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Sec refs are only doing what your crazy fans ask them to do. You guys cheer so hard for your conference chanting sec sec sec every week, you are often just as happy when Alabama wins as you are when you own team wins. This pervasive attitude isn’t ignored by the higher ups. They know you all would be jumping off bridges if the sec (for some reason) couldn’t beat its chest as the beat conference in all the land. So... how do we fix this? We tell the refs to fix it. Any other league ordinarily gets a few upsets a year from their elite teams no one is immune to it, especially in a competitive league. Your league protects your elite. But you’ve got to ask yourself if this is what you are asking for when the conglomerate of the conference pulls for the elite teams (in addition to their own) so they can brag at the water cooler.
Go watch the Texas aTm vs Clemson game, or any Clemson game vs sec team. The only team left skull drug with 15 injuries is you guys. They had to cart every aTm lineman off the field yesterday. Some physicality you teach down there. We had 30 minutes of injury time out due to all the AtM players dropping like flies.
The ball is in your court Clemson has no ability to do this unless it’s in your conference, unless you want to extend an offer of conference membership shut your mouth.
A&M finished second in the west last year. If you are calling aTm average than the whole sec West is average. Clemson knocked off the top 2 team from the top division in college football 3 years in a row.
We’ll trade Notre Dame, out and the extra prep time Clemson got in 2017 for the extra prep time bama got as a (#2 seed) in facing a pitiful (3 seed) Michigan state team in 2015. So Clemson gets the 2015 national title and bama isn’t embarrassed as much in the 2018 game. 3 of the last four national championships for Clemson. Just have Saban fedex the trophy over and we’ll call it a day.
Connor, I hope you are prepared to change your name, sell your house and enter witness protection. The inbred idiots aren’t ready for the truth yet. Your best shot at getting a steady paycheck is to report the SEC SEC SEC party line, which is Clemson is terrible, never mind the fact that there are plenty of sec east teams with a schedule comparable to or worse than clemsons. I fear for you and your family’s life and well being. It’s ok us Clemson fans won’t take it personal if you print a retraction here in a few days. We’re used to being on the ROY bus.
Always good to see when a whole lot of stupid, plus the stupids and blind homers in the comment section get punished. Hopefully everyone who believed this nonsense can take a good solid look in the mirror to see what stupid looks like. I hate that the rediculousness has to be pointed out against Alabama, as they are a very worthy adversary, an amazing football program, with awesome and for the most part, very reasonable fans. and the majority of these predictions were not formulated by Alabama people, but by ole miss, UF and gamecock, Aggie, and mizzou coat-tail riding finebaum followers who are so desperate for something to cheer about that they’ve pumped Alabama up to impossible heights, as well as by some UGA fans trying desperately to validate themselves when having to see that a team that they used to look down on, has totally surpassed their history of success. Since we are all reaching into our bowels for predictions, and we are looking at the domination that occurred recently for predictions moving forward, how do you think Alabama will fare in 2020 and 2021 against Clemson.? Clemson will probably face Alabama again in the future, and Clemson will likely lose some of the games it plays against bama in the future. Dominance is dominance. And dominance in one league does not dimish it elsewhere. If you think this way you will get exposed.
Your fake outrage is obvious, and just a plain silly troll attempt.! If this is truly important to you then the bowl committee at the CFP is just as culpable! As per yours and the finebaum-douchbag minion’s recommendations, KB is entitled to all of the rewards which would be bestowed to team members. Just so you know, A ring is only part of the bowl paraphanelia. Shouldn’t he have recieved the entire bowl reward package(play station 4s, visa gift cards, and cotton bowl swag bag?). If he should be treated no different than a player on the team, why stop there? Perhaps the cotton bowl and CFP committee have offered to send KB out to the championship sites , perhaps you also think kelly should have got to go to Disneyland with the rest of the team.? You can’t be angry with dabo for not giving kelly a ring, but cool with the way the CFP and cotton bowl left him out. That you have not lobbied hard against the bowl committees tells me you don’t really give a rats ass about your underlying arguement, it really tells me that you and all the othe finebaum hypocrites are just looking for other ways to try to bring down Clemson since you can’t do it on the field. Clemson’s is far ahead of the gamecocks right now. It would take a truly major scandal or for dabo to fall asleep at the wheel, for Clemson to drop off the map. My advice to you is instead of looking for a way to bring down your arch enemy so you can be competitive, why don’t you focus on putting a better product on the field, and make your own team better so you can be competitive. During spurriers run, dabo never pointed out that the gamecocks were cheating in recruiting and wound up on probation (twice) during those 11 win seasons. What dabo and clemson did do was put his head down, went to work, & comitted to a truly dynamic high octane offense, (that no one thought you could win championships with btw), recruited, and developed 3 stars into 5 star quality players. The good news for the gamecocks is there is plenty of room for theme to get better. The bad news is that recruits consider Clemson a destination school, similar to how Georgia and bama is thought of by high schoolers.
