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Typo there in your top5. I believe you meant Ohno State ;-)
TJ Yeldon isn't even the best RB in the Bama backfield.
I'm a huge Tide fan. I don't like AJ McCarron because he crumbles under pressure. If he THINKS there will be a pass rush he gets happy feet. As long as he feels protected and can just sit in the pocket, he does well. But if he has to throw under pressure, it might as well be me in the pocket!
Amazingly people forget that Mount Cody blocked 2 field goals in the UT game. If he hadn't blocked the first one, the one at the buzzer wouldn't have mattered. Anybody remember how Gary Daniels was upset that they didn't get Cody for excessive celebration and/or removing his helmet with 1 second on the clock. What a baby.
It is nice to see somebody who writes about football actually bring up the point that Aaron Murray was making the correct call and that Richt fatally vetoed the call the quarterback was making. Roll Tide Roll.
Are you kidding me? I'm a huge Bama fan but having AJ McCarron ranked above Aaron Murray is just plain foolish. McCarron has no pocket presence, he's the king of "happy feet". If McCarron does not have to worry about any kind of pressure, he's a decent QB, but if there is any pass rush at all, McCarron loses his mind.Aaron Murray is a much better quarterback than McCarron.
Robert, All the SEC haters just don't understand the importance we place on SDS isn't because we're fat, dumb and poor ( words do a good job of explaining how SDS is more than a hobby for us.RTR!
If I understand Gary's comment correctly, I believe he is referring to the number of professional players per person who lives in the state, not the number of players who played their college football at the state university.
That is abhorrent! Alabama is about tradition. Tradition mandates crimson helmets with the player's number on the side.We loves us some hounds tooth, but there is zero reason to put it on the helmets.
I find it very illuminating that pictures of LSU's star players in the weight room are of them posing whilst pictures of Alabama's athletes in the weight room are of them...lifting weights.Maybe that's why we stomped a mudhole in their ... in New Orleans.Keep posing honey badger, keep posing!ROLL TIDE ROLL!
I remember watching our current kicker's highlights and it was a bunch of the same...but somehow he now can't kick deeper than the 5 yard line!
Was that directed at me or the author?
You missed on #1, #2 AND #3... 1. Place kicker 2. Punter 3. Field goal kicker
Typically Tyrann Mathieu terrorizes offenses...