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Top 25 teams don't lose to Toledo and Texas Tech. How does that look like one of the best teams in college football? And they play at home, not Mississippi State. Another good call SDS writers.....
Is Arkansas the SEC’s hottest team? Um, I wouldn't call a team that got beat by Toledo and Texas Tech the SEC's "hottest team". WTF is this site coming to?
I agree. With the talent this team has they should be much better. I think Freeze is the problem and not that the team needs additional talent. You've got it, it's just not being utilized with awful play calling.
Also, some of the wealthiest families in the state of Mississippi are farmers since apparently money is all that matters to your kind.
Yes, they are farmers. As well as engineers, architects, veterinarians and many other professions. Enjoy your bottom tier law degrees.
That's your take from this story? Ouchie and use hacked? Maybe critical thinking skills should be added to the curriculum at Ole Miss. It's a sad situation for both this young man and the jogger's family.
Is this even english? Yikes. Maybe you should get a degree from GA?
I agree, I actually think Ole Miss will be last next season. They relied on a really inconsistent Bo Wallace and now they don't have him. They may be returning a good number of starters, I just don't think Hugh Freeze can coach the talent they have. They should be much better given the recruiting classes they have had the past two years.
Scraping the bottom of the barrel for articles again? I think it's great you guys picked Arkansas and Miss State. Since you're usually really off target on these things.
These are the same starters that lost 30-0 to Arkansas. Rebels always see themselves as a top 10 team, no one else really does.
Sorry, you guys aren't getting respect because you don't realistically look at things. You're going around screaming "division champs, division champs!" when you are playing in a really weak division. Win some games against some winning teams and you'll get respect. Seriously Mizzou fans. Let it go.
Missouri, let it go. Division champs but not conference champs. You're alone on this. I'm not even a GA fan.
I'm gonna bet that the two of you are closer to a 3. And still single. These girls are beautiful. The SEC has the best.