Word has it that dabo has learned his lesson. Since Tavien Feaster is transferring to South Carolina, Clemson has ordered additional 2016 & 2018 CFP trophies that both feaster and KB can display in the trophy case with a special unveiling before the Clemson, Carolina game. Although mizzou has already recieved their trophies, There were some logistical issues which slowed this process down at USofC as the gamecock football admin had never heard of a trophy case and had to construct one. He also ordered CFP rings for all gamecock football players who might be teammates with feaster as it is believed that they were all instrumental in Clemson’s being well rested before it ran roughshod over a tired Alabama that had been through the sec grinder. We should all be thankful to the altruistic faul pinebaum for pointing out this travesty and injustice, and the fact that Dabo doesn’t really care about principles, and player development and growth off the football field. Its obvious he is mean and vindictive. He only cares about himself, winning &recruiting above all the important things. This is why recruiting is expected to plummet at Clemson. If only he had paid attention to the other SEC teams that had players wanting to transfer to see how outgoing transfers like Maurice Smith and Chris Black or A.J. Turman should be treated. God bless Kirby and Nick Saban for teaching us how to help these grad transfers. Surely they got all of the rings and bowl swag they would’ve recieved had they stayed on their respective teams right?
Saban and Swinney are both disgusting people for doing this then. I’m sure you fully support sabans resignation for jokingly comparing 9/11 to Bamas la Monroe loss, Which is far more dastardly because of the breadth of how many people it affected.
I can agree with this. His nose is doo-doo brown from rooting around in Sabans digestive tract.
You’d be right Except for the fact that those players were tested multiple time prior to the bowl game and were always negative. You failed to mention that Alabama also had 3 players test positive for banned substances (Who knows what), because Saban is not honest with the media and will never readily share information if he doesn’t have to. But by all means, don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant. carry on.
as long as you reserve the same level of anger to other coaches or people who make silly statements it’s cool, but we all know you are championing this cause because it’s convenient. If you criticized Saban just as intently for comparing Bama loss to 9/11, I’ll just say “my bad.”
Please let me know when Nick Saban has responded to the outcry when he he considered his loss to La Monroe as devastating as 9/11 or pearl Harbour. Thanks in advance: Courtesy of ESPN— Saban References Pearl Harbor and 9/11 as references: TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Alabama fans aren't the only ones treating the Louisiana-Monroe loss as a monumental event. Coach Nick Saban described the humbling defeat in almost apocalyptic terms Monday, mentioning the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and Pearl Harbor in talking about how his team must rebound like America did from a "catastrophic event." "Changes in history usually occur after some kind of catastrophic event," Saban said. "It may be 9/11, which sort of changed the spirit of America relative to catastrophic events. Pearl Harbor kind of got us ready for World War II, and that was a catastrophic event." If the comparisons seem over the top, well, it is Iron Bowl week. A Saban spokesman said the coach chose the 9/11 and Pearl Harbor references to illustrate this could be a pivotal week for the Crimson Tide. Football spokesman Jeff Purinton said in a statement to The Associated Press. "The message was that true spirit and unity become evident in the most difficult of times. Those were two tremendous examples that everyone can identify with." The latest defeat was definitely a low-point, especially following on the heels of losses to No. 1 LSU and Mississippi State. It led Saban to another non-football analogy. "They talk about alcoholics and people like that who never ever change until they hit rock bottom," Saban said. "Well, they change because when they hit rock bottom they have an awareness, they have an acceptance and a commitment to change.
Bresee’s gonna play same type position Christian Wilkins played. Probably a 3 technique in 4 down lineman sets. Bressee will play end on 3 down lineman sets. That leaves room for both Burch and miles Murphy to play the end. Not sure who will play over the tight end vs. over the left tackle, but if Clemson is fortunate enough to Bring in Murphy, bressee, and Burch, I expect them to routinely be on the field at the same time lined up together.
How on earth can teams like Clemson even compete against all this SEC talent. Somebody’s wrong here. Either Clemson is no better than 7th in the SEC or somebody has grossly underestimated their recruiting.
The number 1 QB and player for that class is still Trevor Lawrence. Only UGA apologists and fans who know nothing about football, and like being force-fed hype think Justin fields is the better prospect.