national champions on their schedule?
If you think Bo Wallace is "a damn fine quarterback" I seriously have nothing to say to you.
How can you say I'm ignorant when all you do is post biased comments on this website. Please use rational thinking on this website.
I'll go ahead and add what Armyguy007 is going to say. Denzel should be #1 he is the best linebacker in the nation but he didn't have as good of a season because he was injured.
Seriously I'm ok with all the other Ole Miss fans that comment on this site because they don't make the most biased comments possible, but armyguy007 is the first to comment on everything and it always points out how the Ole Miss player isn't high enough or Ole Miss isn't getting enough love.
Like anyone on this site respects your opinion. You are about as biased as biased gets.
Great list. Chris is definitely better than Robert as I suspected.
Although Damian didn't get credit for the touchdown(Josh Robinson), he had an option qb keeper that was the big play on the drive. He led our 1 touchdown drive in the regulation of the game. It can't be overstated that Damian took care of the football till Dak came in the game at the end because I believe Ole Miss lost because of Bo Wallace.
Also look at how unstable our qb position was dak only played about 3/4 of the season. Also it is funny how y'all like to rag on our qb when your coach recruited him.
Our 3rd string qb outplayed him in the egg bowl... I rest my case.
Bo Wallace is only that high because so many schools are starting new qbs. He is garbage and the reason Ole Miss lost the egg bowl as he accounted for 4 total turnovers. He cannot throw the football. Even Hugh Freeze threw him under the bus after the game. Ole Miss isn't going anywhere with him at qb.